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Focusing on Chronic Pain - Humans and Animals -

Contact NameDr Kiho Lee
Address35 Columba Avenue
South Island 9012
Phone03 487 6880
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-Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
-Doctor of Philosophy

One in five Kiwis is living with chronic pain. Although medication or surgery can be considered, a large portion of people seek effective treatment such as Bowen Therapy which can be safely complemented by conventional medicine as a primary trial. Bowen brings pain relief through body balancing by gently stimulating fascia, the tensional network.

Our Clients
-Marc Yeoman, owner of the Best Cafe discusses his experience with us

-Victoria Watt, horse riding instructor at Dunedin Riding Centre discusses her experience with us

What is Bowen Therapy?
Bowen Therapy is a dynamic technique of muscle and connective tissue release for natural healing of a diverse range of body conditions. It was established during the 1950's by Tom Bowen in Australia. In a Bowen Treatment, a series of precise, gentle and painless pressure moves are applied with thumbs and fingers onto specific points of the muscles, tendons and ligaments to address the fascia lying beneath the skin and between the muscles. Stimulation of the fascia (a matrix of connective tissue) regains the body's structural balance, yielding effective relief of pain.

Who would benefit from Bowen Therapy?
Bowen Therapy is especially effective for chronic pain both in humans and animals. The following conditions can be helped with Bowen.

-Pain (back, neck, sciatic, knee, fibromyalgia, cancer chemotherapy)
-Joint problems (frozen shoulder, neck restriction, meniscus injury, jaw joint)
-Soft tissue injuries (sprain, strain, Achilles tendon injury, tendonitis, concussion)
-Motor dysfunctions (Parkinson's disease, stroke, spinal injury)
-Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, lupus)
-Reproductive disorders (menstrual irregularity, endometriosis, impotence, adjunctive to IVF)
-Digestive disorders (constipation, gastroesophageal reflux, irritable bowel syndrome)
-Respiratory problems (breathing difficulty, sinus congestion)
-Mental difficulties (migraine, chronic fatigue, trauma)
-Rare and incurable diseases (quality of life improvement)
-Animals (recurring musculoskeletal pain both in horses and dogs)

How long does it take?
It takes between 45 min to one hour for a session depending on your condition.

Call now to see how Bowen Therapy can lead you to a fuller life.

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Animal Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Sports Injury Therapy

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