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Academy of Healing Arts

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Kinesiology and Colour Therapy Qualifications. Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Queenstown.

AddressHead Office, Waiheke Island
North Island 1081
Phone09 372 4166
Mobile0278 607 788
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Welcome to the Academy of Healing Arts! Registered Teachers hold Courses in: Lists of Teachers /Location >> Courses calender >>
The Academy courses are designed for:
  • Those interested in self healing
  • Those wanting to help the wellbeing of themselves, their family and friends
  • Health practitioners wishing to extend their skills
  • Beauty therapists wishing to offer more wellness to their clients
  • Those seeking recognised qualifications in the fields of kinesiology , energy healing and colour therapy
Open to those with no prior training through to practitioners wanting to extend their skills. Train as a consultant and/or teacher in Kinesiology and Colour Therapy and qualify as a NZ Certified Natural Health Practitioner and a NZ Registered Kinesiologist in Energy Kinesiology.
Soul Power Kinesiology The Academy of Healing Arts holds courses in Soul Power Kinesiology – using Colour, Kinesiology, and Energy Healing. Successfully completing Levels 1-6 will qualify you as a Soul Power Consultant. Soul Power – a healing modality for:
  • inner confidence, self realisation, health and energy…
  • identifying and stimulating personal qualities and inner resources…
  • better handling of the stresses in your life…
  • developing the powerful aura of who you are…
Colour selections identify and treat the stressful issues which are most affecting you, and which of your qualities are needed to overcome these issues. The remedy colours will revitalise and rebalance the body, mind and spirit. Kinesiology diagnoses how stresses are impacting on the body’s energy systems. Relieve the effects of stress. Energy healing techniques, along with the colour, balance and harmonise the physical body, the mind and emotions, as well as the spirit, treating all levels of our being. To become a Soul Power Consultant or Teacher
  • Levels 1-6 will qualify you as a Soul Power Consultant.
  • Soul Power Teacher Training (Optional) qualifies you as a Soul Power Teacher of levels 1-3 . (Touch For Health is required for teachinng Soul Power Levels 4-6)
  • Level 7 qualifies you as a Registered Kinesiologist able to be Chartered with the NZ Health Charter.

Touch For Health Kinesiology The Touch for Health course is for beginners and professionals wishing to extend their skills. There are five 2-day classes including Proficiency Assessment in Touch for Health Kinesiology to become a consultant. Manual and workbooks are provided. Register now: Reserve your place for Touch for Health Kinesiology.
  • Train now in the art of muscle testing/kinesiology to correct energy imbalances in the body.
  • Each muscle in the body relates to an organ, an acupuncture meridian, certain emotions, and has specific nutritional needs.
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology keeps yourself and your family well.
  • Experience vitality and emotional wellbeing with Touch for Health Kinesiology.
  • Testing the muscles identifies energy imbalances, indicating energy imbalances in the associated organs, meridians, emotions and nutrition. These are balanced with reflex stimulation, meridian energy work, emotional stress release, or nutrition.

Colour Therapy The of Academy of Healing Arts will train you up to consultant or teacher level in COLOUR FOR LIFE – colour therapy, using Unicorn Colour Essences.
  • Colour therapy can improve your energy.
  • Colour therapy can soothe emotions.
  • Colour therapy can help you discover and align you to your purpose in life.
Learn colour therapy using the Unicorn Colour Therapy system to help you handle stresses in your life, and keep you in an harmonious state. Unicorn essences combine herbs, essential oils, aroma, crystals, platonic solids, stellar energies and phonics, magnifying these colour resonances – a trans-formative tool using nature’s colour. Unicorn was developed in Australia by Antony Cooper over 20 years ago, and is widely used in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and USA. Unicorn harmonises and revitalises different aspects of our physical body and energy field. Every cell and organ in our body resonates to a colour, our emotions and thoughts radiate out as different colours. On a soul level we are a vibration of colour- our spiritual and personality qualities are reflected in our colours.
Call us today for more information on any of our courses above, or to book your place!

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