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AG Health & Wellness

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AG Health and Wellness is a Holistic Center Provider of Natural Alternative Therapies in Auckland New Zealand

Emotion Code System - Biomagnetic Pair Therapy - Reflexology Therapy - Weight Management

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Address21B Line Road
Glen Innes
North Island 1072
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Welcome to AG Health and Wellness

Natural Approach to Emotional, Mental, Social & Physical Wellbeing

AG Health and Wellness is a source of holistic focused, non-invasive wellness services for people just like you who want to bring the body, soul and mind into balance and harmony.

By providing holistic non-invasive natural alternative therapies and weight management programmes our team of passionate practitioners and coaches based in Auckland New Zealand is committed to helping you to discover the path to a consistently healthy lifestyle, and balance between emotional and physical health (feeling good with yourself, functioning, and feeling connected).

Contact us for further information about our energy healing therapies and weight loss programme, we are so looking forward to walking along with you on your health journey. Read More

Our Therapies

Biomagnetic Pair or Medical Biomagnetism is a natural and safe therapy aiming to restore balance of the body’s pH levels. By using magnets of medium intensity (1.000 Gauss), and using them by the positive and negative polarities, they help to equalise the pH levels of the organism. This is critical to maintain optimal health and eliminate parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses from the body. Read our customers reviews here


Biomagnetic Therapy helps to improve symptoms produced by the following illnesses:

  • Ear infections and eye infections
  • Skin allergies
  • Stomach pains and menstrual cramps
  • Food poisoning and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Infertility
  • Generalised body infections
  • Arthritis and bone pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Low energy
  • Helicobacter Pylori Infections
  • High fever

The Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy that is used to quickly and easily identify, then release trapped emotional energy. The Emotion Code works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage. Much of your emotional baggage comes from experiences in which you were traumatised or simply overwhelmed by the emotions you were feeling in the moment. When you are unable to fully process emotions as they occur, the emotional energy remains trapped in your body. Also, blocking or ‘stuffing’ an emotion can cause non-useful energy to become trapped.

Over time these trapped emotions / energies can interfere with your physical and emotional health and disrupt your relationships. They will also tend to attract more of the same. For example, if you have a trapped emotion of anger, the energy of that anger in your body will make it easier for you to slip back into that emotion. Emotions that are trapped can give rise to depression or anxiety, block us from love and happiness as well as make us feel disconnected from others. It’s important to be mindful trapped emotions are made of energy, as is the rest of the body, and thus can exert an influence on our physical tissues causing acute pain  as well as disease.

Some primary functions of Emotion Code are to:

  • Release trapped emotions
  • Get rid of unseen emotional baggage
  • Clear unusual or stubborn pains
  • Open the heart and body to positive energies

At AG Health and Wellness we have 2 Emotion Code Certified Practitioners for on-site and remote sessions. Make an appoinment with us.

Reflexology is an ancient science that works as an alternative and complementary treatment. Reflexology is based on the principle that our glands, organs and all parts of the body have a direct relation with reflex spots on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is a unique technique which uses thumb and finger pressure to stimulate these reflex areas.

Reflexology Auckland

“Enhance your wellbeing through your feet”

Having a Reflexology treatment (on feet or hands) can be a cool and relaxing experience and a way to keep your body healthy and energetic. But moreover, Reflexology helps the body relieving stress and tension, improving Nerve and Blood supply and unblocking the nerve impulses to help nature to achieve balance. Also Reflexology has been proven to being beneficial with several chronic illnesses such as asthma, swelling legs and knees, hay fever, back pain, bad circulation, diabetes, arthritis, tinnitus among others.


  • 1 Hour Reflexology treatment $90
  • Emotion Code $85
  • Body Code $85
  • Biomagnetic Pair - First Consultation $170
  • Bigomagnetic Pair - Follow-up $115

Gift Vouchers available.

Weight Loss Management

Our health and wellness program can help you understand, in clear and easy-to-live-with terms, the how and why of effective health and weight management. Because once there is a shift in understanding, then follows change.

Maintaining a healthy weight is increasing important with obesity being linked to the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Hearth disease
  • Diabetes
  • Life threatening levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

No Gimmicks

Our program employs proven weight loss concepts which are simple and easy to apply. It uses real food, not gimmicks, to help you lose weight, and learn how to keep it off as well. More than a diet – it is a complete program.

During the program you will enjoy satisfying, nutritious meal plans consisting of real, not packaged foods. You will discover how your body uses food and burns fat. You will learn how to manage stress, curb your appetite, control cravings, and develop new habits to make lasting lifestyle changes for health and wellness. You will hear from experts’ proven strategies for optimal health and wellness.

The Six-Week Cycle for Success

This is a six-week-long program that can be repeated as many times as desired to reach long-term wellness goals. There are five phases to the program (see diagram below):
Phase 1 Preparation 1-5 days
Phase 2 Protein days 1-3
Phase 3 Weight Loss days 4-28
Phase 4 Add more food days 29-42
Phase 5 Long-term maintenance 3-12 months

What Our Clients Say

Clearing leg's rash 1 July 2018 I started having Reflexology treatments with Adriana Gomez in March 2018. I was only having Reflexology for general relaxation. On that first appointment, she commented on a blotchy rash I had on my lower legs, this has been a problem for me for the last 5 years. I have had numerous treatments and I spent lots of money seeing different specialist, with the hope that they will help me with this problem. Unfortunately nothing had worked. I had given up and was worried about developing possible ulcers in the future. However, Adriana suggested for me to have frequent Reflexology treatments, once a week for some weeks and see what happened. She also took photos of my legs during the first treatment. After having 4 treatments, two weeks apart, I was amazed and very pleased to see my rash clearing all the rash and the skin healing. Adriana took a second photo of my legs, and when I compare them, it is incredible to see how the problem has reduced immensely. Reflexology also has been a very enjoyable treatment and something I look forward every time I make an appointment. Yours sincerely, Dawn Young

After two sessions of emotion code therapy for my dog, he has exhibited markedly better behaviour in social instances that would otherwise have caused anxiety. The change in him has been remarkable - Adriana is certainly skilled in her therapy methods. Rishav

I just want to say thank you to Adriana for her help during this last year. It's been a long process and I can say it is one of the most satisfying things that I have invested so far in my life, my health! The emotion code therapy has finally helped me to have a normal life. I used to have panic attacks, depression, anxiety and a lot of fears. When I came to Adriana asking for help, I had already tried psychologist, pills, mindfulness ..etc. I had been living with all this emotional roller coaster during so many years, since when I was a child. I came tired to her house, exhausted of trying so many things but not being able of seeing any good results. After the fourth therapy I started experimenting so many changes. I can say I felt light I felt my stomach was finally feeling normal. I told Adriana that my anxiety was specifically focus in my stomach, we took out so many emotions from there, big psyqui thraumas too. I can testify I'm cured. I don't have any more anxiety and depression. I feel again that I have control of my life and I can be myself now. I know it can be hard to believe that some magnets can take out emotions that have been trapped in your body for so many years and are affecting you in a negative way, but it worked for me and I'm so thankful to this therapy and Adriana for appearing in my life. Paola

I can't recommend Adriana and Biomagnetism Therapy enough. We took our son for hemaview blood analysis prior to the treatment and the before and after speak for themselves. After just 3 sessions he had a marked reduction in Inflammation, liver stress and infection. The therapist had a hard time believing I only had my son put magnets on his body 😄. He seemed more balanced and calm after every session as well. Adriana not only works on the physical but also on the emotional and overall we have seen less anxiety and emotional outbursts and more emotional maturity. Marisa

My experience and results following this particular type of therapeutic treatment have been amazing. Adriana is a very talented therapist with great knowledge and professional experience.

I have found myself feeling much better in several ways after the Biomagnetic Pair experience. Only to mention a few: boosted immune system, decreased physical pain in specific areas of my body, better overall wellbeing and increased energy. In addition to this, I gained great perspective and understanding of what were the underlying, root causes that were triggering those unbalances (which I find crucial when wanting to get rid of chronicity). The biomagnetic pair technique is safe, painless, and also very relaxing to experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in effective therapeutic results, as well as prevention treatments. Kim

Pregnancy 12 November 2012 In my first pregnancy, by week 27 my legs, ankles and feet were so swollen that I couldn't wear any of my normal shoes and walking was very uncomfortable. This pregnancy, the second one, I've been having reflexology treatments every fortnight and as well as the reduction in the aches and pains of pregnancy (and from carrying around my 2 year old), at week 30 I have no swelling in my legs, ankles and feet. My shoes still fit and walking is no problem! Claire

Diabetes and Osteoarthritis 5 September 2008 "At a demonstration by Adriana 12 months ago I volunteered as a patient. I arrived in a very stressed state suffering among other things osteoarthritis in my back. It was very difficult to walk and at times I was confined to a wheel chair. After one treatment I was delighted to find I could almost stand up straight again and most of the pain had gone from my back. Over the period of treatment the nerve pain I have suffered in my feet and legs from Diabetes has eased. Thanks to the continuing treatment by Adriana life has become enjoyable once more. Cheers" Ron

Prolapsed bladder June 14th, 2007 "I have been going off and on to Adriana Gomez for nearly one year and have found a vast improvement to my prolapsed bladder condition which I have had for over 30 years. At one stage my doctor recommended surgery which I never did. I also have found that the functions of my bladder have greatly improved. Thanks to Adriana for the help given to me." Rosemary

Asthma September 19th, 2006 "Since May 2006, when I started my reflexology therapy with my therapist Adriana Gomez, I have been developing a continuous improvement in my health as an asthmatic for more than 30 years. Improvements that are changing my life in many different ways. Now I do not rely on my inhalers to feel good, since I just feel great. I have not taken those blue (Ventolin), Orange (Flixotide) and green (Serevent) inhalers for the past 4 months. Witnesses of this wonderful change in my life style are my family and friends who can see how well I am feeling now. It has been a wonderful trip with Adriana and I am please and grateful to her." Alvaro

Swollen legs February 5th, 2007 "Since I have been going to Adriana my health has very much improved. Prior to my having reflexology treatment, I had had a knee operation which had for some time after been causing me a lot of discomfort, my legs and knee swelling especially by the end of each day. Not being able to sleep through the night was also making me feel really tired during the day. I have been having reflexology treatments now for several months on a regular fortnightly basis and have noticed a remarkable difference to my health and well being. The swelling in my legs and knee have nearly gone and I am sleeping each night without waking. I would like to thank Adriana for her very professional manner and making me feel great again." Pat


  • Diploma-International Institute of Reflexology
  • Member of Reflexology New Zealand Group
  • Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner Levels 1 and 2
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Call - 0274450914

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