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Debs Chase-Paterson NZ Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner; Dr Vodders Lymph Drainage Therapist

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TOTALLY IMMERSED in natural health for over 25 yrs.

Deb offers you an immense choice of natural therapy options i.e. Detox therapies, Foot joint mobilization, Body work, Kinesiology, Lymphoedema drainage and specific self care programs to ensure that your comprehensive consultation process results in better outcomes when addressing YOUR individual needs.

Debs experience & knowledge is focused on providing comprehensive support for you in your time of healing or to assist you in maintaining a healthy, happy body using holistic approaches & wellness programs specifically designed with you in mind.

National and international mail order service available.

AddressTe Puke & Whakatane Bay of Plenty
North Island 3199
PhoneTe Puke 07 5735489
MobileWhakatane clinic 07 3071468
Fax07 573 9363
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What is Debs Chase-Paterson's point of difference?

Debs has taken the guess work out of random supplement shopping, by producing safe and carefully selected combinations, to optimise and encourage your healing potential - either as stand alone therapy or in conjunction with a specific body therapy that best suits your needs. Debs has sourced her raw material from the finest suppliers and has spent time developing remedies based on her clinical practice, experience in growing medicinal herbs and feedback from industry professionals and you, the client.

What other therapies & experience can Debs offer me in both her Te Puke & Whakatane Clinics?
  • LYMPH DRAINAGE minor ailments, beauty therapy & injuries etc

  • MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE & COMBINED DECONGESTIVE THERAPY Lymphoedema, post radiation & lymph node removal, Lipodema, obesity and more...







  • EAR CANDLING followed by full face & ear lymph drainage



  • TE PUKE DAY SPA NATURAL DETOX 1/2 day and 1 day therapies ( to view these therapies)

Tell me more about the Kiwikitz & NZ Native Plant Remedies that you have produced?

Kiwikitz have more recently produced a range of New Zealand native plant herbal remedies called Rongoa. These herbals are traditionally used for infection, detoxification, reducing inflammation, bronchial congestion, improving digestion & bowel health, blood sugar imbalance, lymphatic congestion, vitamin, mineral and amino acid content and the native plant Kawakawa is particularly valued as a blood purifier.

Kiwikitz have created a range of herbal creams including a natural skin cream for eruptive & irritated skin, foot balm, infection, allergy or general rash and herbal creams which stimulate circulation and another to support joint mobility. Kiwikitz™ Harmony Hormonal Balance & Menopause support Cream has been an ongoing popular choice for women. Our base creams are free of additives and preservatives and other 'nasties' found in many 'natural' creams.

Kiwikitz produce a comprehensive range of natural health products including vitamins, enzymes which include kiwifruit, colloidal plant minerals, oxygenated colloidal silver products including colloidal silver cream, detox herbal drops and powders, products for baby, childrens health, mens health, womans health, joint and ligament mobility, heart health, physical endurance, parasite cleanse, stress and sleep, urinary system plus personal sanitizing atomizers that can be used while traveling or for immune support.

Are these products safe to use with my existing medication or supplements?

Kiwikitz 's recipes were created with the foremost intention of producing and maintaining a safe product.Kiwikitz can be used along side traditional healthcare or in conjunction with other chosen options. The general rule of having supplements & herbals 1 hour away from medication is fully endorsed by Kiwikitz.

Kiwikitz are committed to supporting the New Zealand Industry and wherever possible use locally grown & wild crafted herbals. Our products are GE free and have no additives, fillers or any hidden nasties.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS WEB PAGE Please contact Debs for an appointment in Te Puke on 07 5735489 or Whakatane Natural Health on the Strand phone 07 307 1468.

Emails are welcome and Debs would love to hear from you and support you on your journey towards optimum health and wellbeing.

If symptoms persist please consult your health professional.
Kiwikitz products and information are designed as a support programme and not to replace other existing medications or health programmes.


NZ Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner (NM015)
Level 2 Lymph Drainage Therapist (Weller Institute, Melbourne)
Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy (Certified International Dr. Vodder School)
Indonesian Herbal Medicine (Certification No. 57065)
Homeobotanical (Hbt. FMHI)
Certificate of Accreditation Herbal & Botanical Medicine, Remedial Massage, Reflexology (SNTR 1996)
Foot Joint Mobilization (2005)
Myofascial Release (1999)
Cert. Counselling (1995)
Unitech Community & Social Work (1998)
Kinesiology (2009)

Service Categories
Acupressure, Bowen Therapy, Cupping, Ear Candling, Herbalists, Lymphatic Drainage, Mens Health, Myofascial Release Therapy, Naturopaths, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy

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