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Jacqui Hunt

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Do you feel powerless, helpless and trapped in a life situation over which you feel you have very little or no control?

Are there patterns in your life that you seem to keep repeating without really knowing why? Are your relationships a struggle? Are you interested in exploring spiritual growth? Do you have health problems?

Contact NameJacqui Hunt
Address12 Sealy Road
Bluff Hill Sealy Road
North Island 4110
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Welcome to Jacqui Hunt

Are you suffering from any of the following:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Couples therapy
  • Chronic health problems
  • Anger issues
  • Low Self esteem issues
  • Life direction and purpose
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress
  • Phobias and panic attacks
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Addictions
  • Chronic pain

By choosing to work with me, you will be embarking on a profoundly personal journey of self discovery. My incentive for doing this work is that I have seen the truly transformational effect it can have on people who are otherwise trapped in a situation over which they feel they have no power. My desire is to show you that in fact you have immense power and together we will explore how you can harness this power for your on-going benefit.. Through personal experience I have learned how withheld fears and anxiety can lead to ill-health. How Mindbody therapy can help retrace the pathways and bring about a return to full health, not only full health but releasing the full potential of the joy and pleasure that we are all capable of feeling. Cancer: My personal experience with an incurable cancer in 2001 and my healing journey back to full health which was achieved without traditional medical treatments. Because of this I have a special interest in helping you access the power of your own incredible mindbody system in dealing with this frightening disease. When you take control of your healing the fear will start to reduce and the healing will begin. Mindbody therapy is complimentary to any healing modality, traditional medicine or alternative and in fact is very powerful when used in this way.

Couples therapy.

I also work with couples using a range of methods to bring understanding to how relationships are reliant on the emotional health of each of the individuals in the relationship.  This work will bring consciousness to how the individual behavioral patterns and trigger responses cause discord and unhappiness in many relationships.  I like couples to know before embarking on therapy with me that I work from a model moving beyond blame into taking responsibiity for our individual part in the dynamic that is not operating for the highest good of the parternship.

Transformation is possible even in the most entrenched situations.


My charge is $130 per hour for individual therapy.  Couples Therapy is for 1.5 hours with a charge of $150.   TESTIMONIALS From professionals who refer their clients to me: Jacqui’s life experience, compassion, hard work and dedication are qualities that alone distinguish her from her peers. In the area of psycho-therapeutic assessments Jacqui has demonstrated strong skills in the diagnosis of my patients who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorders, depression, and other conditions. Jacqui is able to communicate with people of all ages and conveys understanding of their needs. Jacqui makes my patients feel at ease as she is a very caring and empathetic individual whose warmth and compassion puts others at ease. She also demonstrates confidence and professionalism, and exhibits respect from my clinic and the patients she serves. If there is one thing you can do in this lifetime, it is to help free yourself from negative patterning. Jacqui is the person who I trust can assist Sharon Awatere NZ Registered Acupuncturist & Osteopath I do not know anyone who can help people who are emotionally "stuck" as well as Jacqui can. I have referred clients to her who have embedded emotional patterns that resist change. I also refer people to her that have serious illness" These client speak very highly of Jacqui and make impressive progress. Fran Lowe Ph D N.Z. Registered Psychologist The patients I have referred have been delighted with Jacqui and her professionalism. All have had excellent results from their time spent with Jacqui and the educational tools that she has given them Gill Bradshaw, The Natural Clinic N.Z From clients Hi Jacqui I was driving past, thought of you and what you helped me through, and helped me to see. I feel the journey is far from over and perhaps selfishly wish you were closer sometimes. The main thing for me now is to tell you how grateful I am for being able to spend the time with you that I did. You showed me how to save me. With all the thanks I have D P Nelson NZ I can't tell you enough how much I looked forward each week to Wednesday rolling around and how much emotional sustenance, trust and support I got, and felt, in those sessions. What you showed all of us will stay with me forever, and I find myself being able to pass the learning onto my children as well, which I think will help them as the go through their life. The individual sessions that I have done with you have been like gold. I have been able to address things that have happened in the past in an environment where I felt totally safe and supported. You have gently guided me on my emotional and spiritual journey and I could not have done this on my own. I want to say thank you and tell you how much you mean to me, but I know too that you are truly a professional and you do what you do, not for the thanks, but because it is your destiny!. N.B Napier Hawkes Bay N.Z. For addition information regarding Core Energetics see following link

Core Energetics Therapist
With four years training with Core Energetics, Australia N.S.W. Australia). I have also completed a fifth year and have a Post Graduate Diploma in Heart Energetics, Australia. I have been running a private practice in Napier, New Zealand for the last 14 years. Call - 0273925797

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