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Alexander Technique, Wellington

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Experienced and internationally qualified Alexander Technique teacher.
Move and breathe with liveliness and ease...Alleviate postural pain...Change unwanted habits.

A recent clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal found 24 lessons in Alexander Technique to be an ongoing and effective way to significantly reduce low back pain and improve general functioning.

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Contact NameCarolyne Jamieson
Address Berl House Level 9
108 The Terrace
Wellington CBD
North Island 6011
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With the Alexander Technique you can move, breathe, speak more effectively. You feel lively and have more energy available for the activities you enjoy. You also feel calmer and more choice-fully aware. You learn how to reduce stress, change unwanted postural habits, and lessen or eliminate postural pain and discomfort. Your age or state of general health are not barriers to learning the Alexander Technique. Using gentle hands-on guidance while we talk through the process, I can show you a unique method of self-care that you can apply yourself as you go about your everyday activities. I can work with you to change poor postural habits that drain your energy and detract from your quality of life. The demands we experience in everyday living (such as sitting for long periods, working on a computer) reduce our natural flexibility and range of movement. Over time this has a deadening effect and our muscles and skeleton; on our breathing, circulatory and digestive systems. When these systems work less effectively a myriad of health problems may arise. Alexander work helps integrate the functional needs of your body for adequate support, efficient breathing, and ease in movement. In order to use ourselves well in everyday activity we need a balance between these three aspects. As stress often tenses and constricts our functioning, harmful habits can develop over time. Lessons in the technique work with your habitual responses to the everyday tasks of living. We increase your awareness of how you go about simple everyday movements. You learn more about how you do what you do, leading to an improvement in functioning and well-being. Over time you can develop a way of being that heightens your awareness in thinking and in action - beneficially. Essentially, this work promotes increased mindfulness and reduces reactivity in your actions, thus enabling more choice-full responses in life. Once you have learnt this technique, you will have an invaluable skill for life which you can apply at any time, anywhere and in any activity you choose! "The downward pressure we all seem to develop in our bodies is not a natural thing but a habit we develop." Marjorie Barstow Alexander Technique Works to Relieve:
    - Anxiety, Stress, Nervousness - Breathing and Vocal Problems - Back, Neck and Joint Pain - Occupational Overuse (Repetitive Strain Injury) - Performance Difficulties (specific to musicians, actors, dancers, sportsmen/women) - Poor Posture or Use - Post Operative Recovery - Pregnancy Discomfort - Tension Headaches - TMJ (jaw) Tension
Alexander Technique Promotes:
    - Awareness - Calm - Clarity in thinking and action - Self-reflection - Mindfulness - Ease in movement - Skill in (any kind of) Performance - Well-being
"You can't do something you don't know if you keep on doing what you do know." F.M. Alexander "Trying is only emphasizing the thing we know already." F.M. Alexander
About Carolyne Jamieson For over 30 years I have enjoyed teaching the Alexander Technique in the U.K., Australia, as well as in New Zealand. For much of this time I have also trained people to be teachers of the Technique. In 2001 I was Head of Training for the first New Zealand based internationally recognised and NZQA accredited teacher training school. It is unusual for a day to pass without noticing the Technique's beneficial effect with how I organize and move myself, with my mood, wellbeing and how I engage in my world. By attending to myself in an Alexander way I conserve energy, feel calmer, and move easily - in just a few moments! I work in private practice with individuals and small groups, run courses for specialised groups in the workplace, and direct three-year training courses for people to become teachers of the Alexander Technique. My training was certified by the original professional body of the Alexander Technique (S.T.A.T. U.K.). I have been a member of the New Zealand Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (ATTS NZ) since 1997. Since qualifying in this work I have engaged in ongoing professional development to deepen my skill and understanding. I have also been fortunate enough to learn from many of the first generation teachers of the Alexander Technique, who were trained by F.M. Alexander himself. Further associated areas of skill include qualifications in Dance and Movement (Ballet, Laban) , Speech and Drama (ASBNZ), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and a Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy.
How is the Technique Taught? The Alexander Technique is mostly taught in one-to-one weekly lessons until such time that the student is able to apply it for him or herself - unassisted. This process generally takes between 20 and 30 lessons. Progress in lessons is usually self-evident. Lessons are tailored to your needs and usually include: - gentle hands-on work and verbal guidance - dialogue about what you observe as you go about simple activities - restful and releasing hands-on as I work with you lying down - changes in co-ordination and movement - some experiential understanding of Alexander Technique principles Alexander Teachers use their hands in a unique and gentle way that is non manipulative and not massage. Students remain clothed throughout. Although no special clothing or equipment are required for lessons, you may be lying down or working with simple everyday movement and so dress comfortably. The Alexander Technique is not an exercise system yet can be applied beneficially to any fitness program or system of movement. So, your running, swimming, yoga asanas, physiotherapy or pilates exercises, can all benefit from applying the Alexander Technique. This approach also enhances the learning of any skill. I will teach you how to lessen excess muscle tension and release your joints as you move. You learn how to use an appropriate amount of muscular effort in any activity. You will also learn how to promote the conditions for better breathing to occur naturally. If you are interested in workplace courses or specialised group-work please email me your requirements and I can tailor short group courses to meet your needs. Examples of groups I lead are as follows:
    - Working with problems of overuse - Taking care of your self at your work-station - For musicians, actors, dancers, sports enthusiasts to reduce tension in performance - Working with equestrians to enhance balance, ease and control on horseback

Costs: I offer regular and extended private lessons and a discount of $50.00 for 10 lessons paid in advance. For workplace and specialist group course costs please inquire by email. Introductory small groups for the general public are offered twice yearly. Introductory lesson - duration 1 hour $ 95.00 Regular weekly lesson - duration 45 min $ 85.00 Twice weekly lessons - duration 45 min $ 75.00 each Extended lesson - duration 1 hour $ 95.00 10 lessons paid in advance - duration 45 min each $ 800.00 Cancellations: If you need to cancel I request you give me 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee.
Some Recent Testimonials: "My neck and back were getting increasingly stiff and uncomfortable. I thought it was just incurable old age. But to my surprise, after only a couple of AT lessons, I felt a remarkable relief from the discomfort" June - Beginner Student "I sought Carolyne's help after a car crash in which I injured my shoulder and neck. After one lesson my pain eased significantly and ongoing work lessened my injury time." Susan - Office Manager "I had long-standing stiffness and discomfort in my neck and shoulder as a result of a thoracic spine strain. Periodic massage and physiotherapy helped relieve the symptoms but have never resolved the underlying problem. In addition to resolving the problems associated with the thoracic spine strain Alexander Technique has: - improved my balance and general body awareness - given me greater flexibility and ‘give’ - improved my ability to relax and to work muscles without over-tensing them. I have been learning to ride for about 4 years and Alexander Technique has been a great help to me because it has made me much more aware of how I am using my body when I’m riding, as well as improving my balance and general co-ordination." Liz - Lawyer "I first saw Carolyne before I embarked on a long and taxing plane journey, hoping to board the plane physically relaxed and to pick up some tips on how to stay that way. Five years later, my sessions with Carolyne are an important and integral part of my life. I go to her for her unfailing ability to release a body that, like all bodies, involuntarily tightens and, when it has fallen or encountered other physical stress, twists. During these sessions I invariably emerge feeling physically released and having understood better, or differently, how I might put the insights associated with this wonderful technique into practice. Like everything worthwhile, the Alexander Technique is not digested overnight. Carolyne is a teacher of teachers. She is modest but her experience is obvious in her approach to any problem. She is wise, funny and generous. Most important of all, she is highly effective." Diana - Poet "I have been having Alexander lessons for the past few years. I have had and still have an existing lung condition. This ongoing and progressive lung disease has a debilitating effect on me both physically and mentally. Since having lessons I have noticed a marked improvement in my breathing and an increased ability for exercise. Earlier this year I had an appointment at Wellington Hospital to check my lung function. Instead of showing an expected decrease in capacity of between 4 to 9% the result showed an increase! My specialist was delighted and recommended I continue what I was doing. This includes using traditional Western methods of controlling my asthma. By continuing with my Alexander lessons and some Chinese herbs I have not only remained well but also improved." Diana - Graphic Artist


BA Grad Dip Tchg Dip G Psyc (UK) STAT Cert Member, ATTSNZ Member, PBANZ

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