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Blue Rose

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Marion and Bernard have a pledge dedicating ourselves to the guardians of the universes, to create awareness and upliftment of soul, here on the physical plane.

Then we have the wonderful privilege of fulfilling this pledge as we see this upliftment take place for you.

South Island
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Welcome to Blue Rose

Marion and Bernard welcome you to Blue Rose and honour you for the personal journey you are travelling.

The purpose of this site is for healing and well-being and for raising awareness of the true purpose of freedom.

Blue Rose offers you the key to the answers, to your most profound questions, and an unparalleled experience of the true being you are.


Blue Rose offers the opportunity of expansion, if expansion is what you are seeking, and if you have reached this site through curiosity, we welcome your visit also, as curiosity in itself is an expansion to your being.

And whilst Blue Rose can offer you the opportunity of expansion of awareness and upliftment it is only you that can choose the way.

What can I expect to happen?

The experience one goes through is profound and in most cases takes 3 - 4 hrs, so we suggest to allow half a day, as it may take a little while to align to your new awareness of self.

While everything is addressed in this one consultation, some do return in order to expand on their experience.

Through meditation we will visit many areas where you have existed both spiritually and physically. You see, Soul is eternal and exists with or without physical form.

At this point there is one truth that we would like to share with you.
You hold the Master Key to all your questions
Why not use it.


In some cultures, the blue rose traditionally signifies a mystery, or attaining the impossible.

Bernard and Marion led me gently and lovingly into the mysterious where I found my Self, my oneness. It was very peaceful place, full of joy and laughter. It was interesting for me because I thought it would hit me in the face and blow me away, but it didn't. It was very subtle and gentle, and presented itself when I got out of the way. Bernard was very good at guiding me and I trusted him implicitly. He helped me to trust myself and let go and enter into the void of stillness and peace. I have been meditating for many years, but Bernard and Marion took me to a new level. I am now on a journey that will take me even deeper and further than I ever imagined was possible to attain.

- ES, Wgtn.

They are truly amazing. After only one session I am free of my addiction to tobacco. No patches, No pills, nothing but the love and upport of Blue Rose. After 30 years of living in a haze of smoke my spirit has found the freedom to sing to my soul again. I never went to them to stop smoking, that's what i think is so amazing. I have now been smokefree for 5 weeks and I won't ever go back to smoking in my lifetime. I feel lighter, free, ready to dance to the song of my soul. I highly recommend this unique experience to everyone out there.

- Cee-Jay, South Tranaki

There are moments in life when you find yourself fortunate enough to cross paths with others who hold a genuine concern for the nature of your being and the direction you are headed. These 'others' are like shimmering diamonds in a mottled grey landscape. Bernard and Marion are two such people; two beings of light that have made it their mission to do everything they can to assist others in the search for answers about life.

In a safe and nurturing environment they provide the necessary ingredients for the discoveries you make.

Words are often inadequate when it comes to describing pivotal events that bring about a shift in momentum, but in the interest of those who are reading this with a degree of curiosity I will attempt to do Bernard and Marion justice: if you are looking for answers, if you are curious about the shape of your past, if you feel as if you need a boost in life, that there is something missing and you can't quite put your finger on it, if you truly believe there is more to life than what you have been told then don't hesitate in contacting Blue Rose; your life will never be the same.

- Garry

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Answers to questions

Q. What do you mean: You go to the past to heal the present to enhance the future?

1.We enter the past through guided meditation which is very gentle and unobtrusive. And in some cases we use crystal sounds to enhance the journey.

2. Heal the Present
As you become more aware of the energies, your personal vibrations become more in line with the fact that you are soul, great things start to happen.

Gently as your vibrations change, physically spiritually and emotionally, blockages and old unneeded belief patterns begin to fall away giving you a new platform, a new foundation to work from.

3. To Enhance the future

No matter what direction your journey takes you, whatever you create in the present unfolds into the future

Both Marion and Bernard were born and raised in the South Island where they married and raised their family of four.

They have always been aware of their spiritual path and now this has come to fruition.

They offer
  • open discussion evenings
  • teachings
  • and one on one consultation.

At this point there is one truth that we would like to share with you.

You hold the Master Key to all your questions

Why not use it.

Service Categories
Energy Healing, Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, Meditation, Spiritual Healing

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