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Adrienne Doran Integrative Gestalt Counseling and Play Therapy Services

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Creative Integrative Adult Gestalt Counselling, Child Therapy and Play Therapy Service Available

Contact NameAdrienne Doran
Address88 Halifax Street East Street
South Island 7010

Creative Integrative Therapy

As an integrative Gestalt Therapist I offer you a safe space characterized by honesty, warmth and understanding, where you can explore yourself, your life and your world. As individuals, we may enter Counseling/Therapeutic support, hoping to improve ourselves and our life circumstance or that of someone we love, perhaps having experienced painful loss, trauma and life stress of many shades. The healing relationship we may form with a therapist, offers the opportunity to notice, pay attention and become aware of the unique 'what and how' of our way of being, and the unique 'what and how' of change we may need. As a therapist I value a respectful, sensitive and non-judgemental approach to our work together, alongside a relationship of equality, openness and empowerment. The Therapy process may help with a wide range of problems including - Self-esteem and Self-confidence Anxiety related Difficulties, Stress and Phobias Difficulties in Relationships, whether at home, work or socially. If you are feeling anxious or depressed and are seeking insight into the causes and for ways to cope, you may experience support and understanding. People who have experienced loss, painful life changes and trauma may experience support, emotional release and renewed ability to cope.

Child Therapy and Play Therapy

Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially, fostering imagination and creativity, it encourages confidence and concentration. Play helps children to make friends and learn about their ever-expanding world. Play Therapy Sessions allow children to explore through play, confusing experiences so as to help the child make more sense of their world. The play therapy process allows the child to play out difficult experiences and the associated feelings in a safe protected space, in a way that may offer release and relief to the child struggling with inner stress and painful memories. During play sessions the child may develop strategies to help him or her deal with situations in the real world more appropriately. It allows them to learn from mistakes more clearly. Play therapy aims to help the child learn that it is OK to feel, and to teach them how to cope with feelings in a safe and constructive way. Working with the child's caregivers where possible and safe, is an important aspect of this work and a co-operative collaborative multidisciplinary approach is needed that honors parents and carers as often the most influential people in the child's life - and also sensitively respects the child's experience in the world as part of a multi-dimensional interactive whole, consisting of many parts. As a therapist I am committed to keeping children safe. The child's right to confidentiality and consent will be respected. It is my policy that I will share information with appropriate agencies should I have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child. Play Sessions are used for Addressing emotional and behavioral problems, Enhancing parent/carer and child interaction, and enhancing secure relational patterns, Developing communication skills, Enhancing play skills development and Improving social skills development

Contact Details

Initial Appointment Times are for one hour, are arranged by phone and are charged at $95.00 per hour, where longer sessions of 1.5 hours are arranged, these are charged at $130.00. Sliding scale fees may be arranged and funding options discussed as appropriate to your circumstances. In our work together, we meet on a regular basis at an agreed time, for one or 1.5 hours as appropriate to your needs. Appointment fees are payable for appointments canceled at less than 48 hours notice, unless understandably unforeseen circumstances have caused the cancellation. Please contact me personally by phone, rather than email or text, to discuss any questions or inquiries you may have.

Couple Therapy  A couple counseling service is also offered

Qualification Details Full Member of NZAC. BSc (First Hons) Counselling and Integrative Therapy (Middlesex University UK). Diploma in Gestalt Therapy (Irish Gestalt Centre). Post-graduate Diploma in Child and Playtherapy (Canterbury Christ Church University UK) Training Accredited by the International Board of Examiners of Child and Play Therapists. Certificate in Supervision (Centre for Supervision Training - trainer Prof. Michael Carroll Ph.D). Certificate in Mauri Ora (Te Wananga o Aotearoa). Post-graduate Training experience includes training with Nancy Davis Ph.D on Multi-sensory Trauma Processing, with Graham Taylor on EMDR trauma processing skills, and with West Coast Institute of Gestalt Play Therapy in Gestalt Play Therapy Process and Training with Paris Goodyear Brown on Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy Model for Treating Traumatised Children (2019). Ongoing Somatic Experiencing Training with SE Australia.

Service Categories
Children’s Health, Counselling, Life Coaching

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