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Welcome to Body Balancing,the first step in getting yourself back into alignment and taking control of your own health. You are the master of your own body, now you need to listen to your body. I am a Massage Therapist & Registered Nurse, and offer various services:

Contact NameKarin Halliday
Address6 Theyers Street
South Island
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At Body Balancing I work the body quite different. My aim is to get the stress and tension out of the muscles/body as fast as possible. I go to the source of the problem, not the sympton. Many, many times people complain of bending over and not being able to move. Muscles are designed for movement, soft, pliable, moveable. We use our muscles all the time, without thinking, but we never think about getting the tension taken out of them. We don't even know we have tension until we get stuck bending over, that is a last sign of tension. To help me achieve all this I use different tools and techniques. One of them is the Inversion Table. This is a must, as it helps stretch the body in a safe manner, letting go of tension. The spine is finally allowed to relax with no pressure on it. If you ever watch children what do they do....hang upside a lot! this is a safe way for adults to do the same. There is a lot of research out there at the moment around the Inverter saying how good they are. Come and try and see for yourself. Another piece of equipment I use is what I call the half moon table, this again enables the body to stretch in a safe manner. You lie over the table on your tummy and the lower back and legs start to stretch. Then you lie on your back on stretch those tummy muscles. Then I start to get the body moving by working the muscles and allowing fluids to start to flow through the body again, as the tension starts to disappear the muscles are then allowed to relax, start to move freely, and not be painful. Imagine having free movement back in the body again, and NO, AGE does not come into it. You can still have a free moving body regardless of how old you are if you get the tension taken out. Age is not a barrier. The most common complaints are sore back, neck, shoulders this is an area that I specialise in. I am able to work with the body in a holistic way. I believe no one knows your body better than yourself, all I do is help you to realise that. Deep Tissue, Remedial, Sports, Relaxation and Hot Stone Massage all available. Tailored to each individual need


Hyperthermia Treatment is where I use a specific heat treatment lamp which penetrates into the body about 8-10cm deep. This heat will then kill off cells that are abnormal or should not be there. Averagely cells do not like to survive above 42 degrees, so this lamp will disperse what is not healthy. It can help with many different conditions. Keeping the body at a regular temperature is very important.

Alongside this I have a heat mattress which you lie on and again is very good for helping aching joints, all sorts of health issues. 


Natural Spiritual Healing: I also offer this as a therapy. This is working with the energies of the body helping clear any stagnant energies that may be stuck, helping to contribute to ailments that you may be suffering from. This is similar to Reiki just performed a different way. We are energy and energy is all around us so it only makes sense that we work with the energy as well. With the aim of reaching optimum health.


Guided meditation: I can also take you on a guided meditation or teach you all about meditation. This is a great way to gain inner peace and this is what we should all be striving for in our busy lives. Meditation can be done as often or as a little as a person wants. What you put in is what you get out. There is no fast rule, and yes ANYONE can do meditation. When you do meditation it becomes part of your daily routine and is a must to our survival, just like eating and drinking.


Some Frequent Questions that are Asked:

Why does massage hurt sometimes?

When there is so much tension in the body the body and muscles are not able to move as freely as they should. When you first start to massage the body it always feels sore, but as you slowly start to free up space and allow movement again the soreness will subside. Also everyone holds tension and feels tension differently. so for some they might feel it more than others. as soon as you are able to breathe out the tension and relax the better you and your body will feel. So soreness is part of a massage but the effects that you will feel afterwards will make up for it. When you have regular massages it will not be as sore as the very beginning as the body is not so tense and you are used to the massage.


How often should i have a massage? Most of the time people have a lot of tension that they are holding. This does not occur overnight is a lifetime build up. When you first come i always recommend to have weekly session for 2-3 wks then go down to maintenance depending on how much tension the body is holding onto. once you feel what the body can be like without tension in it, when it starts to creep back in again you get to be more aware of the tension coming in so you can act on it a lot quicker. it really is personal choice for how often.


Gift vouchers are available for any occasion like Mothers day, Fathers day, Birthdays or Christmas. They make a great present especially if they never do anything like this for themselves. Great way to be pampered

About Me

I worked as a Registered Nurse for 27 years, and retired form Nursing six years ago to concentrate on my business. I have worked as a Massage Therapist for 13 years and changing as I grow. How I work now is different to when I first started. My Philosophy on health has changed over the years, bringing me to where I am at the moment, and no doubt it will change again as I continue to grow and learn. I truly believe that we have the power and control to change our own health. At the moment I am studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from a Chinese Master and am excited about bringing that learning to my clients. I have also written my autobiography, a personal journey of transformation, sharing my story to help empower others. You can purchase from it is available as an e book or hard copy. I also sell from my clinic, the title is Remember, Re-connect, Listen and Live I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to ring for more information: Karin Halliday on 03 448 6676 or 027 6944816 Price List: 1hr heat therapy session $80 1hr session $60 I accept cash and now have eftpos available Qualifications

Certificate in Massage Diploma Natural Spiritual Healing Registered Sick Children Nurse Currently studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and herbal medicine

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