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Marianna Ackerman Psychotherapy

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Are you looking for a way to feel better, to resolve relationship issues, and to become stronger and happier? Therapy can help.

Contact NameMarianna Ackerman Psychotherapy
AddressBerl House, Level 9
108 The Terrace
North Island 6011
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Are you looking for a way to feel better, to resolve relationship issues, and to become stronger and happier? Psychotherapy can help. I offer a collaborative, positive approach in which we compassionately explore any difficulties you're having. While there are no quick fixes, I can help you make sense of your difficulties and offer you effective tools for change. The very issues you struggle with will help identify the first steps you need to take in order to grow. This process can lead to increased self-awareness and confidence. Psychotherapy can help cultivate a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself, and in turn with others. It can help you develop trust in what you feel and may nurture a sense of integrity and authenticity.


Why psychotherapy?

We all have the capacity to find meaning in our lives, to live authentically with rich relationships. Sometimes we are not aware of these capacities or have unknowingly built barriers to them. We may experience fulfillment in some ways and lead relatively happy lives but still need to heal and resolve old issues, patterns and losses that reappear again and again in our relationships. At other times, we may feel stuck, or numb, or unhappy. We may shut down emotionally, narrowing our possibilities, hiding from others, and ourselves making unhealthy choices and behaving in ways that leave us feeling flat and depressed.


What happens in psychotherapy?

I provide a confidential, supportive process that enables you to make changes in any problematic thoughts, feelings or behaviours you may be experiencing. In the emotionally safe environment of the therapeutic relationship you and I can reflect upon the causes of your distress and in this new context see things more clearly. I can help you discover and affirm what it is you really want from life and how you might feel comfortable achieving that. I believe the skilled use of the relationship between the therapist and client can help develop self-knowledge and self-esteem. Therefore, I actively engage in the therapy, building a relationship in which we are both invested.


My approach

My work draws on different theoretical foundations, including relational transactional analysis, psychodynamic and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, weaving together an approach that is interpersonal and very accessible — even for those new to therapy. The work draws on memories and experiences from the past but the focus remains on how these experiences are relevant to the present. Mindfulness is a method of meditation for paying attention non-judgementally, on purpose, in the present moment. It is based on the idea that by reshaping our relationship to difficult circumstances and emotional pain we can increase our freedom from them. I use grounding and breathing exercises that help to calm and focus as part of this work.


What I offer

I work with individuals and adolescents (16 years and older) on a range of issues including: • relationship difficulties • grief • depression • anxiety • stress and stress-related issues • assertiveness and confidence • anger • existential issues (meaninglessness) • blocks to creativity


My background

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, a Certified Transactional Analyst, and I hold a Bachelors in Counselling. For 3 years I worked as a part-time counsellor at the Wellington Women’s Health Collective, and for one year as a counsellor at Massey Student Health Services. I have worked, and am comfortable in a multi-cultural environment and I speak conversational-level Spanish as a second language. Yo hablo español. In 2002 my son and I immigrated from San Francisco, California to New Zealand to live near family.


Sessions and fees

Sessions last 50 minutes and the number of sessions will be negotiated with you after an initial assessment period. I charge $125 (GST incl) per session, and can work online when necessary. The first session can help you decide if you feel comfortable working with me, and I can determine whether I have the right skills to help you. "The mind creates the abyss and the heart crosses it." (Sri Nisargadatta) I welcome your phone call or email. I am happy to have a phone conversation to help clarify any questions you might have, or you are welcome to e-mail me with your query.

Registered Psychotherapist Bachelor of Counselling. Certified Transactional Analyst Member: New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (Provisional). Member: ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) I completed a three year psychotherapy training with the Wellington Transactional Analysis Training Institute, Inc.

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