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Asti Renaut - Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

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Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Kid's Clinic

Contact NameAsti Renaut
Address444 Papanui Road
South Island 8053
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I am a qualified and registered medical herbalist and naturopath with ten years experience in natural health. Previously I ran my own clinic in Titirangi, Auckland for 5 years before moving to Christchurch in early 2009, and have been practicing from this clinic since that time. I am passionate about the utilisation of natural remedies to treat a wide range of health conditions and to promote optimal health and wellbeing. My clinical experience has led me to work extensively with allergy management, stress and fatigue, and women's hormonal conditions from PMT to menopause. I have also worked in the area of children's health and run a children's clinic. Allergy Management Hormonal Conditions Children's Health Stress and Mood Imbalances Digestive Complaints Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue Low Immunity Sleeping Disturbances KID'S CLINIC Since starting my clinic I have worked extensively with children's health. Building robust healthy vibrant children leads to robust healthy vibrant adults, which is why natural remedies and dietary interventions made early on can be such a great foundation for a strong and vital life ahead. Allergies Eczema Colic and Reflux Sleeping Problems Low Immunity & Recurrent Infection Mood and Behavioural Issues Digestive Problems Boils, Warts and Molloscum Nutritional Advice Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine support your health naturally. A holistic analysis of your symptoms allows an understanding of causes of imbalance and we work together to support the body to return to balance, utilising diet and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeobotanical therapies, and other natural medicines. Natural remedies are safe and effective, and can be taken alongside other medications, when prescribed by a qualified practitioner in the context of a full health assessment. Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism utilise the oldest and most well trialled medicines known to humankind, alongside the advanced biochemical and physiological understanding of modern scientific medicine. Truly the best of both worlds! To make a booking online and for information on charges and appointment times please see my website (address listed above), otherwise feel free to get in touch anytime. Publications I believe that the essence of naturopathy is education, and love to write articles for the general public as well as doing public talks. I write regular articles on health and wellbeing, previously for KAREN Magazine, OH Baby! magazine, have been featured in Sunday magazine, and quoted in The New Zealand Herald and The Listener. My most recent articles have been for Allergenics and Kiwiherb. KAREN MAGAZINE Building Immunity The Good Sleep Guide NZ Listener;jsessionid=4F2C5346532E041D7E9A0E30545CDDDC Here are a few testimonials from my clients: 'I am a NZ Registered Nurse, and I have qualifications in teaching the natural process of healing – each complementing the other. After some setbacks in my own health and in the treatments received, I am very pleased and grateful to have met Asti. Receiving her expert advice I am feeling so much better based on her recommendations. I highly recommend Asti – her genuine, considerate, thoughtful and caring attitude, along with her sound knowledge, expertise and professionalism are greatly appreciated.' M Mason My name is Jacqui and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I took many commercial drugs to ward off the affects of this deforming and painful disease and then other drugs to ward off the effects of these drugs all with unpleasant reactions. With Asti’s caring and expert treatment and through trial and perseverance, I now only take one drug along side the natural healing herbs, supplements and healthy eating. I am forever grateful for Asti’s professional and caring help, my life has changed dramatically for the better and I live life to the full. - J.Noble I have constantly been sick for at least 20 years and I have seen numerous doctors and specialists and used prescribed medication.I was recently diagnosed with a muscular medical condition however I experienced bad side effects with the prescribed medication and I felt even sicker. I therefore sought alternative treatment through Asti. I highly recommend Asti because her holistic view, genuine care and concern for me as a client and her indepth knowledge of natural alternative treatment helped me improve my health and feel 10 times better than when I was using prescribed medication! I have managed to control my medical condition with the treatment Asti gave me and I am living my dream and travelling through different countries. I even managed to travel through China on an Intrepid journey which would not have been possible without Asti's help. -C. Pau I've been dealing with Asti over the years, for informative discussions regarding myself, my husband, or my 3 children and their different health issues. My hormonal issues were certainly sorted out for me, when I'd been to several doctors/specialists.. It took a bit of time to sort out what would work for me for the polycystic ovary side of things, as this was my biggest health issue, but once we were on track, there was no looking back for me at all. This condition certainly makes it very hard to get pregnant. Some people can't get pregnant at all. Asti was able to sort out this issue for me, which was a big thing for my husband and I, with always wanting children. We now have 3 children and couldn't be happier. -K.Armstrong

BHSc(Comp Med), Adv Dip Herb Med, Adv Dip Nat, BA, MNZAMH I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Complementary Medicine at Charles Sturt University in Australia. My naturopathic and herbal medicine training was a three year degree course at South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics in Auckland. I am a full professional member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH), and have served as the Vice President and on the national committee of this body in previous years.

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