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A Room To Breathe - Yoga Studio

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Work with your body's limitations, Yoga for Life

Yoga • Private Training • Wellness Coaching and all aspects of health that might need attention

Contact NameJune Tobin
AddressNo 5 Suite 1
422 Innes Road
Papanui/St Albans/Mairehau
South Island 8052
Mobile021 303 713
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Welcome to Yoga with JuneyT (June Tobin)
PLEASE NOTE Where did the time go as we moved into December and soon writing about Christmas 2018 If you are unsure of the timetable please email me Yes we are open this week and over the festive season It is important that our practice remains and is included in our life style Yes we will all get busy and maybe not able to make our regular time, therefore I do hope this week with the timetable normal until Friday and small changes for the following week, you find time if you are home in Christchurch to come to your space and place to breathe and also importantly time out If you are visiting please email me for details Positive, Deserving, Loving ,Kindness, Empowering, Embodying, Self Acceptance My Body is Strong, Stable and full of Wisdom June is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, With over 20 years experience in the industry of Health Fitness and Wellbeing. From small beginnings June works from her Studio in Innes Road and currently teaching classes 6 days a week. Please bring your own mat. Other props eg. bolsters etc available for your use. If you are visiting or maybe the first time, haven't your own mat, they are available. Please bring a small towel and a water bottle. Water is available if you forget and need to keep hydrated I try to offer as many levels (see timetable) to encourage growth but also accessibility so that you dont miss that special time for yourself. My Goal To help and inspire you to reach your limits and beyond. To bring balance to our ever changing life challenges. Structure, compassion and the element of fun drawing from Eastern yoga and blending in our Western life style. Philosophy Yoga gives us the opportunity to improve our health through self awareness of breath. From many levels, physical mental or spiritual. To tune into our body and understand it’s everyday needs. When we tune into listen, we can respond to the request, should we choose. Yoga offers practical ways of moving energy (breath, prana) through the body and directing thoughts on a more positive level.
Class Times - please contact JuneyT to confirm current class times
Casual $20 cash or eftpos is available A five class block for $75 cash, eftpos or internet banking (sorry no cheques). 10 class concession $145, 20 class concession $245 These concessions both have a three month use by time The studio welcomes any visitors to Christchurch (the 5 class block is for visitors) The classes vary from 60 - 80 minutes General level or modified for more beginner level
Description of Classes
Dynamic Hatha
  • Awaken your core power. Feel the energy and strength as you breathe through this powerful sequence of poses (asana) work at your own pace however avoid if working through injuries or pregnant.
Yoga General
  • Moving into and experiencing beyond (not suitable for beginner level or recovering from injury). However learn and expand your practice Inversions are part of this class but not compulsory.
Beginner Yoga
  • If you are a complete beginner please ring me. I offer a private session to get you started. You can then move into a Hatha Style class and be easily accommodated with variation of movement.
Hatha Style
  • Based on many of the traditional poses or asana. Modified to suit almost all bodies. Important to advise of any injuries.
Core Yoga
  • Taken from Hatha and focusing on the inner framework that brings us together and holds us together. A challenging practice but adaptable.
Yin General
  • To encourage a more conscious awareness of being in the pose or asana. The freedom of course to release if uncomfortable, however to discover how to shift and change at a deeper level beyond the muscle and framework of one’s body.
Ball Yoga
  • Purely by creation of experience of working with the Swiss Ball. I have adapted the exercises that complement our yoga and indeed help us sort out some of those less active muscles. A fun class which challenges balance at a new level.
Pregnancy Yoga
  • This is a need to register class 8 week blocks tailored to keep you fit and toned. You can come into this class as early as 15 weeks. Continuing depending on how many weeks pregnant you came in on. Discounted for further 8 and 4 week blocks. A greater awareness of the changes you will undergo during the greatest adventure of your life.
Post Pregnancy - Give time to yourself
  • Let dad look after the wee one for a while and get back into feeling good about your body. Level one yoga will give you the enthusiasm and then when you are ready step into a general class to fit your schedule
$20 cash only for casual classes Concessions available 10 class $145, 20 class $245, (3 month use by time) 6 month unlimited use (please enquire) Private Sessions Available (please enquire) Personal Training
Personal training is personal attention - the teacher and you.
  • Fitness
  • Body Conditioning
  • Nutrition
Support your Yoga practice with hands-on assistance. Learn to modify those difficult poses to suit your body. Discover how correct alignment can make your practice stronger. These private sessions are available to everyone inside and outside of the studio. To give you that special one on one time with any concerns that you might feel are effecting the balance or wellbeing of your body. Prices please enquire as these are relevant to each individual. Wellness Coaching
A holistic approach to a healthier happier and more fulfilled life. Face-to-face and confidential. My knowledge and wisdom to assist and guide you in moving through those challenges where sometimes we need a neutral advisor. Where?
A Room to Breathe Yoga Studio 422 Innes Road, St Albans, Christchurch Phone Juneyt 021 303713 or email [email protected]
Value every movement effort & achievement

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Ashtanga Yoga, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Hatha Yoga, Life Coaching, Meditation, Nutrition, Personal Trainers, Reiki, Sports Injury Therapy, Weight Loss, Womens Health, Yoga

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