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Don McInnes, Complimentary Healer, lightworker

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HEALERS from all over the World have used Don's services to assist them on their journey. As an Interdimensional Emissionary of Light the work is multi-dimensional .

Contact NameDon McInnes
South Island 9349
Phone03 441 3327
Mobile021 144 6964
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Welcome to Don McInnes, Lightworker, Interdimensional Emissionary of Light , Complimentary Healer Have you ever felt fully connected with YOUR OWN SOUL energy and FELT the LOVE that you realy are? I am able ASSIST YOU to reconnect with YOUR SOUL ENERGY, removing anything that has attached to you and your soul.[or distorting this] YOU may experiance OVERWHELMING BLISS from your RECONNECTION with YOUR SOUL AND THE CREATOR YOUR PAST LIFE ISSUES, including the EMOTIONAL that are preventing YOU from being your true self are able to released with ease. This empowers YOU As a LIGHTWORKER / ENERGY CHANNEL, I work with the LORDS OF KARMA to have YOUR KARMA RELEASED, [if this is the issue] To schedule a session, or if you have any questions, contact Don McInnes at 64-3-4413327, cell - 021 1446964 or email [email protected] As a Reiki Master I am able to call in the PURE REIKI ENERGY to empower the REIKI that you are able work with.[ This can be done distantly to free you of interference of Ego and agenda's from different lineages. As a Neurological Intergration System Practitioner -- [ Neurolink's NIS ] -- I am able to assist YOUR PHYSICAL BODY to repair itself under the control of YOUR AUTOMATIC BRAIN'S system - you know it, it keeps your heart ticking - refer - for the full story on how it can help YOU I have evolved a method of RELEASING YOUR LOCKED EMOTIONS and empowering the love that you are, in a very gentle way that does not require you to re-experiance the issues.. With an aviation engineering background I find it hard to push my own wagon on the ability that I have been blessed with. wishing you all the best in your life's choices with love and light Don McInnes Body-electrician, Light Worker, Interdimensional Emissionary of Light
Healing Sessions with - Don 1) In Person - Hands-On Energy Work: When I am asked: “What can be expect if YOU had a healing with me?” I honestly answer “I don’t know” I have no expectations on the outcome. I know that the usual side effects are like feeling light headed, relaxed and have inner peace. Your Soul knows what you need, I have no Idea! Some of the tools that I think I use are:- ‘COSMIC CALLING’. Your Soul calls in what you need from the universe. -- this was backed up when this happened in 2007--- While working at an expo, A channel who was working opposite me, asked the tall golden onesthat were arround me while I was working with a person - "What it was that was being done?" They gave her the name “Quantum Intergalactic Physics” and said that this would confuse the client, so use "Cosmic Calling". ‘Spiritual Surgery’. As the name suggests, on a metaphysical level, surgical procedures are carried out with sometimes instant results ‘Reiki’. This well known energy modality is very effective on its own. I also attune people to treat themselves Neurolink’s ‘NIS.’ Working with your intelligence --- This ‘tells’ your automatic computer, known as your ‘brain,’ what it isn’t seeing about you and what’s not functioning at optimum. [ie organ, gland, muscle-skeletal system, brain, etc] and gets the brain to sort it out. This is a very effective tool by itself. ‘Emotional Release’. An evolved method of getting rid of the emotions, assisted by the beings of light and love. We go to all times, dimensions or generations of the causes of these and have them released from there. Another very effective system. We also work with the inner child. Exorcism - Entities, Negative Alien Implants, Black Magic - I have these removed, plus protection put in place. A healing goes something like this:- I usually place my hand on your arm and get permission to work from your soul. I hold the “Star Gates” open to allow your soul to call on the inter-galactic / inter-dimensional energies of love, to be anchored in my energy field and transform these energies to a level useable by your body. Your soul calls on whatever is required as a priority for you at this time [this often includes the things you think you need]. 2) Distance Energy Work: Distance Energy Work is done as requested. I need the person’s permission if they are conscious. There are no limitations. - This works anywhere in the world. I find it easiest with phone contact but it doesn’t really matter how the request is made. 3) Death Transition Work: Transitional work assists in easing ones pain, and releasing the fear of crossing over. The energies that are around the person crossing over are harmonised which helps everybody involved. [family, friends ] 4) House and Land Clearing: I am often called to move on those spirits that have stayed behind and also the ones from the other side who are not of love. I move those that do not have permission to be there. [those that disturb the young ones when trying to sleep for instance]. I am called on for earth healing and work with various groups. About Don: I have been involved with energy work for the past 17 years that I am aware of. I have studied a variety of healing and energy modalities including Reiki, kinesiology, ultimate healing’ spiritual surgery Neurolink and others. My path has been a challenge. I am a helicopter engineer and only started looking, after ‘stress’ as they called it left me with a body that was in constant pain. At that time a Reiki advertisement caught my eye as a stress reliever and I found I had to do it. I was totally sceptical but desperate! I took this as far as I could, to Master level.Then, at a Reiki masters gathering I heard of Ultimate Healing. The hair on the back of the neck stood up and I had to do it. Ultimate healing is a very structured system of spiritual healing using scan manuals and procedures that took time. After a year or so of using this method, the ‘Spiritual Realm’ started doing work that didn’t fit into the procedures and basically took over the work and I just happened to be there anchoring and transforming what was needed. They gave this the name “Cosmic Calling”. This is what I currently use with people I still use Reiki. Rieki spirit is called in for the work. For those that have been previously attuned, ‘Reiki Spirit’ removes the human ego from the lineage to leave pure Reiki with the client. Distant attunements and re-attunements or upgrades are also done. HEALINGS with Don To schedule a hands-on, long distance or transitional session, or if you have any questions, contact Don McInnes at 64-3-4413327, cell - 021 1446964 or
Testimonial I would like to offer the following testimonial for you. I’ve found that a 3rd party referral is much more believable than what the person has to say about themselves. --Takara - Author, Teacher, Creator of Dancing Dolphin Essences “I have had the great privilege and blessing of being the receiver of The Don’s powerful energy healing. He is a human transformer – able to connect with exceedingly high frequencies and step them down so you and your body can easily accept them without frying all your circuits. It us truly remarkable and amazingly powerful. I’ve never experienced anything else even remotely like it. I know literally hundreds of healers from all over the world. The ones that I will allow to work with my body and energy field can be counted on one hand. The Don is on that list. He is a true gift to humanity.”Takara - Author, Teacher, Creator of Dancing Dolphin Essences Dear Don, Thank you so much for the ph. sess. 2 wks past. My back is again working "normally" & are finished with Physio already. This usually takes around 6-12 wks to settle, so you can imagine my appreciation / gratitude. The Physio has included ph. Rieki as part of the amazing healing process on the ACC report; have you ever thought about becoming ACC accredited?!!!. There has been a "full house" here with convergence peoples upto now. Everyone has suddenly moved on, so it's good to have lots of space again. Are going down to CHCH to play with Peru again for some concert on the 1st - looking forward to that. Inky the lamb now thinks he is a sheep again & is now only having a bottle 2x a day. Hope all is well with you, Many thanks, love from Rachel H. Thank you Don, I now walk tall and on a diferent level, I dont know where you took me but it has changed me. Johno
“Cosmic Callings” – for optimum health The unseen realms working through me for your soul have given me the name ---“Quantum Intergalactic Physics” or in short ----“Cosmic Calling”. These so called entities also come under the names of the Angelic Realm, Galactic Federation, Spirit guides, Spiritual Brotherhood, Light beings, etc. They all work through me, as a light worker/ channel, for the work called on by your soul for you. This is usually to accelerate you on your journey and ascending the lower vibrations that are affecting you in the physical form. Basically eliminating any negative emotional influences affecting the positive state of being which inevitably improves the balance in your health & wellbeing. These take the form of diseases, pains and suppressions such as emotional blocks. With this powerful love energy that is channeled through me, we assist you in achieving a quantum leap in consciousness. We remove attached entities, bad feelings and discomfort. We can assist lost souls and human spirits on their journey home to love. So if you are feeling out of sorts, low in energy, in physical or emotional pain, this unique healing forum can regain personal balance remarkably quickly! Experience cosmic calling!
While I was working at an expo, a clairvoyant who was working opposite me asked the tall golden energies that were with me “what is it that Don was doing.” They told her it was “Quantum Intergalactic Physics” but people won’t understand that so call it “Cosmic Calling”. This is because the soul of the one that he [Don] is holding the energy for calls on us for what it is that is needed now [ for their home coming or lightening themselves in the human form - turning their light on-] So basically I hold the love vibration for the soul of the person – you - to accelerate or raise the vibrations of your human body. I also check for and remove inappropriate attachments, emotional blockages and anything else that is holding the vibration to the lower levels. So in a nutshell, As a light worker / channel, the higher realms of light and love all work through me for the work called on by your soul. Typically this is removal of the attached energies and entities, clearing of attached emotions and empowering the love that you are. The first thing noticed by the majority of people is that they feel lighter, very relaxed, almost as if you have finally been home and understand what this is all about on a heart level Other things we do are:- Exorcisms - the removal of spells, black magic and curses. Past life work. Clearing – of House and Property. Ghost Busting - Moving spirits on to the light. -- Ascension: - heaven and earth combining and love coming to Earth -To purify the lower bodies. -To bring the denser energies/ vibration up to that of light Distant Healings – All work can be done from a distance as we are one, all connected I also do one on one - Hands On – call Don McInnes
Neurolink’s “Neurological Integration System” - for optimum health The brain must be in control of ALL body functions to:- 1. Resolve the real underlying causes of pain, ill-health and disease. 2. Get sustainable result for complaints 3. Get the body back working at its optimum potential Neurolink’s NIS uses a set of protocols to assess the function of all the body’s systems. [This means we use muscle testing and contact points to see what the brain knows] These protocols will identify aspects of physiology that are not functioning to the potential of the individual. [a strong muscle weakens, indicating a problem] The underlying CAUSES of symptoms are being addressed and not the symptoms themselves. Neurolink’s NIS leverages the brain’s profound ability to restore the body and all its systems to full potential. Some of the areas covered during a treatment are:- Cortical integration – dyslexia, Cortical split Glandular Potential – Glyconutrient & Hydrochloric Acid deficiencies- Fungal, Viral & Bacterial Infection- Protozoa Infections - Intervertebral discs & mobility- Craniosacral, Eyes, DNA, Cell Surface Receptors, Hormones, Antigen Activity, Arterial Insufficiency and more Neurolink’s NIS system has had success in treating most of the problems faced by the human body. Visit the website at www.


  • Reiki Master
  • Ultimate Healing Practitioner
  • Neurolink's NIS part A and B, with NIS Proficiency of the NIS Academy

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