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Maria's Eyelining & Beauty Therapy Studio

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I have over 30 years’ experience as a beauty therapist and 25 as a cosmetic tattooist.

Contact NameMaria Grieve
Address4 Silverdale Street
North Island 0994
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About Maria & Cosmetic Tattooing

I use the specialised technique of micropigmentation, commonly known as cosmetic tattooing, the most natural solution with stunning results. This specialised technique is used for implanting a dye into the skin to outline top and lower eyeline, create new eyebrows, defining lips and also nipple/areola para-medical tattooing after breast reconstruction.

Operating the latest micropigmentation device made in German, MT.DRM by amiea, I provide the most up to the minute semi-permanent cosmetics available. I chose amiea‘s leading world-wide system as it has a unique patented needle and safety technology with powerful skin penetration and high needle speed. Colour retention is higher, the number of retouches is minimized and healing time is reduced.

Many of my clients have thin or no natural eyebrows and have spent years worrying that their pencilled eyebrow lines will smudge in public. Some have lost eyebrows or eyelashes as a result of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, some have had a stroke and would like their face to look more balanced, and others are simply tired of the frustrations of attempting to hold an eyeliner pencil or wand steady to shape their own eyebrows.

With micro-pigmentation there’s no smudging, no fussing everyday with eyeliner pencils and no adverse affects from perspiration or water activities. It is all about making people look and feel good and when those two things happen, that can mean so much for self-esteem. It’s so rewarding to see people’s confidence soar.

In the mean time, have a look through the website. I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting. If you want to make any bookings just ring me or send me an email. Have a truly fabulous day.

Why use Cosmetic Tattooing?

  • Thin or no natural eyebrows
  • Unbalanced eyebrows
  • Uneven mouth shape
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Facial balance after stroke
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Hard to apply liners due to:
  • Reduced eyesight
  • Physically impaired e.g. Arthritis
  • Faded colour
  • Oily skin
  • Sporty
  • Look good 24/7
  • Time saving for busy people 

The Consultation & Treatment

During an initial consultation, we establish the desired result and find the right shape and colour combination that will suit your hair and skin colour. We then perform the procedure - I use a topical anaesthetic to make you as comfortable as possible.

Once completed, I will give you some home care information to take with you. You can return to work straight afterward the procedure.

It is necessary to re-touch the area 4-8 weeks as the colour will fade 30-50%. We can also alter the shape or colour at this second appointment if required.

Micro-pigmentation is semi-permanent, lasting on average between 1-3 years, sometimes longer if annual touch-ups are carried out. If you prefer a continual darker colour and defined shape, you may have more colour implanted after 12 months. I advise to have a retouch before the shape changes and the colour completely fades as the process will have to start again.

After Care for Micropigmentation

Eyebrows: You will have swelling and redness immediately after the treatment. It can last on average between one to two days. It really depends on the sensitivity of the skin. A crust formation may appear after day three to four. Most people only experience a peeling or flaking of the skin. This can last up to a week, maybe more. You will need to use Bepathen for about 5 days, morning and night. This cream is applied with a clean cotton bud to the area treated. It helps sooth and heal your skin. It is very important that you keep your skin very clean. Do not touch, scratch or rub the skin while it is healing. It is advisable not to go swimming straight after this procedure until the skin has settled which is usually between 3-5 days. No make up should be applied until the skin has completely healed. Wait until all flaky skin has sloffed off. You can cleanse your skin gently taking care around the treated area. Do not use Alpha Hydroxy Acid products or Retin A as these products exfoliate the skin and will remore the pigment colour from your skin. Apply sunblock to your brows after they have healed, when you know you will be spending time in the sun.

Eye Lining: Swelling and redness is to be expected straight after the treatment. The Upper Eye Line often get a bit more puffy than the bottom eye line. The skin is thinner. This can last up to two days. There is usually a small amount of flaky skin that starts to come away after day three. Don't peel this flaky skin away as you will take out some of the colour. Just let it come away on it's own. Apply Bepanthen for five days, morning and night to the eye line with a clean cotton bud. No swimming straight after the treatment Do not use make up around the eye area for at least 24 hours. Do not tint your eye lashers for a couple of weeks after the treatment. Be gentle when you are cleansing your face. Do not use Alpha Hydroxy or Retin A products around the eye area.

Pigment Fading

This depends on the skins ability to accept the pigment. The more the crust forms the more the colour comes out. By applying your Bepanthen it keeps the skin moisturised so there is less pigment fading that occurs. If you use exfoliating products e.g. Scrubs, Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Retin A over your eye brows it won't last long. Sunburn will lighten the pigment in the skin. Use sunblock to protect your brows. Some pigments are darker than others. The darker pigments sit in the skin for longer, were as the lighter pigments leave the skin sooner. If you have a light coloured eye brow, you will proably need to have a touch up more regulary to refresh the colour, than a person that has had a darker colour implanted.
The area treated will appear darker in colour and will look very exact. As it heals it fades off and softens a lot. You can loose up to 50% of the colour. This is why you need your follow up appointment. The follow up appointment puts another layer of colour into the skin which helps pigment to "stick" to the skin for longer. The pigments that I use are German-made. They are made to the specifications of the German Goverment which makes them the safest pigments on the world wide market.

Is there any down time?

You can return to work straight after your procedure. Your eye's will look a bit puffy and pink. You will look like you have a dose of hayfever. It won't stop you from going about your daily business.

Your skin will get a bit itchy while it is healing. Your skin recovers very quickly.

It is not a good idea to travel a far on a plane, it tends to dry the treated area and makes the skin very uncomfortable.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you want to look your best, make sure you have given yourself five days to a week of healing time before the special day.


Upper Eye Line 1½ hours
1st appointment $210.00 | 2nd appointment $160.00

Lower Eye Line 1½ hours
1st appointment $210.00 | 2nd appointment $160.00

Top/Lower Eye Line 1½ hours
1st appointment $345.00 | 2nd appointment $205.00

Eye Brows 2 hours
1st appointment $345.00 | 2nd appointment $205.00

Lip Line 1½ hours
1st appointment $345.00 | 2nd appointment $205.00

Full Lip Colour 2 hours
1st appointment $460.00 | 2nd appointment $260.00

Nipple/Areola (each) 1½ hours
1st appointment $345.00 | 2nd appointment $205.00

For touch ups in the future to refresh your colour
$205.00 per hour

Appointment times vary between clients so these times above are a guide line and often the 2nd appointment takes a shorter time.


Where do I start, I have been looking for quite some time for the right person, let me rephrase that “Someone Professional and I can Trust” to do the pigment implantation to my eye brow & eyeliner area. I have been involved in Water sports now for many years and have represented NZ in Sacramento at the World Out rigging Championships in 2008 in which I brought home 2 Gold Medals and also competing at the NZ Wakaama Champs held yearly on Lake Karepiro, in which we hold the NZ Title now for 3 years. My reasons for mentioning this as I have had some embarrassing moments due to my chosen sport, I would get up in the morning and look into the mirror and I looked like I had Alopecia, and my daily routine was to apply eyebrows that of course never lasted when I spent 80% of my time on the water, so my quest was to find like I mentioned “Professional & Trustworthy Beauty Therapist. Well what can I say, I found her Maria Grieve. Thank you for having such great patience and spending the extra time it took you to perfect my eyebrows. If any one reads my testimonial, I 100% recommend Maria for any Beauty work you need and I don’t say that lightly 100% guarantee you will be delighted with your new look.

Thank you
Gloria Park

Few people demonstrate the good nature, excellent rapport with people, excitement and enthusiasm that Maria has for her work. Not only is Maria organised, efficient, and extremely competent but she is also fun loving, likeable and totally trustworthy.

I whole heartedly endorse Maria in her new endeavour.

Ellie ter Haar

I have been a client of Maria Grieve for the past 18 years. Over this time I have had many wonderful relaxing hours of treatments from aromatherapy facials, body scrubs, relaxing massages, semi-permanent eyebrow and eye lining makeup and waxing. The first time I had the semi-permanent treatment done it lasted about 7 years. I have recently had my second treatment done and hope it lasts as long. Once a month I have a facial and when required I have waxing done. Maria is a very quiet gentle worker and makes one feel extremely relaxed during their treatment.

Margarette Blakiston

While living in Birkenhead in 1995 I took the opportunity of making an appointment with Maria Rykenberg now Grieve for Cosmetic Pigment Implantation. I traveled to a salon in Orewa and after spending a few sessions with her left extremely happy with the result. I moved to the coast not long after and spent many hours in pursuit of Maria enquiring at many beauty therapists to no avail. Four years ago I rediscovered her working not far from my residence and have availed myself of most of her services since. I have recommended her to my friends often and many travel a distance to see her. Her service and personality are unrivalled in my opinion.

Pat Carlyle

I have been a devotee of the Radiessence Facial since I first tried it 18 months ago. The results are impressive and immediate giving you an instant face lift. I had one a week for the first month and it took 4 sessions to get maximum results. I noticed my eyes were more open, my cheek bones more defined as well as my chin line, the nasal folds had filled out and my lips fuller. My skin feels more alive and the tone is excellent. I have always had regular facials and use the best products on the market so am no newby to facial treatments. What I find even more exciting is the intense relaxation which is almost like a trance like state. I find I am able to connect with my subconscious and my whole body is rebalanced. This is even before the head and foot massage which are absolute bliss. I only go once a month now to maintain and would never miss a session! Maria is a gifted therapist and it's no secret why I look much younger than my age.


Qualified Micropigmentation Therapist A.B.T.H.NZ, C.I.D.S.C.O, I.T.E.C. AND C.O.N.F.E.D. Full member of the New Zealand Beauty Therapy Association.
For all enquiries and more information please text 027 265 1077 phone 09 424 7656 Make an Enquiry ~ Request an Appointment


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