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Healing Hands & Herbs

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This Natural Health Clinic is operated by Maureen Verrill, a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist.
She is passionate about working with local families and helping them on the road to optimal wellbeing.

'Your One Stop Wellness Shop'

Contact NameMaureen Verrill
North Island 2123
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Welcome to Healing Hands & Herbs

Want to Feel Fantastic? No matter what your present health status is, almost any condition (whether acute or chronic) can be treated and improved. Some of the health concerns that I commonly see in my clinic include:
  • Stress, anxiety, sleep problems
  • Mood and mild depression
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Natural fertility management
  • Pre-conception and pregnancy care (and babies)
  • Women and men's hormonal problems (PMS, low libido etc)
  • Children's conditions – sleep problems, asthma, eczema, 
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol problems
Maureen's Background Maureen brings to her clinic a wealth of life experience as a wife, mother and grandmother and an enormous passion to help people. Having worked in administrative and front line reception work for many years, she decided she wanted to be able to help people more than she was. She has always taken a keen interest in medicine and health, nutrition, sports and fitness and decided to change the direction of her life. Her discovery of South Pacific College of Natural Therapies helped to make the decision as to where her true path in life belonged. Her studies here saw her graduate with Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine and Advanced Diplomas with Honours in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (Hons)
  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine (Hons)
Registered member of:
    New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists New Zealand Society of Naturopaths Inc


Naturopathic Medicine focuses on treating illness using natural, holistic ways to harness the body's ability to heal and maintain itself. I am passionate about helping people to establish and maintain optimal health. When you come to see me your case will be individually assessed to come up with the most appropriate treatment for YOU. I take the time to listen to your health story and formulate a treatment plan to encompass your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness needs.

Herbal Medicine

The therapeutic use of plants is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Unlike many drugs, herbal medicine is safe and non-toxic when used correctly and dispensed by a qualified practitioner to ensure the correct mixture for each individual person and situation is chosen. From Teas to Tinctures, never underestimate the power of plants!

Bach Flowers

Vibrational Essences, Natural and Harmless These work to restore emotional and mental balance. When our positivity and happiness is restored, the body has a much better chance of healing itself. Bach flower essences are safe to use in any situation including during pregnancy and for the youngest of babes. They can be taken on their own or safely whilst taking any other form of treatment without interacting.


Botanical Tinctures prepared in an Homeopathic manner These are low doseage, gentle preparations blended in the same way as herbal tinctures and then potentised by succussion as in homeopathy. They are suitable for most people including babies, during pregnancy and for particularly sensitive people.


A Diagnostic Tool used to confirm or indicate any possible familial health issues, and how individual constitutions are able to make the best of what Nature has endowed. Being aware of any health weaknesses or predispositions gives the opportunity to improve and strengthen, and to keep as well as possible.


We are What we Eat and Assimilate Another of my passions - we can do so much to become and stay well by what we eat, digest and ultimately absorb. Let me help you with weight loss and maintenance, identifying and dealing with any food sensitivies, or simply eating for optimal health

K-Power Kinesiology

Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance Ever wondered why you don't attain your health or lifestyle goals? Can't lose eight, get well, change old habits or ways of thinking? This simple, but powerful modality may reveal subconscious blocks and help you to fix deep-seated health issues.


Do you know what's in your Skincare? Your skin is the largest organ of your body and anything used on it is easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Many regular skincare products (even expensive ones) may contain chemicals such as parabens, mineral or paraffin oil, PEGs, SLS, SLES, artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives - you can imagine how many toxins are able to accumulate over time. World Organic is a caring family business and their products focus on super critical extraction processes to provide therapeutically active nutrients derived from botanical herbs, seeds, fruits and flowers blended into their formulations by master herbalists to deeply nourish the skin. From more information visit

Allergy Testing

Hair / Saliva / Urine Testing Can be arranged to pinpoint any food sensitivities, mineral imbalances or heavy metal toxicity or even neurotransmitter balance. Then we can work together to come up with solutions.

Massage Therapy

Another of my Passions - Be assured, you will walk out of the Clinic feeling better than when you walked in Any massage may enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Relaxation Massage Great for general wellbeing, reducing stress, easing muscle soreness, increasing circulation, helps with detoxification, relieves tension - and for pure enjoyment. Relaxation Massage Lymphatic Massage: This is a gentle technique practiced over clothing which helps to activate the immune system, flush toxins and metabolic wastes from the body and alleviates oedema (fluid retention). It's great to help with breast congestion and to encourage restoration of lymph flow and reduce swelling post surgery. General Articulation Technique This is an osteopathic technique of massage which helps to improve a range of joint mobility and improve postural deviations or misalignments. I often incorporate this modality into a relaxation massage or with deep tissue work, depending on what is necessary. Pregnancy Massage Helps to relax and relieve any discomfort, backache and fluid retention at this beautiful time of your life. Calm, relaxed mums to help make calm, relaxed babes. Mini Massages Not much time? Or just need a mini-boost? Choose the length of time you need - from 10 minutes up to half an hour. Corporate Massage Stress in the workplace? Perhaps you want to reward your staff for a job well done? Or be a fantastic boss and look after their wellbeing and happiness. GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE
Call me today, or 'Make an Enquiry' to discuss and find out which treatment would benefit you, or to book your first appointment.

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