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Natures Way Healing

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Natures Way Healing

Bowen, Massage, Reflexology, and Naturopathic Advice

Contact NameJanet Hodges
Address33 Beach Street
North Island 3120
Phone07 308 8935
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Welcome to Natures Way Healing I offer therapies that assist your body to relax and rebalance allowing the body to heal. Body therapies used are Bowen Therapy, Massage and Reflexology. I also use Naturopathic practices to balance physical and emotional problems using nutrition, strees management, Cell Salts and Celloids, Bach Flowers, Homeobotanicals, ear candling and Iridology. These therapies assist a wide range of health conditions.
Our Therapies BOWEN THERAPY - (Bowtech) Is a gentle form of bodywork. Precise moves send messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred relaxed, balanced way of well being. The technique addresses the musculoskeletal framework, nerves, internal organs, circulation and lymphatic system. REFLEXOLOGY - Is a specific technique that works on pressure reflex points on the feet. It is believed reflex points on the feet correspond with all body parts. Applying pressure to these points stimulates the bodies own healing potential. MASSAGE - Different strokes are used over muscles to gently release tension and built up stress. This relaxes the nervous system, sending the body back to the relax, unwind, feel good mode. BACH FLOWERS - Flower essences formulated by Dr Edward Bach to balance 38 different emotional states. Eg. RESCUE REMEDY is a blend of 5 Bach Flowers formulated for stress and shock. Bach Flowers balance your emotional levels. This in turn benefits your physical health. HOMEOBOTANICALS - Mixtures of herbs, homeopathically blended to maximise energy and healing potential. They are mixed together to suit different body systems, you recieve a blend individualized to suit your needs. BACH FLOWERS may be added to these at no extra charge.
Bowen Therapy (40 - 60 min)$40
Massage (30 min)$30
Ear Candling (includes candles)$30
Naturopathic Appointments (60 min)$50
Bach Flowers$10
Rescue Remedy$10
Homeobotanicals (Bach Flowers free when blended with Hbs)$20 or 2 for $30


I am a qualified Naturopath and Bowen Therapist with a Nathuropathic and Bowen diploma and am a member of the Naturopaths of NZ and NZ Bowen Therapy INC. Please call with any questions and I will be happy to help.

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