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Back On Track! (Remedial Massage Therapy - Upper 0ropi)

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"Feels Good to Feel Great!" WINTER BLUES? Let's get you back to your best and enjoying your life again! Specific and focussed treatment available for acute and chronic conditions and injuries. Complimentary Gift Voucher for new clients ~ After-work and weekend appointments available ~ Casual bookings $65 or $170* for 3 x 1hr sessions (3wks) ~ Remedial, Deep-Tissue, Acupressure, Sports ~ Private, Professional, Chalet-style home-based clinic (15minutes from Greerton/Tauriko)

Contact NameMelanie Caldwell
Address Oropi Road
Oropi, Tauranga
North Island 3173
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If you've been contemplating a massage to ease those every day aches and pains, chances are they have been niggling away in your muscles for some time, possibly decades!

Times have changed a lot and I have seen my clients presenting increasingly with long-standing, chronic and seriously debilitating issues and injuries that require more than 'relaxation' massage therapy.

Tension held in the neck, shoulders and back can negatively impact on the body if left to simmer, creating flow-on issues that may not show until years down the track. If you're experiencing headaches, lower back pain, numbness or tingling, massage can help in relieving these stress-related symptoms.

I offer my "3 Sessions in 3 Weeks" option simply because I've found this to be the best way to achieve results quickly and effectively. The investment of a regular remedial/maintenance massage is money well spent as part of your health and well-being budget...

I know where I've chosen to spend my disposable income for the past 25yrs and it's improved my health exponentially... we all have a choice, unfortunately not everyone is informed of all the options, or more importantly, the better healthier options. I am so pleased to see that the times are changing.. no longer is Therapeutic Massage considered a 'luxury' like having your hair and nails done in a salon!

My clients are realising more these days that regular remedial or deep tissue treatments are essential for health and well-being, of mind, body and soul..

In the comfort of my chalet-style home-based clinic: - Remedial - Deep Tissue - Acupressure - Trigger Point - Hands and feet - Half or full-body - Reiki 1

Some benefits of massage can be: - Ease aches and pains - Lower blood pressure - Reduce tension and stress - Increase circulation, improve sleep - help stress management and coping mechanisms

60 minute session casual $65

75 minute session casual $80

NiB Insurance is now offering a subsidised remedial therapy package combined with dental, doctor, physio and optometrist benefits.. check it out and get started on your wellness program today!

Gift Vouchers available~ All client information is private and confidential.

NZQA Certified Certificate in Relaxation Massage Certificate in De Mousgraffe: - Deep Tissue - Therapeutic - Remedial - Sports - Acupressure - Trigger Point - Reflexology - Reiki 1

Service Categories
Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Corporate Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Mobile Service Massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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