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Annette Gough is an experienced practitioner in holistic therapies. She offers both treatments and classes to all wanting to maintain a happy and healthy balance between mind body and soul. Through White Tree Clinic some of her treatments range from Facial Radiance, Access Consciousness and therapeutic massage to rainbow healing and craniosacral therapy. Through Massey High School Annette runs Spiritual Awareness classes and massage classes to help pass on her wisdom to those willing to better their health.

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What is Facial Radiance?

Facial Radiance is a treatment for your face, head and neck that reduces and prevents the aging process, releasing stress dramatically and bringing your whole self back into Radiance. It works with systems and energy of the whole body creating a deeply relaxing treatment with visible and incredible results that last.

Why will Facial Radiance work?

Your skin, muscles and all other systems in your body work in harmony. But 80% of stress is held in the face and neck adding to the aging process and interrupting the other processes in your body.

A one hour long treatment works with the meridians and muscles of the head and face, releasing tension held in the deeper layers where connective tissue is composed of living cells, collagen and elastic fibres. These contain many small blood vessels that carry nourishment to the skin cells in the outermost layer. Tension in this layer can press these fine blood vessels and thus prevent the nourishment to reach up to the living skin cells in the outer layer.

Essentially, a Facial Radiance treatment involves working with the energy systems of the whole body, which results in deeply relaxing treatment, and the release of your facial tension. Facial Radiance will complement any skincare range and facial treatments including pre/post cosmetic surgery.

What makes it different to a traditional facial?

During the one hour Facial Radiance treatment the focus is on releasing tension, toning the muscles and hydrating the skin, reminding the skin and body to function at its optimum levels. This means that creams or oils aren’t used, but can be used later in conjunction with the facial to, in some cases, speed up the rehydration of mature skin.

What effect will I see from my Facial Radiance treatment?

The area around the eyes more toned, fine lines are minimized, lips appear fuller, cheekbones are more accentuated, your jaw line sculptured, neck muscles tightened and skin totally rejuvenated. Overall you will look and feel more vibrant!

This effect will be noticeable from the very first treatment, however we recommend 5 treatments over 5 weeks to see a more permanent result.

Contact Annette Today if you are interested in trying out this wonderful treatment for yourself or a loved one!


What is Access Consciousness?

This therapy known as 'Accessing the Bars' or 'Running the Bars' is a mind body therapy that allows you to begin releasing all the limiting thoughts, attitudes, decisions and beliefs you have ever had about anything. This hands on process has created massive amounts of ease and change for people all over the world.

There are 32 points or bars on the head including: Healing, Body, Sexuality, Money, Control, Aging, Hopes & Dreams, Awareness, Creativity, Power etc. By activating these points by lightly touching them and allowing the energy to flow through these bars, releases the electrical charge that holds all the considerations, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions, emotions or attitudes you have ever stored or decided was important in any lifetime! It can change your whole life! Similar to deleting files off your computer's hard drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new.

Annette offers both Access Consciousness treatments and when there is enough interest will take classes to teach those wanting to learn this wonderful technique!


Spiritual Awareness Classes

Through the Community Education classes run throughout West Auckland schools over the year, Annette runs a Spiritual Awareness classes, well known for being a unique guide to self discovery and awareness.

Spiritual Awareness - Beginners: Wednesday nights, Starts at the beginning of every 1st and 3rd term. Runs for 15 weeks
Spiritual Awareness - Advanced: Mondays or Thursday nights, Starts at the beginning of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th term, runs for the length of that term. Beginners is a pre-requisite.


"I developed very serious Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) in both my right and left arms from working on the computer. I had spent eight months at the physiotherapist, going to the doctor, taking anti-inflamatories, been to acupuncturists, seen a number of homeopaths... none had really helped me.
A friend recommended that I go and see Annette Gough. She looked at my OOS problem holistically and identified where my OOS steamed from... I am most grateful for how she taught me to manage the symptoms when they re-occur, so that I do not have to see a professional or take drugs. I felt empowered by what she taught me.
I have complete faith in Annette's abilities!"

- Michaela

"I have attended meditation classes with Annette for nearly 2 years now, and in that time I have become healthier, stronger and more relaxed both physically and mentally... I get more enjoyment out of life.
The experience and guidance that Annette has to offer in meditation and associated subjects is invaluable and very comforting"

- Graham

"Annette has been an integral part of our family's health care for the last five years. At three months of age our daughter began to develop colic and reflux. Annette performed cranial sacral therapy on her which had immediate results and after each treatment we brought home a happy, contented baby. I only wish I'd known Annette when we had our first baby!
Our whole family uses the homeobotanical medicinal therapy which Annette prescribes for treating infection, colds, flu etc. We have all been able to stay clear of antibiotics with fast and effective results.
Her caring, holistic approach to healthcare is a winner."

- Jacqui


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