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Waikato Podiatry Clinic

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Waikato Podiatry have a dedicated team of podiatrists making your podiatry experience the best it can be. We take pride in offering modern and effective diagnostic methods and treatments to keep you active and comfortable, irrespective of your age or stage of life.

Clinics are conveniently located in Hamilton City, Rototuna and Cambridge.

Address10 Pembroke Street
North Island 3204
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Waikato Podiatry Clinic has been successfully treating a full range of podiatric conditions for more than 14 years including sports related injuries, diabetic related problems and general practice conditions. The clinic, an independent and locally owned operation, has grown steadily during that time and currently boasts a team of six fully qualified podiatrists. The clinic has been affiliated with High Performance Sport NZ (HPSNZ) for over a decade. In fact, Waikato Podiatry is Waikato's only HPSNZ accredited clinic and proudly supports local athletes. Principal podiatrist, Andrew Jones, is enthusiastic about podiatry and has always been an active member of the podiatric community. He is currently a member of the board of Podiatry New Zealand.
Services Offered Specialist Sports Podiatry Computerised Video Gait Analysis helps to pick up gait problems which may otherwise go unnoticed and cause injuries. Our technology can record your gait, slow the movements and, together with our expertise, help identify problem foot and leg function. With the correct advice you can achieve pain free activity under strenuous training conditions. Orthotics A foot print is much like a fingerprint in that it has unique properties to each individual. This should be reflected in the orthotic design and prescription. Andrew (owner and Senior Podiatrist at Waikato Podiatry) has been instrumental in establishing the innovative brand, Foot Function, which integrates modern theories and technologies into everyday foot care. Foot Function orthotics have been designed to effectively guide the foot, provide functional support and improve the overall function of the foot during the gait cycle. It is interesting to note however, that Andrew is a strong believer that not everyone always needs an orthotic!! Biomechanical Assessment Hypomobility = stiff and inflexible | Hypermobility = excessively flexible Everyone fits somewhere within the spectrum. Extremes of either tend to have different kinds of problems. But you don't have to suffer from the painful results of hypo/hypermobility. We can help and have you fully functional, often within a very short timeframe. General Podiatry Fungal Toenails | Ingrown Toenails | Fallen Arches | Diabetes | Arthritis and related conditions All of these conditions can be extremely painful. Don't suffer the pain, talk to us - we can help. Surgery Ingrown Toenails | Verrucae Pedis Our surgical techniques and procedures are guaranteed to provide the best possible outcomes with the very least pain. Our surgical interventions carry a 98% success rate and we guarantee the best outcomes available. Products We stock a range of specialist footwear including Dr Comfort shoes specifically designed for problem and hard to fit feet and Vasyli Medical sandals - the perfect addition to your orthotic therapy. Proper fitting shoes are essential to really comfortable feet and we can advise you on the best fit for your feet.
Meet the Team Andrew Jones BHSc (Podiatry), Bph Ed Principal Podiatrist and Director of Waikato Podiatry Clinic since 2000 Physical activity and sport led to my own personal introduction to Podiatry (Fletcher marathon 1989), which stimulated my interest to such an extent that I decided to study Podiatry myself and graduated in 1998, having previously completed a Bachelor of Physical Education. I then worked at a dedicated Sports Medicine Clinic for two years until I moved to the Waikato to go into business for myself. I have been in practice for well over a decade now and I still have the same degree of interest and passion in helping people to stay on their feet, keep active and enjoy doing what they love. For me, it is about improving quality of life, independence and being the best you can be. I enjoy all aspects of Podiatry but have a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports medicine, the diabetic and rheumatoid foot as well as nail surgery. What I have learned is that podiatry is a lot about the little things that make a big difference. I feel privileged to be leading the great team we have at Waikato Podiatry and we all look forward to meeting and helping you in the near future.
Megan Taylor BHSc (hons) Podiatry; NZ Registered Joined WPCL in 2006 I was born and bred in Waikato dairy farming country, but took off to the UK for my big OE. I ended up staying there 16 years and qualified at the Northampton University in 2007. I then returned to New Zealand and started my career with Waikato Podiatry Clinic in the same year. The Podiatry fields I enjoy include diabetes, palliative care and nail procedures but I particularly love being able to offer relief to my patients' discomfort instantly in most cases and provide on-going care to prevent further problems. Since returning to New Zealand I have rejuvenated my love of the outdoor life, especially the great walking tracks and snow skiing.
Amy Booth BHSc (Podiatry); NZAOS (Provider) Joined WPCL in 2008 During my 12 years practising Podiatry I originally worked in the Bay of Plenty before settling in Hamilton and working across the Waikato. During this time, I have worked in all areas of Podiatry treating a wide range of podiatric problems including high risk diabetic patients through to recreational athletes and elite athletes through the NZ Academy of Sports. I am an experienced dancer and aerobics instructor and have competed at a national level in competitive aerobics. I joined Waikato Podiatry in 2010 and enjoy the wide range of patients that come to the clinic. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future to support you with your podiatric needs.
Alana Collins BHSc (Podiatry) Joined WPCL in 2014 I am fairly new to the Waikato and Waikato Podiatry clinic, but I am absolutely loving it and I am passionate about my job and the relief it can provide people. All aspects of podiatry interest me, though I am particularly interested in palliative care, nail surgery and treating those with chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Rheumatological conditions, for which there can be numerous and painful foot complications. My goal as a clinician is to make you feel as comfortable as possible about a sometimes sensitive topic, to provide the utmost care and attention, to enhance your quality of life, and to provide knowledge to keep your feet in the best condition they can be. I love the outdoors and exploring the vast expanse of nature that is New Zealand. I enjoy keeping active and volunteering in aspects of the community and conservation, and look forward to doing more in the future.
Rachelle Tecson BHSc (Podiatry) Joined WPCL in 2015 I grew up in New Zealand and graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2009. Immediately after, I proceeded to work in Tasmania, Australia for 5 years as a podiatrist. During this time I further discovered my passion for all aspects of podiatry, from geriatric palliative care, diabetes care to sports medicine, nail surgery and paediatrics. I developed skills which include hands on therapy, lower limb dry needling (acupuncture), manipulation and application of mobilisation techniques. I'm looking forward to be able to apply my skills to deliver excellent footcare, which will help you to get back on your feet comfortably and, more importantly, pain-free. Besides podiatry I also love cooking, watching movies, listening to music, retail therapy and going out for long walks.
Satellite Clinics We hold fortnightly clinics at Waihi and Thames, and a monthly clinic at Whangamata. Phone us for an appointment: 07 838 0003
For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call! 07 838 0003

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