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Sarah Mulvaney

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NZ Registered Holistic Animal Therapist
Diploma Holistic Animal Therapy
Bowen Therapist & Animal Healer

North Island 0632
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Holistic Animal Therapy

As a qualified Holistic Animal Therapist I see any animal, large or small, who may benefit from using natural remedies. Remedies used could be herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences or a mixture of these. Older dogs or cats with arthritic problems usually find relief from a Bowen Therapy course which is usually two sessions, a week apart. Recovery from orthopaedic surgery is maximised as Bowen rebalances the whole animal. Horses benefit from Bowen Therapy if they have had an accident, are no longer moving correctly or are showing signs of discomfort or pain. Companion animals are visited in their own homes which gives me a clearer picture of any problems. Horses are seen at their grazing. A careful history is taken, and a plan discussed which might include dietary options. Like humans, animal “dis-eases” can have an emotional component, and it is important that this is addressed as well as the presenting problem. As the name suggests, a holistic treatment looks at the whole animal, and so each client has its own programme so that a return to health can be facilitated. However it is very important to remember, a sick animal should first and foremost have a veterinary assessment and any necessary veterinary treatment. Holistic therapies can then be used in a supportive role.

Call Sarah on 027 678 1476 today, to discuss how her treatments can benefit your animal, or to book your first appointment.

Sarah Mulvaney Dip. HAT. NZRHAT


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Animal Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki

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