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Helping you achieve balanced health, mentally, emotionally and physically through Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture.

Contact NameKate O'Connor
AddressTamamutu St
166 Tamamutu Street
North Island 3330
Mobile0 27 306 5967
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At Kate O'Connor Therapies it is my intention - is to help you feel well and stay well. By restoring and maintaining balance and harmony within your body, mind and spirit you can allow a natural increase in your vitality and wellbeing, explore your potential and lead a fulfilling, enjoyable life

Location - 1 minutes drive from the Taupo shopping centre with plenty of parking available.  Appointments are essential. Please ring 027 306 5967 or email for appointments

About Kate My working history has always been in Health. I have been an acupuncturist for several years following a four year course in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My early years were spent working in most areas of general nursing and mental health, followed by 16 years as a midwife. My Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the skills that has afforded me, has added immense value and satisfaction to my work. I love helping people discover the incredible power of their minds enabling them to create the most wonderful changes in their lives and I have found it to be a perfect adjunct to acupuncture. I have been very privileged to support people in their quests to enhance their fertility; enable happy, healthy birthing experiences; release addictions from smoking and emotional eating; weight management and improve their health and sporting potential. I love working with all health challenges and these include injuries, stress related illness – migraines, insomnia, IBS, anxiety etc., and Women’s Health – fertility, pregnancy and menopause. I feel passionate about pregnant women receiving the very best of care to enable them to have the most comfortable pregnancies possible and the very best outcome for labour and birth. I am an ACC treatment provider and as such have gained excellent experience in the treatment of injuries.

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a safe, effective and affordable option for holistic health care. Treatments are compatible with those advised by your doctor and enhance the body’s ability for healing, and have been used successfully for many thousands of years in the management of a wide variety of conditions. A case history determines the appropriate course of treatment for the individual. This may be acupuncture alone, Hypnotherapy, or both, or the use of moxibustion involving the warming of acupuncture points using the herb Artemisia, tui-na (massage), dietary or lifestyle advice and perhaps the recommendation of gentle exercise (qigong). By inserting a number of very fine needles into specific points along a system of energy pathways or channels, the acupuncturist endeavours to restore balance and harmony within the body, creating change on both physical and emotional levels. Only pre-sterilized, single use needles are used. Treatments can be painless, relaxing, and rejuvenating and many people express surprise at how enjoyable a treatment can be. Acupuncture is supported by the World Health Organisation for treatment of numerous disorders, and can be used throughout the life cycle from infancy, through pregnancy to old age. As well as being an effective method for treating illness or injury, acupuncture is also used to increase immunity and stamina to guard against winter attacks, stress relief, and for non-chemical facial rejuvenation. Consultations and Fees A first Acupuncture consultations cost $80 for 45 - 60 mins.  An ACC subsidised treatment costs $40. 


Mind Management Strategies and Hypnotherapy We are what we think! Whatever happens in the body affects our mind, and whatever happens in the mind affects our body. By becoming aware of our thinking and the effect it has on our body and our moods, we can then make the necessary changes to situations that cause us anxiety, stress or pain, and, thereby greatly improve our potential for happiness, and a positive future. The tools I use help you to achieve well-being mentally and emotionally and give you resources which you can use for the rest of your life. I use a variety of techniques to help you to achieve change and these include Hypnotherapy, NLP, Imagery, Visualisation. The process is fun and collaborative and the results are exciting and immensely rewarding.

Ways I love to use Mind Management Strategies and Hypnotherapy: Weight management -using techniques and wisdom which affect change easily and quickly with no diets involved! Helping you get off the Yo-Yo dieting treadmill, drop your guilt and develop a new and healthy relationship with yourself, your body and healthy food. Addressing emotional components to over-eating is essential, and gives you strategies to cope more effectively with the challenges in life, thereby strengthening your internal resources to help you on your journey. Another of the tools in my box is the Virtual Gastric Band which seems to flick a switch in your brain to help you feel fuller, quicker and faster so that eating less, or saying NO to more food, becomes easy.

Hypnosis for Childbirth: helping you approach your birthing experience with confidence, addressing any anxieties or fears you may have or problems from past birthing experiences; methods to stay comfortable and calm regardless of whether you birth naturally or require assistance via Caesarean Section or forceps.


Smoking Cessation - Become a true non-smoker! (Not just a smoker who is courageously resisting cigarettes) Everyone knows someone who has quit smoking but still says they’d like one with a drink, or after a meal. And what a terrible place that is to be. Having to deny yourself something you want all the time. That’s why I use an approach that helps you become a true non-smoker, not just someone who is resisting smoking. The ‘stopped smoker’ courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn’t think of anything worse than smoking. That’s if they give it a thought at all. My approach to smoking cessation hypnotherapy changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to an effortless non-smoker. The techniques I use address every single psychological trick that smoking addiction plays on you and frees you from its grip. Smoking cessation hypnosis with me will gently move your mind from its current addicted state to complete freedom from cigarettes. No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke: No more planning your day so you can smoke, no more running outside at work or at parties, no more worrying whether you have enough cigarettes left. No more stressing about what smoking is doing to your health. Phone 027 306 5967


Stress Management and life improvement: Treating your anxieties, Self-confidence issues, insomnias, fears, and phobias and learn new ways to deal with the challenges of life.

Performance Enhancement hypnosis allows you to learn to love every moment when you are acting, playing music, dancing, singing or Public speaking…. Sports improvement: Have the edge on your competitors and feel really good about your level of achievement.

Feedback from clients:

Fertility and Pregnancy Kath B. – Wellington. “Thank-you so much for everything! For helping with the “dark times” at the beginning and getting things going at the end...I had a fantastic labour....I had a C/Section in the was the best experience....and we are both doing really well. Thanks for everything.”

Erica O'Connor, Taupo – A huge thank you to Kate for her help, care & understanding during my terrible morning sickness. As she used to be a midwife she was happy to answer all baby related questions & was fantastic!

Olivia Penn, Taupo – I went to Kate wanting to be able to get pregnant my cycles were all over the place from a 22 day cycle to a 27 day cycle so I decided to give it a try I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. After going for a month my periods became regular and the same every month. Was so happy about going to Katie and it does work I'm sold and happy to go back for anything that happening with me. Great work Kate keep it up. Olivia

Chloe Walker – Taupo. Thank you for everything Kate. I really appreciate the support and tools you gave me. I had such a positive and empowering labour. Amy W – Taupo. I came to Kate for help with my IVF process. I had never had acupuncture before and was a little nervous about needles, but really didn't need to be! Kate is extremely gentle, caring, professional and knowledgeable. I started treatments trying to 'not be stressed' as everyone tells you to be, but actually felt relaxed, positive and confident that we would get our baby after seeing Kate. The fact that she has been a midwife also made me feel more confident in her experience. Thanks for everything you've done for us.

Amber Sims – Taupo. I had a healthy baby girl last night. I am feeling wonderful and there were no issues with the birth. Thank you so much for helping me achieve such a wonderful labour and birth and a healthy baby girl.

Penny S. – Taupo. Words cannot describe the amazing things you have done. Coming from a dark place and remembering my first labour and birth, meeting you changed my world, and now labour and childbirth is not as daunting. Having conversations during the treatment, you passed on keys of wisdom about the birth and looking after the baby which I am sure will take me a long way.

Injuries – muscles, bones, and aches and pains Sandy Connell – Taupo. Amazing results with my sore knee ....... after a few sessions of acupuncture with Kate it solved the problem and enabled me to climb a mountain recently - 8 hours of tramping up and then down and the knee is still feeling fine. Absolutely a must do if you are experiencing any type of pain or niggles - it works!!!! and not just on knees.

Shirley McPhail - Taupo My husband had to give up his beloved running as he was diagnosed with arthritis in his knee. After several sessions of acupuncture with Kate he noticed a huge change in movement and no pain. He is able to run short distances again. Thanks Kate , if he is happy then so am I.

Carolyn George - Taupo. Still can't believe that my knee is better after all these years of being a problem. Can't really remember but I think I had four treatments after it gave way and I fell on it. You are a bit of a magician I think. Couldn't recommend Acupuncture for Change highly enough if you have a misbehaving knee! Don't put up with it. Make an appointment.

Joy Murphy, Taupo - Have had treatment for knee and hip pain with Kate. Amazing results and am back tramping and biking again. Great stuff Kate. Get along and get things sorted so you can get on with living.

Hilary Graham-Smith – Cambridge. Kate was part of our support team for the Oxfam 100km event. Acupuncture made an amazing difference to our ability to continue without pain and maintain stamina.

Brian Graham-Smith – Cambridge. Before knee replacement surgery I could hardly walk, had a series of acupuncture treatments which relieved that piercing pain I was enduring, while not a complete fix (surgery was needed) I was able to get around with a lot less discomfort, I also suffered from gout & Kate was able to reduce the swelling & pain associated with this so much and now I no longer have problems , can't recommend Kate’s treatments more highly-Thanks Kate.

Sarah Hammersley – Taupo. Acupuncture is one of my more favoured treatments which surprises me because I never felt drawn to it. But acupuncture has significantly benefited my back pain. I find it a gentle treatment which has a very deep effect.

Suzi Cousins – Taupo. I was a hard-out needle phobic but I found the acupuncture to be a wonderful experience. It was very relaxing and Kate’s manner was calming in a way that helped to ease the anxiety of having needles. You walk out feeling good – I know….I couldn’t wait to come back!

General well-being Shirley McPhail , Taupo – I have been seeing Kate fortnightly for help with a raft of health issues , from bone cancer pain relief to more recently for help after heart surgery. She has worked her magic every time and I now am having maintenance treatment purely because I enjoy the feeling I experience after a session with her. This lady is amazing and I cannot thank her enough. 5 stars are not enough!

Smoking Cessation Nitzy Bennett –  Fiji  1 YEAR as a non-SMOKER! So excited to see what life will be like this time next year!! Believe and have faith and your dreams will come true!! Thank you to one exceptional lady! I recommend Kate O'Connor to help break free. (2015)



NZ DipAcup, Dip Clin Hyp. MNZRA, NZRM, NZCompN, ACC Treatment Provider

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