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Pilates Classes & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultations available.

Contact NameBarry Bird
Address1251 Tutanekai Street
North Island
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Pilates Focus offers

Private Sessions – You are guided through your personalised program one on one to give you the best opportunity to maximise your technique and gains.

P4 Personalised Program Sessions – You and up to three others per instructor are guided through personalised programs.

Group Classes – You are part of a group of up to ten people all doing the same one hour full body workout with our instructor demonstrating, and cueing the class.

Personalized DVDs – We film an instructor demonstrating your workout, with cueing, for you to use at home.

Programming Repertoire (All sessions are one hour duration)

Private & P4 Personalised Programs utilising

Trapeze Table – A specialised piece of Pilates equipment with various spring loaded applications. Used largely for strength and assisted mobility exercises

Pilates Mat – No equipment. It’s you verses gravity and your own body weight

Reformer – Another spring loaded Pilates apparatus with a sliding carriage. Used for full body strength, stretch and mobility this apparatus has a vast repertoire.

Spine Corrector – Used mainly for stretch, Spinal mobility & abdominal strength

‘Wunda’ Chair – another multi-functional, spring loaded Pilates specific apparatus

Small Appartus – Core Fitness Roller, Freeform board, Resistance bands, Resistance rings, free weights, & Swiss Balls

Pilates Focus recommends two or three Private or P4 personalised programs per week to maximise your gains. These sessions are great for goal specific programs including sports training, general fitness & rehabilitation. Your program is monitored and regularly changed as you progress.

Group Classes Including

Pilates Cardio Circuit – This class rotates through various Pilates stations & incorporates a cardio component. It is a full body workout.

Pilates Circuit – Similar to the Pilates Cardio Circuit, minus the cardio element.

Pilates Pre & Postnatal – Safe conditioning for new mothers or mothers to be.

Introductory Mat Course – A progressive five week course for novices.

Pilates Foundation – A ‘drop in’ technique class set at a foundations level.

Pilates Mat – No equipment. It’s you verses gravity and your own body weight.

Pilates Small Apparatus – Utilising: Swiss Balls, Resistance rings, Spine Corrector, Freeform boards, Core Fitness Roller, free weightsand Resistance bands.

Pilates for Men – Group classes including; Men with Big Balls, Men on the Mat, & Men on Machines.

About Instructor

Sandy Bird

Sandy holds a PITC Diploma in Professional Pilates, and Pilates Moves Certification. In addition to this she has a BA in Theatre Arts/Dance major and a Diploma of Education both from California State University. Sandy has had an extensive career in dance having taught, studied, performed and choreographed in America and Australia. She has studied and taught the Limon dance method. Her teaching posts include Bodenweiser Dance studio, The Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre, MacDonald College of Performing Arts, The Newtown School of Performing Arts, and The University of New South Wales all in Sydney Australia. She has performed extensively in America and Australia and founded her own Dance Company Ricochet Dance Theatre in Sydney in 1992. Richochet toured throughout New South Wales schools performing lecture/demonstration works for students and teachers.

Barry Bird

Barry holds a PITC Diploma in Professional Pilates, and Pilates Moves certificaton. In addition to this he has a Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Sydney College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Certificate of TCM from Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital China. Barry has had a lifelong interest in health and fitness with a martial arts/Traditional Chinese Medicine background. He was introduced to the Pilates method by his wife Sandy and trained initially with Helen Tardent of Pilates Moves Sydney, Australia. He trained and worked in Sydney at Pilates Moves and as a freelance instructor. In 2003, Barry co-founded Evolution Pilates in Leichhardt, Sydney. Barry has spent twelve years studying and refining his practice in Pilates. He has presented at Mind your Body Pilates conferences in Sydney & together with his wife Sandy he founded Evolution Pilates in Sydney Australia.


GROUP WORKOUT (12 people maximum) Casual $22 10 sessions $180.................. $18 p/session 20 sessions $295.................. $15 p/session 30 sessions $360.................. $12 p/session 50 sessions $495.................. $10 p/session PERSONALISED PROGRAM (one on four maximum) Casual $33 10 sessions $290.................. $29 p/session 20 sessions $520.................. $26 p/session 30 sessions $690.................. $23 p/session 50 sessions $1100................ $22 p/session Plus 1 free 60 minute massage 100 sessions $1995.............. $20 p/session Plus 2 free 60 minute massages PRIVATE SESSION (one on one) $90.00

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