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Contact NameBonnie Reid
AddressHeal Clinic
143 Queen Street
North Island
Phone09 232 1294
Mobile0 21 222 0963
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As an integrated health professional who has explored mind-body health and wellbeing for over 20 years, my desire is to share my knowledge with you - to help you lead a life you love!

The latest cutting edge scientific research shows us that there is a direct connection between our thoughts, feelings and physical body. Included in this, is our life experience. It is this wholistic model to which I work within - in particular the effects of unprocessed, unreleased, unwanted negative emotions.

Life will perfectly reflect back the area that we need to be focusing on - that needs attention! Many of us have learnt to mask these messages by distraction. This may work for a period of time, however our bodies and our lives have an uncanny way of shouting louder and louder until we have to sit up and take notice! Have you ever heard the expression first a pebble, then a rock, then a brick, then the whole brick wall get's thrown at us?

I utilise simple, powerful and transformational techniques. No having to dredge up all of our stories and history - simply being willing to get real, take responsibility and take off!

Contact me today for your FREE 30 minute initial consultation.

Adults first session 90 mins $120
All consecutive sessions 60 mins $90
Please note: It is recommended to allow for 3 sessions

"I found the treatment great, it worked for the reason I went and also for some underlying issues I never even knew were contributing to the problem. I am a stronger person emotionally after seeing Bonnie and would be happy to recommend her service to anyone needing a helping hand with something in their life". - Patric

Please note:

I also work with children. Children can greatly benefit from utilising a combination of their imagination and positive suggestion to release fears, transform undesirable habits, and wonderfully empower their subconscious mind.

Please visit for more information.

Qualified Hypnotherapist

Service Categories
Counselling, Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Healing

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