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Alexander Technique

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Do you want to make the best of yourself, but haven't found out how? Taking lessons with an Alexander teacher on a one-to-one basis is the best way to learn how to 'WALK TALL and LOOK THE WORLD RIGHT IN THE EYE.'

Jann McMichael; M.S.T.A.T. qualified teacher for 13 yrs works with a variety of people of all ages and also gives group workshops in Auckland.

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North Island 1061
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Welcome to Alexander Technique Renewing Natural Healthy Energy and Stamina I work with all variety of people: with sportspeople, musicians, computer users, medical staff, pregnant woman; people in pain e.g. back, neck, shoulder and all muscle/skeletal related pain, headaches. Some folk just want to find out more about how to prevent future ills.


I Backs & Necks I Posture I Birth-Pregnancy I Scoliosis I Multiple Sclerosis I Children I Golf I Horse Riding

What is the Alexander Technique? The Alexander Technique... a unique mind/body re-education was established over a hundred years ago. In Auckland, New Zealand and worldwide there is an increasing awareness of this powerful psycho-physical vehicle that promotes fundamental change to individuals. Do you want to make the best of yourself, but haven't found out how? Taking lessons with an Alexander teacher on a one-to-one basis is the best way to learn how to 'WALK TALL and LOOK THE WORLD RIGHT IN THE EYE.' Teachers of the Alexander Technique promote fluidness and ease in everyday life that allows us to live much easier and with more freedom in muscles and joints. In a lesson you are asked to "allow your neck to be free, so that your head may go forward and up, and your back may lengthen and widen." while the teacher gives you this experience. These lessons are not a course of treatments but rather tuning one's mind to good posture habits. From the young to the elderly, what actions do you do incorrectly that will cause your spine to weaken and ache, your feet to hurt, your body to stoop and droop and generally cause you much grief? We all acquire incorrect habits over time and we lose our natural abilities of ease and lightness seen in childhood. (see picture at top of a baby in a natural and easy crouching position). Alexander said “If you want to watch ‘good use’, watch a child who is doing what they’re interested in.” With each lesson you will derive greater mental, physical and emotional stamina as you unlearn the learned bad habits of yesteryear. Be assessed by an Alexander teacher on a one-to-one basis for your unique needs in order to re-align yourself and your valuable skeletal system to it's natural usage, the benefits of which are invaluable.

About Us Ian and Jann McMichael live in Auckland, New Zealand and Jann teaches the Technique on a one-to-one basis from One Tree Hill. They communicate the importance of maintaining strong poise and ease through their wisdom and understanding of the value of the Technique. Ian's energetic and personable manner and Jann's quiet focused teaching provide good support to this unique, innovative education. Jann says:" After experiencing chronic lower back, numbness and neck pain for years, and being fascinated at how much positive repair to health can take place in both pain and symptoms through applying the technique, I decided to take steps to be able to offer this to opportunity others." "I did my Alexander training with internationally recognised teacher trainer Walter Vaughn Jones (see details below) in Cape Town, South Africa and qualified in 1998. Since qualifying I have worked with a wide range of people from many walks of life and love the way the application of the Technique enables people to make the very best of whatever they are engaged in. I have spent many years in refining the skill of articulate communication and bring this skill to my teaching. I have also run many group courses to facilitate a better understanding of it." Jann and Ian have completed the rigorous training process to earn certification from STAT(SA). STAT(Society for Teachers of Alexander Technique) is the professional teaching body internationally recognised; was established in 1958 to promote and attain a high recognised status for all Alexander Teachers registered. ATTSNZ (Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand) is an affiliation of STAT. Ian and Jann studied with Walter Vaughn Jones who was trained by Master teachers Peter Scott, Marjory and Wilfred Barlow. He also worked with Pat MacDonald who took over Alexander's practice when he died - all trained by F.M. Alexander. Says Jann, "When I first met Walter Vaughn Jones I immediately recognised his integrity and instinctively knew his teaching was of a high standard. I did not hesitate to enrol in his class." To become a recognised teacher of the Alexander Technique a three year full time course is undertaken: this enables a learner teacher to develop the finely tuned hands and mind required to teach this work.


Cert S.T.A.T (SA); M.S.T.A.T For more information or to book an appointment please contact Jann on 09 634 4155 or via email.

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