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Do you long for Learning and Performance Improvement?
Consult Jan Nalder for exactly that.

AddressPukerua Bay
North Island 5026
Phone04 239 9632
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I work mainly with children who struggle with school and daily life. People are concerned about their literacy and numeracy levels, or problems such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia, and sometimes behavioural issues. Developmental delay is common, and there is often sadness and anger as such difficulties frustrate everyone’s best intentions and efforts. When the body is helped to work more efficiently by improving visual, auditory, and sensory integration, improvement is seen. This can be achieved by moving through the needed developmental sequences to more efficient and mature possibilities rather than being confined to early reflexive patterns. I commonly find that faulty perceptual integration associated with retained infant reflexes underlies the problem areas. Specific movement sequences are used to move into the needed mature reflex patterns.

Call Jan on 04 239 9632 for more information on her services, or to book your first appointment

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Animal Therapy, Brain Gym, Children’s Health, Educational Kinesiology, Kinesiology, Touch for Health

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