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KORU Acupuncture and Massage

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KORU ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE works with people in a therapeutic way embracing a Mind-Body-Soul approach, nourishing and encouraging the individual’s own innate ability to self-heal while complementing a Western Medical perspective.

Hi I am Lisa and I am Acupuncturist: ACC registered and member of Acupuncture NZ and Massage Therapist. I am working out of 2 practices: Level 2, 354 Lambton Quay, Wellington @ Achilles every Tuesday 10am - 6pm and Level 2, 4 Market Grove, Lower Hutt @ Body of Work every Thursday evening Friday day and every second Saturday. Hours can be flexible Please message for further information and appointments

AddressLevel 2
354 Lambton Quay
North Island
Mobile021266 4181
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Current Introductory Specials 60 minutes Acupuncture, Massage and/or Cupping for $60 4 x 60minute Treatment Plan for $240 ($60 each) Enquiry now! All Acupuncture and/or Massage treatment sessions can include use of more than one Modality and Techniques. I can guide you to what type of treatment is the best fit for you and help you book the appropriate 'Follow-up times/prices' based on your diagnosis. Regular Prices First Consultation 60minutes @ $80 Follow-up Consultations 45minutes @ $60 30minutes @ $40 Cupping Only 25minutes @ $35 ACC Surcharge $25 Acupuncture Acupuncture is an evolved ancient Chinese Medical Practice and a founding pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a safe method involving the insertion of fine single-use needles into various Acupuncture points along pathways called Meridians which hold ‘Qi’-an energy that flows through Meridians throughout the body. TCM is based on the premise that when ‘Qi’ flows harmoniously, there is good health and well-being and when Qi flow is disrupted or becomes unbalanced there is poor health and poor mind. To restore health and promote total well-being, Acupuncture points located at the area of imbalance itself as well as points further down Meridians will be needled-connecting the entire body. Acupuncture may help with: Digestive and Respiratory complaints Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum care Stress management and Emotional wellbeing Musculo-Skeletal issues and Injury Pain management Tiredness, Fatigue and Sleeping complaints Women's health and Menstrual issues Addiction/Withdrawal symptom relief plus Supporting the Immune system. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reviewed clinical trials that established the support of Acupuncture for treatment of a variety of conditions. A summary can be found at Evidence Based Literature: Ear Acupuncture The ear represents a Micro System of the entire body which can be mapped onto the anatomical structures of the external ear. Stimulating certain areas on the ear which correspond to the affected body part(s) and current complaints areas using small delicate Acupuncture needles, Acupuncture ear seeds or Acupuncture ear studs may help relieve: Pain, Stress, Addiction/Withdrawal symptoms and promote balance and innate healing. Massage Drawing on a variety of Massage modalities and techniques with an intuitive ability to gather information when working on a clients body is at the heart of KORU Massages. I approach KORU Massage in a Therapeutic way with the aim that the more the client relaxes the easier it is to gain access to those muscles and tissue that have been suffering from strain, stress and tension patterns caused from everyday living, work, injury and trauma. Thus creating a deeply relaxing all absorbing massage experience with a lighter touch, the chance to ‘let go’ and restore to your optimal health. Regular Prices 60minutes @ $70 45minutes @ $60 30minutes @ $40 Massage Modalities/Techniques Massage treatment sessions can include use of more than one Massage Modality and Techniques. I can guide you to what type of treatment is the best fit for you. Tuina Tuina (Chinese Massage) includes a variety of push, grasping, rolling and stretching techniques focused on Acupressure points and Meridians to restore the flow of Qi in the body, promoting self-healing and good health. Can help address specific patterns of disharmony-both internal and external-including digestive complaints, weight loss, calm mind and well-being plus musculo-skeletal issues like back pain or stiff neck, shoulders and sore legs. Relaxation/Swedish A combination of smooth, rhythmic and gentle kneading massage strokes that work the superficial layers of your body to promote a deep sense of relaxation helping to relieve muscle, tissue and body ache plus stress and anxiety. Extremely beneficial if you are experiencing fatigue from physical and emotional stresses. Deep Tissue A very popular massage technique where the movement is slow and the pressure is deep and concentrated on areas of tension and pain with the intention of releasing/reducing tissue density or adhesion's. Great for tight lower backs, stiff necks and sore shoulders. Myofascial Release Works on the connective tissue(fascia) that surrounds your muscles, bones and joints. It is responsible for providing your body with structural support, integrity and strength. If you are a first timers this technique can feel a little unusual -it is gentle with a light touch but very effective. Great for low back tightness, after surgery/injury and Myo inflexibility Cupping Is an ancient Chinese method safely used with fire to create a vacuum pressure over affected areas of the body. This stimulates the dispersal of stagnate Qi and Blood, bringing to the surface toxins and congestion from illness, trauma, injury or overuse which lay beneath in the tissues and muscles. Cupping may result in markings of various colours (light pink to red to purple) that disappear within a week or so. Cupping pulls new Qi, Blood, Oxygen and White Blood cells to the area to boost immunity and restore Qi flow and healing. The ultimate deep tissue massage of great benefit for:- Accumulated stress and tension Muscle/fascia stiffness, aches and pains Common colds Blood circulation and Lymph flow Body immune system Yin/Yang equilibrium Cupping can be included within a Massage Treatment or Cupping only available for 25minutes @ $35 Gua Sha Is an ancient Chinese method using several tools including a Chinese soup spoon to scrap or rub the superficial layers of the skin.This stimulates the dispersal of stagnate Qi and Blood in superficial areas (rather than the deeper layers reached by Cupping) where pain and stiffness maybe experienced. Gua Sha may result in small red dots called 'petechiae' that may blend into markings of red to purple coloured markings that disappear within a few days or so. May help with: Pain, Stiffness and Spasm Common colds Cough and wheezing Reducing Heat/fever ACC Once a claim for your accident injury has been accepted by ACC, a client can approach KORU ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE directly without a referral from your Doctor, Physiotherapist or other Health provider. Bring your valid ACC45 claim number with you and we can begin treatment immediately tailoring a treatment plan for the following weeks to meet your injury treatment requirements. About Lisa I am a registered Acupuncturist with Acupuncture Nz and an approved ACC service provider with a genuine drive and desire to work with others in a helpful and therapeutic way. All clients will be treated with respect, non-judgement and care from a professional, safe and supportive service. KORU The essence of KORU Acupuncture and Massage is reflected in its name''KORU'', which represents the unfurling of the new shoots that grow from the New Zealand Native Fern as they stretch and develop. Symbolizing new beginnings and bringing about personal growth, good health, positive change, balance and harmony. The circular shape of the Koru conveys the idea of perpetual movement just as Yin and Yang perpetually move into one another-interconnected, interdependent and inter-transformational. OPEN Tuesday 10am - 6pm Level 2, 354 Lambton Quay, Wellington @ Achilles. Thursday 3pm - 7pm Friday 10am - 3pm 4 Market Grove, Lower Hutt @ Body of Work. NOTE: Internet banking transfer, cash or Eftpos available @ Wellington 24 cancellation policy applies.

BHS Acupuncture Tuina Chinese Massage Dip OrthoBionomy 4 Kinergetics Units 1-4 & Master Class Theta Healing DNA and Advanced Therapeutic Massage Cert Reiki Attunement 1 & 2 Quantum Touch Holistic Health Therapists Dip Hypnotherapy Cert PG Cert in Education and Psychology BA in Psychology and Education Basic Counseling Skills Cert

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