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Zoe Wilkinson, Trainer, Coach, Therapist, Public Speaker, Tauranga

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Zoe Wilkinson is a NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Coach, Public Speaker and therapist working with people to make extraordinary change in their lives for increased self esteem, success, and satisfaction. Ask yourself, what do I want? and then ask yourself why you don't have it yet.. what is getting in the way of living the life you want to live?

Contact NameZoe Wilkinson
Address83 PIllans Road
Otumoetai, Tauranga
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I offer coaching, therapy, training and personal development for anyone wanting to change, grow, develop and have more fun, excellence and satisfaction with the life they are living.

Public Speaking

Need a public speaker, motivational speaker or Emotional Intelligence Learning with humour? From 1hr - full training days, I can tailor something useful for you and your staff.

Interventions for:

  • Resolving past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs which prevent you moving forward to what you really want.
  • Developing your personal awareness and acceptance of self and others
  • Growing self esteem, grace and personal power
  • Resolving phobias, anxieties or limitations in your life

Coaching :

  • For improved personal and business relationships, balance and
  • To remove barriers to performance and to change behaviours
  • For personal excellence and achievement of goals and outcomes.
  • Coaching for advancement in work path
  • Strategies for enhanced communication
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Leadership development
  • How to be an effective Manager or employer

Coaching can lift performance, inspire efforts, help find direction in work path and business, and generate confidence and excellence in all aspects of business and personal life.

Coaching Fees I set aside up to 2 hours for each session. This allows you to get to know me, and me to get to know what you really want. A session is $120. A discounted rate can be arranged for multiple sessions. Benefits of NLP Coaching

  • Better work and personal relationships
  • Increased awareness, less fear in your life
  • Greater personal excellence
  • Achieving goals and outcomes
  • Having more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Personal Development Course

Insights Into Emotional Intelligence
– An introduction to NLP, Life Skills and Personal Management

Starting :    17th February 2021 - 7th April 2021  (Wednesdays)
Time :         
6.50pm - 9.30pm for 8 weeks
$180 incl. GST, notebook
Venue:        Bay Learning Academy, Farm St, 

Course must be prepaid to Wilko Consulting Act : 06-0491-0112305-00 
Money issues? Payment Plan available. $22.50 per week starting Monday 27th July.  

Now...If you want to have more self-awareness, have less fear, be more confident and less judgmental then this course is for you.  I promise that you will leave with a toolkit of effective resources you can use every day in your life, relationships, and work.  

  • Hundreds of local people have attended this exciting course - and made positive changes in their lives…
  • Success in life & relationships is about your emotional intelligence (EQ) – managing your emotions, so that they don’t control you… So what is emotional intelligence? How does it make you a better person, parent, teacher, employee, manager and partner?
  • Explore some of the concepts and philosophy of NLP and learn how you have become who you are today, how you see the world and how you react to it.
  • Discover how you learn, what your behaviours, values and beliefs are, and how you can change if you want to.
  • Learn simple tools and new ways of thinking and being to create positive change in your life.This stuff works!
  • This is an experiential course - not theory and involves lots of interaction, active learning and fun too!
  • It is challenging, stimulating, fun and inspires you to be better more often.
  • It is for you; if you want to be happier, more relaxed, less stressed and clearer about the way you want to live your life.

• Min 8 people to start. (Max 16) Full refund if it doesn’t go ahead.

Contact Zoe Wilkinson or 0274 871 296 to register or for more information. 


Feedback :

Student’s Feedback:

“Zoe has been an amazing facilitator, skilled in recognising body language and verbal responses of her participants. Having created trust and respect within the room, she has been able to address these responses  objectively through a curiosity lens (rather than any hint of judgement) - yet with consideration and empathy.  I appreciate how Zoe has generously  and engagingly shared her knowledge, experiences, and time - to the point of providing extra follow-up sessions without payment. She has always made it clear that she is available to respond to any queries or concerns between classes. Zoe has Mana, a wonderful sense of fun, is an authentically kind person, "walking her talk", and working for the betterment of individuals and subsequently mankind.” CB. 

Zoe’s teaching style is relaxed, interesting, fun, surprising and challenging all at the same time. She inspires you to learn, change and develop new skills while supporting and encouraging you!” GS

"The timing of this course for couldn’t have been better for me, I had been stressed out for some time.. The course was fantastic in terms of improving my self-esteem and confidence, it gave me many tools to deal with anxiety and stress, it gave me a far greater understanding of self and others. The whole experience was life-changing for me. I am now happy, confident and well equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me. I have so enjoyed learning about NLP, and I eager to learn more. Thank you Zoe for being a wonderful tutor, for being supportive and so entertaining!! "DH.

"Zoe’s workshop recharged my ‘stuck’ thinking and energised me to embark on a new direction in life. As well, I felt inspired to learn more and more about what makes us all think, feel, act and react the way we do. Zoe is an expert in her field and a brilliant and very entertaining presenter. She manages to convey complex ideas with numerous stories and anecdotes that have us all laughing out loud!" N.G

"I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with the dynamics of the different personalities, being a relaxed course, the interaction from everyone and your great sense of humour, also the variety of tasks/games?, and of course learning heaps which I can apply in my life. I now am pushing myself out of my comfort zone e.g. taking dance lessons without my husband (hopefully one day he'll join me), also learning to ride a motorbike and encouraging myself to go a step further each time. In the past I have stood back and missed out because I don't want to be rude or pushy. But am attempting to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. I also have become more aware of myself and others." BN

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