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Devonport Yoga for Every Body

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Offering Yoga and other alternative therapies

Address33 Clarence Street
North Island 0624
Phone09 445 3757
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Welcome to Devonport Yoga for Every Body

Devonport Yoga for every body offers Restorative Yoga classes and 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions for people of all abilities, gently providing relaxation, and improved breathing, flexibilty and strength.

The studio is a dedicated yoga space. There is also a Yoga Therapy room for 1:1 consultations and a massage room. Please feel free to phone and discuss what it is you would like to achieve and find out how we can help.


style: flowing vinyasa / Hatha with an emphasis on therapeutic benefits

teachers: Gillian Mayo and David Noon (both qualified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists - NZQA)

level: suitable for all levels including beginners and post natal but not during pregnancy.

What happens in the YOGA CLASSES ?

Participants in classes are consulted to find out what it is they want to achieve through yoga. They receive individual guidance and regular follow ups to check how they are progressing. The yoga exercises are modified as necessary to accommodate the individual needs of each participant.

There is no pressure to perform or to keep up.

The exercises are intended to be carried out in a relaxed state of mind and body. This results in a profound state of calmness in which the body and mind learn to let go of tension. It is in this state of mind that the parasympathetic nervous system takes over from the stress induced sympathetic nervous system and the body's own self healing abilities are enhanced.

Gill and David want participants to learn how to help themselves and they recommend exercises that people can do at home. The 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions take the idea of enabling people to help themselves a step further. You work 1:1 with the therapist to determine where your energy imbalances are.

The therapy takes place over a series of appointments and it involves exercises, breathing techniques (for calming and for balancing energy in the body), advice on lifestyle choices, relaxation techniques and cleansing techniques. An energy balancing massage is part of this process.

Massage for Women

Gillian trained at the NZ College of Massage, Auckland, and is NZQA qualified in:

Traditional Swedish Massage with oil using long flowing strokes (1 hour $65, 1.5 hours $95)
'Nesting' Massage clothed with gentle pulsing strokes (30 min $40, 45 min $50, or 1 hour $60)
Hot Stone Massage (1 hour $85, 1.5 hours $120)

Massage for Men

1 hour Relaxation Massage $65
David is trained as an Holistic Massage Therapist NZQA

Massage for Couples

David and Gillian have 2 massage rooms so it is possible for you and your partner to be massaged at the same time.

Please contact her for details and/or appointments- phone 445 3757

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