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Sonny Chin

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Master Body Technician practices
Hang Sun Technique for Positive Health and Well Being
Structural, Muscular, Emotional & Spiritual Bodywork

Address25 Hawthorn Avenue
Mornington, Dunedin
South Island 9016
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Sonny Chin Qigong Master Master Body Technician Do you suffer from physical pain? Headache, whiplash, neck, shoulder, back, carpel tunnel, tennis, elbow, bladder problems, stomach ache, sciatica, knee pain, archilles tendon/ heel, sore feet? Do you hold onto negative attitudes and experiences, fears, guilt, low self worth, and low self esteem? Don't suffer in silence . . . Do something about it and visit me today.
Our Services
  • Lock Gong Massage
  • Hang Sun technique
  • Qi therapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Tintinnabulation (ringing of bells and bowls)
  • Chinese head and shoulder massage
  • Hand and feet reflexology
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Hot stone therapy
Therapeutic Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Stretching and Mobility
Aura Rebalancing
  • Re-balancing Masculine / Feminine energy
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Ren Xue
House Clearings
  • Clear stagnant energy e.g. lost spirits
  • Uplift the people living in the house
  • Awareness of man made vibrations
  • Tuesday Zhineng Qigong (6pm – 7:30pm)
  • Saturday Qigong plus Tai Chi Chuan (12noon – 1:30pm)

Special Qi Therapy How do illnesses and suffering come about? How should we deal with them? On the broader level, illness is brought about by genetic influences from the past and everything in our consciousness and behaviour that precludes health, eg; unhealthy emotions and unhealthy life habits. More specifically, all conditions can be attributed to disorders of Qi - Qi deficiency, Qi blockage, poor quality of Qi, or a combination of all these. By replenishing or unblocking Qi, or by improving the quality of Qi, the source of the disease is addressed and the illness will be diminished or eradicated. Although Sonny can work effectively on illness alone, the emphasis is more on "treating the whole person" since suffering, including illness, occurs when there are problems in life. Most of us experience ignorance, attachment, confusion and other problems which need to be addressed if long-term healing and improvement of life are to be brought about. Jing - the physical body and all the physical structure of the body. Qi - life force, vital force. Shen - the consciousness, the spirit, the true self and the soul. The three elements work together, nourish each other, transform each other, and influence each other. For example, Shen is the master of Qi, and Qi will influence Jing. Hang Sun Technique - Aims to combine the mind, the body and the spirit to function as one (the state of alert relaxation). The structural alignment of the spine is crucial to stop mixed messages going to the rest of the body through the central nervous system. The muscular system and organs hold the majority of physical and emotional pain of the body. Controlling the breath with our pure consciousness regulates the internal energy and attunes the body to become more receptive for self healing. The mind and body's energy centres stabilise and harmonise for daily activities - to enjoy life.
Satisfied Customers
"When I first came to see Sonny I was a mess - four years of being unable to work due to early childhood trauma. All the psychotherapy hadn't been able to get to what was locked in my body, beyond words. Sonny's technique has helped me release the terrifying memories that were keeoing me stuck, and opening up new possiblities for myself that I have never imagined. Thank you Sonny - the world needs more of your kind." -- Karen McIntyre
"I have OOS in both shoulders and arms. Sonny was the first person who said he would teach and show me how to fix it. Working on the whole body he gave me back energy that the pain had taken away. he shouldn't be the last stop, but the first." -- Garry
"For anyone who wants to have more energy, more self-awareness and greater self satisfaction, Sonny is your man. I have been seeing Sonny for three years now and in this time I have learnt more about my body, how it works and how to correct years of incorrect training than all my years of both amateur and professional rugby. Sonny's knowledge of how the body reacts in different circumstances and under various stresses is equal to, if not greater than, all the physios and medical personnel that I have been involved with. I have no hesitation recommending Sonny to people because I know that once they meet and have a session with him, all his actions will speak louder than words" -- Kees Meeuws, All Black
"I am a registered medical practitioner and have been a client of Mr Chin for a period of two months. I have been extremely satisfied by the outcomes of the service provided by Mr Chin. Mr Chin demonstrates a highly commendable dedication and commitment to his clinical practice. Mr Chin has an holistic approach concerning any individual. His assessment and management involves consideration of psychological, physiological and spiritual factors. I personally vouch for Mr Chin's professionalism and his ability to achieve excellent health benefits for his clients" -- Dr Dennis W. Pisk

  • Hang Sun technique
  • Qi therapy
  • Crystal therapy
  • Tintinnabulation (ringing of the bells and bowls) Appointments We recommend that you make your appointment in advance for bodywork or therapy. We are open:
    Monday to Friday Saturday9am - 5pm 10am - 5pm
    Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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    Acupressure, Chinese Massage, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Qigong, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Spiritual Healing, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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