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Reiki and colour therapy. Clairvoyance with all appointments. Reiki classes.

Contact NameSas Swanson
Address36 Chadwick Road
North Island
Phone07 571 2506
Mobile022 309 8155
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NATURAL HEALING CENTER REIKI Healing energies are channelled through Sas's hands during a Reiki treatment. The gentle flow of healing energy is very relaxing to receive. Reiki is perfect for relieving the daily stresses of life. Reiki is a natural therapy that is capable of improving your health. There are many potential benefits. Clairvoyant information is provided during an appointment so you understand what is being healed. Physical The following list are some examples of what Reiki may assist with. Reiki is suitable for assisting with all medical conditions. CARDIOVASCULAR: angina, high and low blood pressure, angina, tachycardia RESPIRATORY: sinus, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis MUSCULAR: muscle strain, sporting injuries DIGESTION: stomach, large and small intestine, liver, spleen, pancreas METABOLISM: adrenal insufficiency, chronic fatigue, weight, thyroid NEUROLOGICAL: headaches, migraine, pituitary gland, pineal gland, seizures MEN'S HEALTH: fertility, prostate. WOMEN'S HEALTH: hormones, pre-menstrual tension, menopausal symptoms, pregnancy UROLOGY: bladder, urinary tract infections, kidneys EXCRETORY SYSTEM: bowel, constipation, diarrhoea Mental Reiki is able to help with any aspect of your mind. Some aspects are: EMOTIONS: anxiety, shock, stress, current issues and situations, poor self esteem, anger, fears, irritation, resentment, distrust, control, manipulation, lack of love CLEAR THINKING: confusion, concentration, mental balance, self confidence, memory, productivity, adaptability, over active mind When you are receiving healing for a medical condition a clairvoyant assessment will be available if you are considering further treatments. COLOUR THERAPY The aim of colour therapy is health and wellness, benefiting physical conditions and mental well-being. There are many possible reasons for having colour therapy. Colour therapy can be set up to heal an aspect of your mind's health, physical health or life's circumstances. Stress may be the underlying cause of illness. Over a period of time stress takes a toll on aspects of physical health. You may have become susceptible to illness and infection. By reducing stress levels through colour therapy you can expect an improvement in your ability to cope along with better health. All appointments will be supported by clairvoyance. You may like to have helpful information and understandings relevant to what is being healed. Colour therapy is compatible with other types of healthcare and is suitable for any age group.
COLOUR THERAPY FOR DISTANCE APPOINTMENTS If you are unable to attend an appointment I am available to provide colour therapy following a phone appointment. Colour therapy is available anywhere in New Zealand from Tauranga.
REIKI CLASSES I have a primary school teaching background and really enjoy teaching Reiki. Classes are held regularly. A manual is provided for all the courses. Clairvoyant support is available to assist with learning. REIKI ONE The main aim for a Reiki One course is to learn how to heal yourself and other people. Anyone who is willing to become a healer can easily achieve this. The ability to heal people is ensured through receiving attunements. Attunemements are special healings provided by a Reiki teacher. The attunements guarantee that you will be able to channel healing energy through your hands. The course will cover the traditional method of providing Reiki and intuitive healing. You will learn how to use Reiki in a variety of situations. The course will also cover the history of Reiki, group Reiki, absent healing and a basic knowledge of energy fields i.e. auras and chakras in relation to Reiki.This course is a tool for growth through the healing that takes place. If you are ready in yourself, there will be clairvoyant development as a part of the course. REIKI TWO Reiki Two is also a two day course. You will be given one attunement and taught three sacred Reiki symbols. Detailed information will be provided on how to use the symbols. The symbols have the ability to heal and transform energy. They can be used to manifest long term goals Symbol One: is to increase the flow of Reiki when you are healing Symbol Two: is for emotional healing Symbol Three: is for distance healing. The symbol is used to connect you with a person who is at a distance from you. They can receive healing as if you are there with them. REIKI 3A Reiki 3 has two levels. Reiki 3A and Reiki teacher. Reiki 3A may be your introduction to the teacher level.The Reiki Master symbol is taught. The Reiki Master symbol is used during attunements. You are taught how to give people a heart attunement. A heart gives people the ability to provide healing for themselves on a temporary basis. It is excellent for recuperation. REIKI TEACHER The overall aim of the Reiki Teacher's course is for you to be able to teach Reiki. The course will cover the content needed to set up your own teaching for all Reiki classes. You will be taught how to attune students for all levels of Reiki.
PRICES REIKI $70 for 1 hour of Reiki $35 for half an hour of Reiki COLOUR THERAPY $70 for 6 weeks of colour therapy and a 30 minute Reiki. $70 for 7 weeks of colour therapy Long term treatment is $30 a month. READING $35 for half an hour MOBILE REIKI SERVICE I am available to give a Reiki in the comfort of your own home There is a travel charge

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