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Ellerslie - Neuromuscular therapy for Chronic pain, Voice Fatigue, TMJ, Jaw/Neck pain and Eye strain

Contact NameMadhu Chandra
AddressCorner of Hudson St and Main Highway
102 Main Highway
North Island 1051
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WELCOME TO NMT WELLNESS CENTRE - promoting healing and wellness.

I am a clinical Neuromuscular therapist with 20 years experience in massage and neuromuscular therapy. I am passionate about helping people heal and improve their quality of life. My aim is to listen and understand your needs and tailor treatments to suit your circumstances and goals.


Neuromuscular therapy helps restore movement and function to the soft tissues and joints of the neuromusculoskeletal systems and by doing so reduces/eliminates pain. It is a therapy that not only treats the area that hurts but also where it originates from thereby ensuring long term relief from pain. Each session includes consultation, self-care management and various hands on techniques such as massage, trigger point therapy, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release, cellular memory release and mobilisation. You will not feel the same each day therefore each session will be different


Injury, inactivity, misuse and overuse of muscles can cause pain, stiffness and abnormal movement patterns. If not addressed straight away pain can be debilitating and affect all areas of life. When pain becomes chronic it is harder for modern medicine to find the cause or be able to help without use of drugs. The treatments I provide are non-invasive and safe for your body and can help reduce pain and improve daily functioning, physically and emotionally.


Symptoms of jaw pain can include difficulty chewing, talking, yawning and mouth opening. It can cause facial pain, head and ear ache, tinnutis, crackling/clunking in ears, shoulder and neck pain, problems with the digestive tract. Sessions include treatment of muscles inside and outside the mouth, back and front of neck, shoulders, diaphragm, abdomen, back, face and scalp. Recommendation and exercises are also provided to help change habits that may be contributing to pain and refer where necessary for oral orthotics, mouth guards and specialist care.


Symptoms range from difficulty speaking, singing, swallowing, breathing, reflux and pain at throat, neck and shoulders. Sessions include treatment of muscles inside and outside the mouth such as the tongue, throat, back and front of neck, shoulders, diaphragm, back, face and scalp. Recommendation and exercises are given to help change habits that may be contributing to pain, refer where necessary for specialist care and further medical investigation such as scans, xrays.


When major events happen in our lives such as emotional and physical abuse, a relationship breakup, an accident or injury, death of someone beloved, our thoughts and feelings regarding these events are experienced through our bodies. For example - when someone breaks our heart it doesn't actually break but the pain is physical and visceral.

If pain from such an event does not heal it remains within our bodies and alters our ability to cope and function normally. Your experiences are unique therefore listening and really hearing your story, together exploring and finding the reason behind the illness or injury is crucial to healing. MindBody therapies can heal the stored unresolved trauma from these experiences. The past need not rule or diminish your capacity to enjoy life in the present.


* Back, shoulder, neck pain

* Sciatica, hip and leg pain

* Plantar fascitis

* Eye strain from computers, sewing, close range work 

* Headaches/Some forms of migraines 

* Voice fatigue for singers, musicians, presenters

* Locked jaw, jaw pain (temporomandibular disorders) 

* Anxiety/Stress/Depression - Breathing disorders - Panic attacks 

* Bodywork for grief/physical and emotional trauma 

* May help with chronic skin conditions such as eczema if related to     emotional/psychological stress

FEES: Call for an appointment Madhu Chandra Mb: 021418068

60 mins $115.00

45 mins $ 95.00

30 mins $ 75.00

Hours    Fridays and Saturdays 9am - 12pm


“As a massage practitioner of 15 years, I need my body to be free from any symptoms of injury & overuse in order to give my clients the best treatment I can. Part of my self care is to have regular work with Madhu who is a highly trained intuitive therapist.” – J.H. (Client of 19 yrs)

“I have a medical condition called (TMJ) causing ongoing chronic pain in my jaw and face. Madhu has provided me with some wonderful holistic therapy, and really listened to my issues and problems in dealing with it. Madhu is very understanding, and supportive. She treats everyone as an individual special client.” – M.M., Thames

20 years clinical experience.
Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (AUT)
Post Grad Cert MindBody Healthcare (AUT)
Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy)
Diploma in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
11 years teaching experience in Anatomy, Massage & Neuromuscular therapy
Course Examiner - NZ College of Massage


Service Categories
Connective Tissue Massage, Energy Healing, Myofascial Release Therapy, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Remedial Therapies, Spiritual Healing, Sports Injury Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy

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