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When you are feeling overwhelmed with life, Ora Well can help you find the calm within

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When seeking Life Change, Ora Well offers you a tranquil space to retreat from everyday life and stresses. Our counselling services offer a gentle, mind body approach, enabling a pathway of self discovery and a transformation from what is, to what can be.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and running on empty and need MindBody Nourishment, we offer you our Replenishment Menu. It is inspired by the infusion of New Zealand Maori, Pacific and Western techniques that will restore and re balance you naturally.

The New Zealand Waitakere Ranges are surrounded by breathtaking, majestic beaches, that allow for unique and sacred moments to occur. We offer guided meditation and Healing sessions, with small groups or one on one. This is a time to honour yourself, in this amazing, sacred connection of Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) and Self.

Visit us in the lush healing bush of Titirangi just a 5 minute drive from the Titirangi Village. Titirangi Village is surrounded with lovely cafes, galleries and gift shops… you will notice the fresh air of the rain forest, a shift in energy, as you escape from the urban stresses.

Set the Intention to care for yourself. Your well-being is invaluable.

MindBody Therapy

The Key to attaining well-being is Awareness. MindBody Therapy will enable you to understand that not only does the mind influence the body, but awareness of the body, of how and where it holds physical stress and emotional injury, helps heal the mind! Your mind may repress painful emotions and memories, but the body remembers it all, and it always tells the truth.

Integrated Counselling

We offer an integrative approach to counselling, drawing on and utilising specific types of therapies. It is not linked to one type of therapy, as each client is unique and one approach does not fit all situations.

Our work acknowledges the deep connection between the mind, emotion, body and spirit, which underlies our array of interventions such as: Talk Therapy, Energy Psychology, Body Therapy and Nourishment, to assist your transformation process.

We work with all aspects of change and specialise in the areas of, Trauma, Overwhelm, Everyday Stress and associated issues. Grief, Domestic/violence, Anxiety, Loneliness, Self Worth Issues, Fertility, Practitioner/Professional work life balance, Compassionate Fatigue for Helpers and Vicarious Trauma, Well-being counselling and coaching.

Please ask about our Telephone Counselling and Skype Services

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Mindfulness Programs enable you to regain mastery over your thoughts, feelings, your overall health. Enabling you to be free from overwhelming painful thoughts, feelings and sensations. You are equipped with tools and strategies to change your life positively.

Teaching you to become the observer, you will learn how to measure your own MindBody intensity, an array of self help techniques to use for yourself and family members, a greater knowledge of bodymind nourishment, unblock negative belief systems that have kept you stuck.

Replenishment Menu

When feeling depleted Our Replenishment Treatments will nourish you naturally….mind , body, spirit….
Replenishment for you and your loved ones

The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, is the opportunity to allow yourself the time to relax and re balance.

We can create amazing Replenishment packages for your unique needs.


Our Couple workshops, that are either private to you, or open group work, are for partners of all orientation, who are simply looking for ways to slow down, let go of stress, feel closer and more loved. It will help you to discover a significantly different way of relating to each other and open new possibilities. For a new couple, to create a solid foundation for your growing relationship, or rekindle the Spark and tenderly fall in Love again. We are able to create a program that suits your needs.

Body Therapy:

Our Massage work, is more than just a massage, using Pacific Seas, Massage strokes, our Signature Mauri Ora Massage, is renowned for its nurturing, profound relaxation and healing qualities.

Trauma/Tension Release Exercise

TRE® is a purely body based, physical process. There is no counseling, or ‘talk therapy’ aspect to it. It is often used as a technique within our programs. It can be taught in Groups or one to one. TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


Helena is the Principal Therapist and Director of Ora Well. She has an extensive background, over 25 years’ experience in working as a Therapeutic and Child Protection Social Worker, Supervisor, Regional Practice Analyst, Advisor and Educator for the Ministry of Social Development. Her experience is vast, also working for The Department of Corrections, Mental Health Services, and Community Organisations, as a Therapist and Change Facilitator.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences, Social Practitioner, from Massey University and A Bachelor of Social Services in Counselling. Studies include, broadly speaking, Contemporary Maori Studies, Health Studies, Rehabilitation, Psychology and Sociology, Trauma Studies, Psycho-therapeutic models, Crisis debriefing, Supervision, Diagnostic, Motivational and Forensic Interviewing.

Her work as an Integrated Counsellor creates options for her clients to work on many levels of their being and weaves into her work, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Focused Energy Models such as, Energy Psychology, Certified Advanced EFT, Certified Advanced Theta Therapy. TRE Trauma Release Exercise. She is a Certified Practitioner in Hawaiian Body work by Essential Body Work,Australia.

Helena has developed models of Change and Rehabilitation for the Prison system, targeted at both male and female prisoners and specialises in the “Arts and Creativity” as a vehicle for life change. She specialises in working with those working in the "Helping Services" in Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma both one on one and group workshops. Her passion and strengths lie in assisting people to make positive change in life. Her work has reached people from an array of backgrounds, her clients are Workers in the Helping Industry, individual adults, children, mixed gender, sexuality, socio economic background and ethnicity.

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Aromatherapy, Corporate Massage, Counselling, Deep Tissue Massage, EFT, Energy Healing, Hawaiian Massage, Mobile Service Massage, Nutrition, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Weight Loss

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