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Acu Clinic Barrington - Acupuncture, acupressure/massage, Moxibustion, Cupping, Reiki, Ear Candle

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Contact NameDanny Cai
Address14 Athelstan Street
South Island 8024
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About Us
Graduated from a famous Xiangya Medical University in China (Trained for five years in traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine) and obtained a bachelor degree of medicine in 1984.
  • Special training on Acupuncture and Moxibustion, and Chinese traditional An Mo after graduation.
  • An attending doctor with twelve-year clinical working experience in treating cancers with combining traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine.
  • A Master Graduate of Health Science of University of Otago, New Zealand.
  • Advanced Training on Acupuncture & Chinese An Mo, Taught by a famous specialist of acupuncture and An Mo, Professor J X Gu.
  • A Member of New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc.
  • ACC registered treatment provider.
Our Services Chinese Medical Massage | Acupressure Rrelieve your pain, fatigue and restore your energy. Reiki- Energy healing therapy: Through inducing the relaxation response, Reiki encourages enhanced integrated functioning of the body’s healing systems. It is very effective for stress, depression and relaxation. It is also combined with acupuncture to reach great potential. Ear Candle Therapy: A natural thermotherapy for the Head and Ear Related Problems. Ear candling can regulate pressure, assist with postnasal drip, sinusitis, catarrh, migraines, some forms of hearing loss, restoration of equilibrium, relieving tinnitus, vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome. Effective Program for Giving Up Addictions: Stopping smoking, giving up alcohol and drug addictions. Other Treatments available: no skin piercing acupuncture (using a new multiple function needles), mechanic vibrating for back pain, cupping, etc. Professional Acupuncturists in Christchurch Acuclinic Acupuncturists are an ACC approved provider. Please see our pricing for ACC Clients. Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that focuses on improving the overall well being of the patient. A wide range of health problems are successfully treated by the insertion of fine needles into the body at specific points. Originating in China, these points have been mapped out over the past five thousand years and have more recently been confirmed through electromagnetic research. Traditional acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese theories of the flow of Qi (energy), also referred to as Chi and Xue (blood) through distinct pathways or meridians that cover the body. Acupuncture needles are placed into acupoints that stimulate and enhances the free flow of Qi regulating the harmony and general energetic balance of the entire body. This consequently both relieves pain and additional restores general health. Moxibustion works through a very similar method and relies on the same flows of energy through the body. It also focuses on the acupoints, as does cupping. Acuclinc’s expertise in these techniques in clearly confirmed by the samples of the many testimonials we have. A listing of health benefits for specific ailments can also be found by clicking this link. Acuclinic is situated in the Barrington Health Centre in Christchurch, NZ. Your acupuncturist Mr. Danny Cai is a member of NZ Standard Acupuncture Authority and has over 20 years professional experience and is highly recommended by both local doctors and patients.

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Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chinese Massage, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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