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Balanced Being

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Healing for Body, Mind and Soul

Contact NameBeverly Sorensen
Address1st Floor
35A Hastings Street
North Island 4140
Mobile021 151 6440
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Hello, my name is Beverly Sorensen and I'm excited to offer energy healing therapies with the aim of bringing your body, mind and soul back into harmony and enabling healing to occur. The aim of all energy healing modalities is to clear and realign your energy field (aura) and restore a vibrant equilibrium to your energy centres (chakras), reintegrating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. You reconnect with your body’s own innate wisdom to free yourself from negative emotions and unpleasant physical symptoms, enhance your well being, and allow fresh, new positive energy into your life on all levels. If you're seeking - to gain relief from long standing issues of a physical or emotional nature or - an alternative to previous routes of healing which have failed to deliver the results you want, or - ways to more fully participate in your own healing process, or - to bring more balance, harmony, and peace of mind into your life, or - to make sense of the crossroads you're at in your life, and find some clarity for the way ahead , then I invite you to take a look at the services offered on this page - there is a healing therapy available to meet your needs and bring about effective and positive change. Sessions are positive, nurturing and self-empowering held in a safe and supportive environment. I suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing for your session. Apart from removing footwear, you will not be asked to disrobe. Reiki When experiencing pain, the first thing you do most probably do is to put your hands over it. This simple act is the basis for Reiki healing, during which I simply place my hands on (or above) your body to clear and balance your body's energy field. While this is taking place, you simply rest and relax on a massage table. Commonly, feelings of deep relaxation are usually felt; you may experience warmth and drowsiness, or even fall asleep. This is fine, and not at all unusual. Reiki energy healing can help to reduce stress levels, stimulate your immune system, increase your energy levels, ease pain, relax your tense muscles, and calm your emotions, amongst others. After a treatment you feel deeply calm and peaceful. You are also very likely to feel lighter, more relaxed and rejuvenated, and balanced. Chakra Balancing Chakras are the invisible energy centres that release life force energy throughout your body enabling you to maintain good health. Reading the chakras to see if and where there are any blockages gives an accurate picture of what's going on for you at all levels of your being. Balanced Being's chakra treatments include the use of organic Aromatherapy Oils to restore a healthy energy flow, and are deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Each session reveals your own unique 'story' and includes a unique blend of essential oils that meet your being's needs. A chakra balance is perfect when you want insight into a physical or emotional condition, and you want to regain your sense of well being and overall health. Your Soul's Journey Consultation Do you recognise the special and unique gifts and talents that lie within your being? The gifts that you incarnated to use for the express benefit of yourself and others? Would you enjoy an opportunity to identify and understand your life purpose? Aura-Soma® is a beautiful, non-intrusive, self-selective colour care system whereby your colour choices help you to recognize these aspects, and more. Having an Aura-Soma consultation assists you in exploring your soul's journey. It provides a communication link between the self and the soul, enabling you to gain clarity around your life's purpose and direction, what contributes to making you the unique human being you are, where you are at the present time and what you may be bringing towards in the future. For more information, visit: Soul Coaching The spiritual path threads its way through your life from beginning to end. Along the way you can encounter many challenges which are valuable opportunities to discover more about yourself and your purpose in life. Very often, these challenges are also health related and you discover that your spiritual life and your health work hand in hand together, a fact that is consistently borne out during my healing work with clients. Remember that you're here to take care of ALL aspects of you on your spiritual journey--both your spirituality and your physical, mental and emotional health. To help you decide if Soul Coaching will help you, consider the following questions - Would you like to explore the possibility that current health concerns are your body's way of alerting you to the needs of your soul? Do you need help in identifying the current challenges on your path? Do you understand how to prevent these challenges from impacting upon your emotional and physical health? Are you interested in your personal spiritual growth? If you answered 'Yes' to one or more questions, you will find Soul Coaching to be helpful for you. Soul Coaching offers you a great starting point for change and transformation. It helps you to see other aspects of your life which previously you were not able to see. It leads to greater levels of self-empowerment, and improved levels of health. Please call me for an obligation-free chat to see if Soul Coaching is for you. Soul Coaching is available as a package of 6 x 90 minute sessions. Self-empowering homework, follow up activity and personal reflections are part of this programme. Reflexology By stimulating the reflexes on the top, bottom and sides of your feet, reflexology helps your body expel toxins, release tension, and restore itself to a natural state of good health. If a part of your body is inflamed, congested, or holds tension, the corresponding reflexes react sensitively to pressure. In this way your feet can tell an accurate story about your current health situation. Allow your feet to tell their story, receive valuable insights for your personal growth and development, and experience the well-being that is sure to follow! Balanced Being is located upstairs in the Harstons Art Deco-style building in the newly evolving 'arts quarter' of the Napier CBD. Metered parking is available on Hastings St and free parking available within a two or three minutes walk. Hours - Mon - Fri: 9:15 am - 6:00 pm Saturday: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm Evenings available by appointment - please ask for a time suitable to you Other Services at Balanced Being - *Gift Vouchers Ring me to tailor a voucher to suit - there are lots of lovely holistic treatment options to choose from. *Workshops/Presentations for Adults: Fascinating voyages around the chakra systems - along the way you'll learn how to improve the healthy balance of your body, mind, and spirit. *Crystal Kids Holiday Workshops: Classes for children aged 7-11 years, and 11 - 14 years. Includes crystals, meditations, & more. Please inquire for more information. Qualifications Usui Reiki Practitioner Reg'd Aura-Soma® Practitioner Cert. Reflexology Cert. Aromatherapy & the Chakras Certified Spirit Guide Coach BodyTalk Access Technician NZ Dip. Ed

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