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Mariana Torkington

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Mariana is a professional member of ANZACATA and NZAC. Mariana is also fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Mariana is registered as a provider of therapy services with WINZ and ACC and works with children, adults and groups. Mariana is a published author in the arts therapies.

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North Island 0740
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Mariana Torkington
Key Points
  • Arts Therapy and Sandplay Therapy for children and families, adults and groups.
  • Reasonable rates
The Creative Process as Therapy Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses creative processes, including art making, drama, movement and music to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. Arts Therapy integrates the fields of human development and the creative process with models of counselling and psychotherapy. How does Arts Therapy Work and Where can it be Found? Arts Therapy is based on the belief that the process of engaging creatively in drama, movement music or art-making, within a therapeutic relationship, supports changes in a client’s inner world. It assists with improving a client’s personal growth and insight, processing of traumatic experiences, and resolving of inner conflicts. Arts Therapy is used with children, adolescents, adults, groups, people with disabilities and families to assess and treat the following – anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional problems and disorders; substance abuse and other addictions; family and relationship issues; social and emotional difficulties related to disability or illness; learning difficulties; trauma and loss; physical, cognitive and neurological problems. Arts Therapy programmes can be found in a number of settings including hospitals, clinics, public and community agencies, educational institutions and private practice. Some Advantages of Using Arts Therapy Almost everyone enjoyed art making as a child, and can still do so if encouraged to forget about images having to be artistically or culturally correct. Arts Therapy can help you to:
  • Express feelings that may be difficult to verbalize
  • Explore and develop problem solving abilities such as concentration and imagination
  • Improve confidence
  • Identify and clarify issues and concerns
  • Improve communication
  • Share in a safe and nurturing environment that supports self-exploration and personal development
  • Improve motor and co-ordination skills
  • Develop your own creativity
Common Misconceptions about Arts Therapy MYTH - Artistic types are best suited to Arts Therapy Arts Therapy does not rely on artistic knowledge or ability. It works by accessing imagination and creativity, qualities which all human beings possess, in order to generate new models of living and contribute to the development of a more integrated sense of self. MYTH – Arts Therapy is without scientific basis In the past few decades research in the Arts Therapies has emerged as the most promising frontier for the profession. Evidence based research is ongoing in all the expressive therapies including ( visual) art therapy, dance and movement therapy, drama therapy and music therapy, adding to the body of knowledge that already exists and contributing to professional Journals and Conferences. Furthermore, Arts Therapy is recognized and regulated around the world by organisations such as the British Association of Art Therapists and the American Art Therapy Association. MYTH - The therapist interprets the work in an Art Therapy session Asking people to reflect on their own work is an important part of an Art Therapy process because it is understood that each individual brings his/her own cultural influences and personal experiences to their art making. Within the Arts Therapies both client and therapist work in a collaborative manner aimed at empowering the client to reach his/her fullest potential as a human being. Professional Registration Registered Arts Therapists are affiliated with a professional body that has a code of ethics. ANZACATA is the Professional Body that oversees Arts Therapists in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. What I Offer
  • My service is tailored to individual and group needs (all materials are supplied).
Mariana Torkington
  • MA Arts Therapy (Clinical) (Hons) AThR ANZACATA
  • Registered Arts Therapist
  • Full Professional Member of NZAC
  • ACC Registered
Mariana is a registered arts therapist with a background in social services and community work. Mariana graduated from the Arts Therapy Masters Programme at Whitecliffe College in Auckland in 2009 and has worked in the area of care and protection services and trauma and abuse recovery with children and families. Mariana has a private practice in Auckland where she works with children and families, adults and groups. Areas of practice include trauma and abuse recovery, anxiety, loss, change, relationships and personal development.

Service Categories
Art Therapists, Counselling, Psychotherapy

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