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Pathway Healing

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Holistic Health is an approach to prevention and maintenance plus wellness that recognizes every aspect of the person including the need for personal attention.

Contact NamePathway Healing
Address20 Ballance Street
South Island 7803
Phone03 762 7110
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About Robyn Edwards - Pathway Healing Holistic Health is an approach to prevention and maintenance plus wellness that recognizes every aspect of the person including the need for personal attention. Choose a therapy to suit you: Holistic Pulsing is a very gentle motion therapy. For this reason it can be an effective alternative treatment option for pain, stiffness and emotional problems. The therapist gently rocks the client in a continuous motion. A fluid rippling movement in the body produces for many a profound sensation of ease, feeling free and totally safe. Emotional Freedom Techniques A Clinical Psychologist, a Chiropractor and an Engineer all contributed to the techniques of EFT. By tapping on various acupressure points on the body while tuned into the emotional or physical problem very often releases the locked in feelings which have been causing the problem or problems. With Massage there are many benefits. Crystalline deposits can be dislodged and general healing is improved. Massage can relax and stretch connective tissue around the joints and as the nervous system is stimulated “feel good” hormones are released. Foot Joint Mobilisation concentrates on the bones and correctly aligning them without any pain. If any bone is incorrectly aligned the whole body is affected. This therapy helps of variety of feet and body problems, some examples are: arthritis, bunions, swollen ankles, back or hip pain, aching feet and flat feet. Body and Soul Healing and Reiki both respect that we are beings of ‘energy’, with its foundation being made up of atoms which are ‘energy’. It is in this subtle ‘energy’ that disease, emotional or spiritual imbalance starts. If there is an imbalance, then I will likely be of assistance to help balance this by placing my hands around or on your body. OTO Bigfoot is definitely a therapeutic treatment for your feet. It is a combination of traditional chiropractic therapy and reflexology. This is completed by placing your feet into separate pouches in a little machine which presses, rolls and squeezes each foot stimulating thousands of nerve endings. Hence, benefits to the whole body. BODYTALK system identifies the body’s malfunctioning energy circuits which are not providing healthy internal communication within the body. To rectify this, part of the procedure is a light tapping procedure on head which stimulates the brain centers to re-evaluate the state of the body’s health and to balance the energy circuits. Tapping elsewhere on the body as well as the brain is normal practice. ENAR is a hand-held battery operated therapeutic medical device that delivers electro-energetic stimulation, onto and through the skin. The ENAR delivers via the nervous system and prompts any faulty areas to return to a normal healthy state. ENAR relieves or restores a large variety of aches and pains acute or chronic. Please come and visit me at 25 Albert Street, town centre, Greymouth. Robyn 027 825 1800 or 03 762 7110. *GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE*

  • Dip MT (Massage Therapy)
  • Dip HS (Herbal Studies)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner
  • ENAR Therapist
  • Access BodyTalk
  • Reiki III
  • Certificates in Soul Power, Touch for Health I,II & III, Foot Joint Mobilisation, Healing Channeler, Advanced ENAR and Cosmetology
  • Attended a course on Indian Head Massage and Alexander Technizue
  • A member of The Association of the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies
  • A member of Energy Psychology Ass.of NZ

Service Categories
Deep Tissue Massage, EFT, Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Theta Healing

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