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Replenish Kinesiology

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Touch for Health Kinesiology • Colour therapy

Address7 Merriman Place
North Island 3112
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My clinic focuses on facilitating natural solutions for all ages. Helping with a variety of health issues,my hope is to encourage self awareness for our own health and well being. To pass on any knowledge that I have with the view to assist my clients find a holistic approach. I love to see clients leave uplifted emotionally and prepared with coping skills,enthusiastic and positive again. I believe that a lot of our health issues can be identified and worked through with Kinesiology and Colour awareness. I have been able to support my clients in many ways….. Benefits of Kinesiology In dealing with stress,loss of vitality,food allergies,goal setting,life changes,menopause,decision making,emotional trauma,sleep,skin issues,digestive problems,Candida and nutritional support. Spiritual reconnection and much more The Courses I hold are geared around self development and growth,both spiritually and are a educational experience. Where you learn tools to assist yourself and others with life`s ups and downs. Touch for Health Kinesiology: Kinesiology is a natural therapy used to clear blocks and make changes. Muscle testing is used in a session as a language to communicate with the mind/body connection.We can identify on a physical,emotional and nutritional level,what is needed to move towards a greater state of balance and alignment.. "Diane is a registered kinesiologist and colour therapist who specializes in helping people find their spiritual purpose and emotional re connection." Sessions are 90min and cost $125.

Workshops from $455 per level. Manuals and workbooks /levy to TFHNZ extra.

  • Assess and balance the body .
  • Defuse past trauma,balancing the bodies emotional and physical stress.
  • Quicker recovery for injuries and illness.
  • Gain benefits in posture,pain relief,sensitivites to food,Co-ordination,focus and goal setting.
  • Enhance learning abilities and confidence.

Colour Therapy:

  • Find direction and purpose.
  • Uncover your hidden qualities needed to move through differcult changes.
  • Be inspired and motivated.
  • Feel refreshed,energized and focused.

Every colour has a different vibrational quality,making it appear as individual colours to the human eye.Therefore,each colour has unique qualities and lessons associated to that frequency. This in turn affects the human body on different levels influencing physiological and Biochemical changes. Emotionally influencing attitudes and perspective. Spiritually enlightening us with positive and uplifting realizations. By choosing your coloured bottles your answers and inspiration will be revealed to you with your own personal insights...... Unicorn colour therapy essences are created from living vibrational remedies of plants,crystal minerals,essential oils,geometrical forms,phonics and stellar energies. Designed for self selection and personal growth. COLOUR AND HOW IT WORKS In a typical colour balance,you will choose four bottles which will identify your unique story.After discussing the qualities or lessons found in each colour combination,you will clearly see and understand your path forward, what strengths you already have to assist you and also what is still to be learnt at this time. Clients often comment that they now have more clarity,feel relaxed and positive about their future.... Receive balance & energy alignment ,plus remedy essence bottle..Sessions are 90 mins and costs $155

Soul Power Kinesiology:

  • Become more aware of your choices, gifts & feelings.
  • Soul Power is a modality combining colour awareness, Kinesiology(muscle Testing) & energy work.
  • These three techniques together form an amazing way to balance our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states of being.
  • Bringing us back into optimal wellbeing.
  • Connecting more deeply to ourselves

Receive balance & energy alignment, plus remedy essence bottle. Sessions 90mins and cost $155.

Diane holds workshops and courses in colour for life and Soul Power. for course updates go to


    New Zealand Registered Natural Health Practioner Touch for Health Practioner Touch for Health Teacher Consultant and Teacher with Academy of Healing Arts,(Energy Kinesiologist)

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