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Terrace Counselling & Therapy

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At Terrace Counselling & Therapy we believe in the importance of a strong community.
The community that is sustainable and well-supported benefits all of us.

Contact NameTerrace Counselling & Therapy
AddressLevel 2, Berl House
108 The Terrace
Wellington Central
North Island 6011
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At Terrace Counselling & Therapy, we know it can be difficult to ask for help and meet a new person. Life can be complicated and it's easy to feel a bit lost. Anxiety, anger, depression, relationship problems, and addiction are all common issues – but you don't have to deal with them alone. We provide counselling and therapy for those who want effective and accessible help. For you, that may mean visiting just for a few sessions, or perhaps over a more extended period of time. Whatever your situation, we will seek to support and develop your own understanding and provide a clear process to help you realise your true self and intentions. While a GP referral can be useful, we do not require this. You are welcome to call us for an obligation free discussion before deciding to attend a session.


Between us, we cover a broad range of services and people so that you can choose the approach you are most comfortable with. Often clients feel a preference to see a male or female, or even someone of a certain age. Our team has a commitment to social development; we are sensitive to the expense involved. Each of us has a portion of our time available for people who cannot always afford the full fee, which we are able to discuss at an initial session. Brief time-limited counselling Many people who seek support only need a few sessions to deal effectively with their concerns. It can be useful to have a clear agreement at the beginning about how long the process will be and also how much it will cost. This is a more problem/solution oriented approach. This may involve a focus on how your thought process affect your mood and decisions. Research supports the effectiveness of brief work for some people. Relational Therapy Crisis can be opportunity. For those interested in expanding their self awareness and aiming for more enduring change a longer term relationship with the therapist is highly beneficial. An emphasis on what emerges between client and therapist underpins this work, allowing a testing ground for finding new ways of relating to your world. Couples and relationship counselling As we choose not to be involved in Family Court processes and mediation, we will refer you elsewhere if you need this. Some couples find it useful to gain greater awareness of each others needs and responses, and find more constructive ways of communicating. Others seek couples counselling because the relationship is ending and they need new ways of relating together. We recognise it can be difficult to attend sessions within working hours, after hours appointments are available and we welcome a discussion about what is possible and your unique needs.

About Us

At Terrace Counselling and Therapy we believe in the importance of a strong community. The community that is sustainable and well-supported benefits all of us. This is why we offer a portion of our time to community organistions and individuals at low cost. We have a strong ethic towards reflective practice, collegial support and ongoing personal development. All of our practitioners adhere to the code of ethics of The New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. As part of this commitment, we undertake our own therapeutic work. We bring this knowledge of self to our practice and way of working with you. We know for ourselves how hard it can be to reach out the first time, and that finances can be a barrier for some people. Our practice was founded with a desire to provide access to treatment to more people in our community.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


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