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NEVDON® Genopathic® Natural Remedies

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We provide our full range of topical Genopathic® Remedies via our website

Contact NameNeville Caseley and Donna Simpson
North Island 3110


What are Genopathic® Remedies? Genopathic® Remedies are formulated from herbs and oils to predetermined frequencies and then finalized to an imprinted aqua carrier. Genopathic® Remedies contain NO ALCOHOL, FILLERS, CHEMICAL, SYNTHETICS, PRESERVATIVES, EXCIPIENTS or ANIMAL CONTENT Who can use Genopathic® Remedies? Genopathic® Remedies are suitable for use on:
  • Human beings, babies through to adults
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Soil
Genopathic® Remedies are safe to use with any of existing medications, including prescribed medication and natural supplements. How are Genopathic® Remedies used? Genopathic® Remedies are topical (for external use), simple to use and easily transportable. Genopathic® Remedies require only one spray a day (unless otherwise advised) onto the skin on the wrist or back of the hand. Rub the remedy into the skin for absorption. How do Genopathic® Remedies work? Genopathic® Remedies may help to target and change predetermined damaged electromagnetic frequencies that have stopped functioning to their full potential within the entity. When applied, Genopathic® Remedies are absorbed into the entities information system (blood stream or similar), and may enable the brain to register the damaged frequency, and help to activate the central nervous and cellular memory system in response. By providing the correct energy frequency back into the entity, the body can begin to repair. What are the benefits of using Genopathic® Remedies?
  • Cost effectiveness. Genopathic® Remedies cost $65NZD for a 10ml bottle, which will last for approximately 3 months when using one spray a day. This equates to only $5.42NZD a week!
  • Transportable and discrete. Genopathic® Remedies can be transported anywhere (even in your carry on bag on a plane) and can be used at any time without drawing unnecessary attention.
  • Have no known side effects.
  • Create no distress for children. No bad tastes, pill swallowing, or injecting when using Genopathic® Remedies.
*Statements made do not imply or make a claim to cure any disorder List of Genopathic Remedies
  • A.I.R-E 10ml: (Auto Immune Responce)
  • Anti O-E 10ml: (Antioxidants)
  • C Z-E 10ml: (Mutations of cells)
  • Calcium-E 10ml: (Multi Minerals)
  • CO Q 10 + P-E 10ml: (Heart & Circulation)
  • DHA-Thyroid- E 10ml: (Thyroid & essential oils)
  • DNA-RNA-E10ml: (Cell Molecules)
  • Hormonal- E10ml: (Hormonal)
  • Kidney-E10ml: (Disorders)
  • Lacto-E10ml: (Digestive)
  • Liver-CHL-E10ml: (Liver & Cholesterol)
  • Mega-Vit-E10ml: (Multi Vitamin & Mineral)
  • MSM-E10ml: (Blood Cleaner)
  • Nano-Vit B+C-E10ml: (Bacterial)
  • Neuro-E10ml: (Brain)
  • P+D-E (Blood Sugars)
  • Prostate-E10ml: (Prostate)
  • RBC-E10ml: (Red Blood Cells)
  • Super G + A-E10ml: (Cellular Sugars)
  • Un Loc-E10ml: (Oxygen Release)
  • Vit C-E10ml: (Vitamin C)

About Us Due to a massive work overload within the Tauranga hands on clinic (N&D Natural Health Ltd) there is no available appointments for new clients to experience the hands on OR Distant Help form of Natural Vibrational Therapy with Neville or Donna. Introducing Neville Caseley and Donna Simpson Neville was born to Kath & Roy Caseley, 1 of 5 siblings, living on their farm just out of Wanganui. After schooling years Neville moved on to working with machinery for 23 years. During that time, Neville realized his ability of seeing, sensing and feeling energy. With the encouragement of his mum Kath Neville started Natural Vibrational Therapy. Neville started working with vibrational healing with clients in the late 1980's. He also registered with Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (formally New Zealand Health Charter). Neville's business grew to working in clinics around New Zealand with his Natural Vibrational Therapy work, building a large cliental. Now this clinic is based only in Tauranga. Natural Vibrational Therapy is an advanced, holistic, natural health, stress relief therapy. This healing is a process which restores health and vitality to the energy field of the intended entity. The treatment heals the energy field and lets the symptom heal itself. This method is natural, powerful and holistic, restoring balance and harmony to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual characteristics. It is the awakening of dormant energy within the body, by giving the person back to themselves. By it's scientific application of vibration it is one of the greatest natural sources of healing. Neville Caseley and Donna Simpson joined forces in Natural Vibrational Therapy healing some years ago, and have together continued to evolve their knowledge and method of this healing.Together they formulated Genopathic® remedies as a topical remedy to enhance their healing work. Constant research and development of the remedies takes place to evolve in line with the changes within the universe. We also have a team who have helped to enhance Nevdon® as you know it today; Jade, Kylie & Johnathan have given us huge support and help. Testimonials I met Neville quite by accident, and he could see immediately that I was in severe pain. I have suffered from lower back problems for over 20 years, during the last 5 years the pains have travelled down my right leg, making it impossible to sit for long periods, and making sleeping/resting in bed quite unbearable. After treatment with Neville, carrying on doing my pressure points regime and using my Genopathic® drops daily I am a new woman, I am not only free from pain, I can walk distances, enjoy my grandchildren, sleep better and feel altogether younger and fitter than I have felt in years. My husband says he has his wife back. I can never thank Neville and Donna enough. - Anne Morris, Port Noarlunga, South Australia. 21/10/13 “Neville and Donna’s Genopathic drops have been part of our daily life including our dogs, horses, and farmlands for the past eight years. The drops have assisted and enhanced our well being immensely. We believe our daily existence simply lives upon and within many arrays of vibrational energy. Every source of life is a vibrational energy source. These Genopathic drops do have an energy source that will help to support your vibrational rhythm and improve your well-being and enhance balance and better health. Our lives are good, our health is well, our animals have beautiful clear eyes and our grass grows well. Without inner well-being is without inner balance and without inner balance our bodies do struggle to function to full capacity. We sincerely believe in the true benefits from using these Genopathic drops. Most folk in life, will never understand vibrational energy however if you use these drops, “your body will”. - Sincerely Jane Davies & Graeme Berry 24/11/08 “I have always been aware of benefits of a healthy diet, having an open and positive mind and living a healthy lifestyle. My association with Neville & Donna has been a wonderful and life changing one. They have helped me to improve my attitude to life and living & knowledge of body, presence of mind and functionality. This has been through a combination of me coming to understand through Neville body anatomy & function and the impact on it through the application of positive energy & thoughts directed to it through the use of their Genopathic drops. Neville & Donna’s skills have for the past 10 years been used both in respect of myself, my family, our pets, our horses and a constant stream of friends with frequent outstanding results.” - Jenny Bourke, Val D’Argent, Warmblood Stud, Sydney, Australia. 24/11/08
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