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Alive Natural Health NZ

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Alive Natural Health offers Naturopathy to support and nurture your health and well being so that you can be inspired, be empowered and feel alive!

Contact NameMelanie Brunenberg
Address153 Jackson Street
North Island 5012
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A Holistic Approach to Health. Naturopathy is a system of complementary medicine that has a holistic view of health. Naturopathic principles are based on finding the cause of disease, facilitating the body's own healing abilities and preventing illness. Approaching health in a holistic way enables the underlying cause of your health concerns to be addressed so that your body can come back into balance and truly heal. Healing in this way not only alleviates your health concerns it also improves your over all general health and well being. As Charlotte Gerson so wisely says"when the body truly heals, it heals everything" and this is what Naturopathy is all about. About MELANIE My name's Melanie. I'm a registered Naturopath and relaxation massage therapist with a passion for supporting people's health and well being! Since facing health challenges with Cancer I've experienced how dis-empowering mainstream medicine can be. These health challenges inspired me to explore health and well being further which lead me to study at the Naturopathic College of New Zealand where I graduated as a Naturopath in 2014. I happily implement all that I've learnt on my health journey into my everyday life and I love exploring health to find new ways of making health and well being more accessible to everyone. When I'm not in my clinic I enjoy spending time with my husband and four year old son, cooking up healthy meals and snacks in the kitchen, walking our dog and time on my yoga mat. My mission as a Naturopath is to address the underlying causes of your health concerns and ignite your body's own healing abilities enabling you to be empowered, be inspired and feel alive! Naturopathic Treatments Offered
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Herbal medicine
  • Homeobotanical remedies
  • Bach flower essences
  • Relaxation massage

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Diploma In Naturopathy (DipNat) Registered Naturopath with NZ Society of Naturopaths

Service Categories
Allergy Testing / Treatments, Flower Essences, Herbalists, Iridologists, Naturopaths, Nutrition, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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