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Holistic Body Therapy

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Holistic Body Therapy is an independent natural therapy clinic based in Kohimarama, Auckland which treats a wide range of conditions using non-invasive Bowen therapy.

Contact NameSommer Wagstaff - Bowen Therapy
AddressAuckland Central
North Island 1071
Mobile0221 978 800
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Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy can treat a wide range of conditions using non-invasive Bowen therapy. It has become increasing popular among athletes, golfers, tennis players, runners and people who have had injuries. It can also provide relief for babies, children and elderly due to its non-invasive gentle approach. Bowtech, The Original Bowen Technique, is a non-invasive therapy that uses a series of specific moves across muscles and nerves to unlock aches and pains allowing the body to heal itself at its own pace. The technique may access not only the musculo-skeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body’s integrated response may assist in supporting healthy circulation and normal lymphatic drainage and potentially support in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins. Initial results are often instantaneous however it is normally necessary to have 3 to 4 Bowen sessions to ensure the best results and healing. Read more on my website page:
AromaTouch Technique using essential oils Sommer also specialises in doTERRA's unique AromaTouch and is a certified practitioner of the AromaTouch Technique. The ARōMATOUCH™ TECHNIQUE is a specific form of holistic healing developed by Dr. David Hill to help assist the balance of the body (homeostasis), and wellbeing, in the person receiving the treatment. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes, and addresses health issues caused by stress, toxicity within the body, inflammation and autonomic imbalance by applying specific essential oils within an aromatherapy massage treatment. And that isn’t just the end of it, there is a quite a lot more to it than just a light massage using essential oils! As you read through the process of the technique you will begin to understand that this treatment has had a lot of research into it – 7 years in fact by a registered doctor – Dr David Hill. The key to this special treatment is bringing balance back to the body and mind. One really has to experience it to really know how good it feels afterwards. The treatment is carried out in specific stages by a certified practitioner (like me!). Each stage has its own particular set of essential oils especially targeted for each stage of the treatment. Each essential oil is applied throughout the treatment, with specific hand movements and strokes of the best results possible. With each pairing of oils, 8 in total with 4 pairing and distinct stages as a result, your body and mind are taken through cycles that aid you to cleanse, rebuild and heal. Stress Management - Immunity Support - Inflammatory Response Homostasis Read more on my website on this page:
About Me Sommer Wagstaff Business owner and practitioner Sommer Wagstaff was born here in New Zealand and has always embraced the natural environment of this amazing country. As a practitioner of Bowtech, Sommer is able to share her passion for the natural and provide a full range of therapeutic solutions for the entire heart, body and mind. Sommer has completed the internationally recognised Bowtech™ BTAA (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia) training programme. In addition to Bowtech, Sommer is also a Reiki Tummo Practitioner after completing her training in Japan and New Zealand in 2007. Sommer has always had an interest in Natural Medicines and therapies and after spending 12 years in Japan she has returned to New Zealand to extend her knowledge base and share her passion. Since 1999 Sommer has embraced healing therapies and natural medicines which as lead her to study Bowtech, Aromatherapy, Reiki Tummo and Naturopathy. Sommer’s passion for natural therapies that benefit the body has led her to train in these therapies because they are 100% natural and safe. In the clinic rooms Sommer uses natural fabrics where possible and tries to avoid fluorescent lights when doing the therapies. She is a firm believer in using natural products where possible, as we are exposed to so many chemicals and pollutants that can overload our immunity. Why add extra stress on the body systems when we don’t have to? She's not a fanatic but does try to avoid chemicals where possible and recently made her own laundry powder (easier than she thought!!) which incorporates natural ingredients and combines them with specific antimicrobial and antibacterial dōTERRA essential oils. She is a big advocate of dōTERRA’s essential oils and you will often find my bag with rollerballs that can be applied any time and any where. You never know when someone or yourself needs a bit of natural help and its a very easy way to apply essential oils in times of need and without fuss. If you have any allergies do let me know as would like to make you as comfortable as possible. Sommer looks forward to hearing from you with any questions or just want to find out how Bowen can integrate in your system. Feel free to give me a text of phone call for a friendly chat!

Bowtech™ BTAA (Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia) doTERRA AromaTouch Technique Certified Therapist Reiki Tummo Master Practitioner Naturopathy Year 1 Diploma completed (NZ Naturopathic College) Bowtech™ BTAA Specialised Procedures Bowen (Advanced) Diploma

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