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Reflexology is all about wellness

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Welcome to Ajuga Health Reflexology

Do you want to reduce your level of stress, introduce more relaxation into your everyday life, improve your health and wellbeing, and feel great? Reflexology
  • Calms the mind – Soothes the body
  • Is like awakening your body to promote mind and body balance and restore energy
  • Works on many levels to soothe, calm, re-balance your whole body, as well as to boost your energy.
  • Reduces stress and tension, promotes relaxation, stimulates all your body’s systems and brings you to a more balanced state. Reflexology promotes the normal functioning of all systems

Kirsty van Royen

I am a fully qualified and experienced Clinical Reflexologist. I am a professional member of Reflexology New Zealand and my practice is accredited with RNZ. The first time I had reflexology it was almost by accident; I thought I was just getting a foot massage! When I awoke from a most restful state, all my aches and pains were gone, my worries had dissolved and I felt energised. Through that experience I learnt that reflexology is a science and a skillful art form, and I felt compelled to follow this path and to learn more about this dynamic modality. At the end of 2014 I qualified with the Diploma in Reflexology (NZ) and the ITEC (International) Diploma in Reflexology. I continue to pursue further training and professional development through other courses of study. With each client and through each treatment, I continue to be amazed by the healing powers of reflexology. I am passionate about staying healthy the natural way and I am fortunate to be able to pass this on to my clients through reflexology. I use my knowledge, skills and intuition to show you that better health and well-being can be achieved.

Health Benefits of Reflexology

The ways in which Reflexology can help you are numerous. My clients have found relief from:
  • headaches and tension
  • symptoms of stress
  • menopausal changes
  • sinus pain and congestion
  • hormonal imbalances
  • digestive system disorders
  • poor elimination of wastes
  • allergies and immune disorders
  • poor circulation
  • chronic and acute pain and inflammation
As well as help with:
  • managing stress effectively
  • improving sleep quality
  • increasing energy levels
  • increasing self confidence
  • reducing inflammation
  • managing ongoing general health
  • assisting healing after injury
  • relaxation before surgery
As reflexology is a whole body treatment, it can help improve the function of any of the body’s systems, such as the Nervous system, the Endocrine (Hormonal) system, the Digestive system, the Immune system and the Circulatory system. Reflexology is particularly good for reducing stress levels. It can help to relax and clear areas of the body which are ‘stuck’, which then encourages healing and helps with balancing all the systems in your body. At Ajuga Health Reflexology I work on identifying areas of the body which are out of balance, addressing both chronic and acute conditions. With careful touch and technique, reflexology allows these areas to relax, and to return to a normal state, allowing them to function more efficiently and effectively. Over successive treatments I work closely with all my clients, noting their progress and improvements as they occur. I monitor any changes, and support them in their goal of achieving holistic health, managing their own health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What to expect

Reflexology is non-invasive, and uses no drugs or chemicals. You only need to remove your shoes and socks for reflexology. I use blends of essential oils and natural healing waxes as part of the reflexology treatment, and these are individually matched to the client and the condition being treated. During a reflexology treatment you will feel a deep sense of calm, with the relaxation extending right down to the organs and tissues. You may feel like drifting off, and in fact many people go to sleep during reflexology. It may be a deeper and more relaxing sleep than you have been getting overnight. You may feel warmth within the corresponding areas of your body, or a twitching or tingling sensation as your body relaxes. Everyone is likely to experience reflexology slightly differently as each person has their own health conditions and unique sensitivities within their body. After your treatment it is likely that you will feel very relaxed and grounded. Some people feel energised and lighter. Some people may feel sleepy, or quite tired - this is an indication that your body requires extra rest as part of the healing process. We recommend drinking water after every reflexology treatment as stored toxins can be released, and water helps with flushing out these toxins and impurities and clearing energy pathways.

How often should I have reflexology?

Most people start with weekly or fortnightly reflexology treatments; however, it really depends on your individual health condition. Your condition may be acute (a current health concern), or a chronic condition that has been there for some time. The initial consultation and your responsiveness to your first reflexology treatment will help determine how frequently you would come for treatments. Health imbalances which have been there for some time will take longer to resolve, although some benefits are often realised in the first treatment. Remember you don’t need to have any health issues or conditions to book a reflexology treatment. Many of my clients book regular treatments for relaxation. To help them unwind, maintain their health, manage stress and boost their energy levels.


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