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Body First Bowen Therapy

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Bowen Therapy works by engaging with your fascial body. Rehydrating connective tissue and unsticking the glued areas of your connective tissue that lead to pain and restriction.

Contact NameSarah Seagar
Address3C Hilstan Place
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Sometimes called the Homeopathy of Body Work bowen therapy is a profound way to realign your body, mind and spirit.

Fascial Kinetics is Bowen Therapy taught with a focus on anatomical knowledge of fascia and connective tissue. A sound knowledge in anatomy and physiology allows me to use Bowen to address issues you are experiencing after a full, in depth consultation.

$75 (16 years +) 

$40 (3 mths - 15 years)

Baby Bowen FREE 

Bowen Therapy for every body...

gentle, non-invasive manipulation of fascia/connective tissue. An effective way to address the following;

  • joint injuries/restrictions
  • back and / neck pain
  • digestive disorders
  • stress/tension
  • headaches/migraines
  • pregnancy related aches/pains
  • infant colic
  • and much more.


To assist your body's own innate ability to heal using the Bowen technique's simple procedures.

““The skin of the spirit”

Our fascia has been called the skin of the spirit; the place of transformation;the medium through which the body and spirit communicate.”


  • Bowen therapy can be effective in the relief of pain after just one treatment.
  • Three treatments are recommended for any presenting problem to ensure long term relief.
  • Maintenance treatments once a month can be wonderful for ongoing wellbeing.

Fertility Issues?

Fertility sessions will first assist with regulation of the menstrual cycle in preparation for conception

Fertility Bowen is a non-invasive way to support your own natural fertility as you make the journey to parenthood. 

With 15 years of Midwifery experience I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge from pre-conception care onwards.

Incorporating this experience with the body work of Bowen I can work alongside couples seeking to optimise their chances of conception.

Body First Bowen Therapy

Healing Philosophy.

The cornerstone of any therapeutic relationship is partnership. Partnership between client and  therapist is critical to creating a safe and respectful space where the client can discuss and explore what is relevant to their treatment. I encourage every client to let me know what it is they need and want, at any stage of the session.


Treatment is commenced after a consultation and discussion of a plan of care. Often the first treatment is simply what is termed the Basic Relaxation Moves. This sequence of moves is very restful but also effective in allowing the fascia to begin the process of rehydrating and 'unsticking' itself. During the session there will be 'waits' of a few minutes during which I leave the body to respond to the moves already made.

The second treatment can again be the Basic Relaxation Moves with further targeted treatments for specific concerns. The reason for taking this approach is to gently introduce Bowen as the body can be easily overwhelmed by the clearing of toxins through fascial release. If this occurs the best remedy is a warm shower, bath or spa to reduce these effects. 

Further sessions are discussed depending on your needs and individual response to Bowen treatment.


is a gentle way to support your baby's optimum health.

Babies are subject to many difficult and traumatic interventions during birth and in the early postnatal period that can leave them with pain and tension.

They often have restricted range of movement in the jaw, neck and head. This can impact on breastfeeding, digestion and general well-being. Bowen for babies is very simple and takes very little time. 

I am delighted to be able to offer Baby Bowen without charge for babies under 3 months of age.

I do encourage the Primary caregiver to also have a treatment during an appointment for Baby Bowen at a discounted rate of $50.

Please be assured there is no obligation to do so.

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