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Yoga & Self-Care Retreats NZ

Contact NameAmanda Percival
South Island 8013
Mobile021 0830 1662
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* THE STUDIO NO. 9 Shirley Rd. (next door to the Christchurch Therapuetic massage centre)
* Yoga & Health Retreats throughout magnificent places in New Zealand.


Hello, welcome to a short summary of who I am and how I can help you!

My name is Amanda Percival director/owner of Yoga By Amanda
After fifteen years of study I believe I can offer you the best natural pathways to life and healing that is available in Christchurch.
I have a Diploma from the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) 2002, 
I have completed a volunteer role as Course coordinator for the Yoga Teacher Training IYTA NZ 2017/2018.
My offerings encompass more than one kind/style of yoga teachings.
Gentle, Slow mindful movements, Yin, Restorative, Illness & recovery.
My personal beliefs and passion are deeply associated with the teaching of aged people and restorative yoga.
I discovered the healing art of yoga with my mother as a teenager. We enjoyed attending classes together and this provided me with a lifelong curiosity for learning more and becoming a yoga teacher.
During my life I have experienced low points, yoga has lifted my spirits and gave me the confidence to make the right choices and decisions. Realising this I became aware that others would enjoy yoga and led me on a path of enlightenment to teach others.
I graduated with the IYTA of Aotearoa NZ in 2003 and moved to Brisbane in 2006. In 2007 I gave birth to my second son Oscar. At this time I started my business “Mums to be Yoga” in Brisbane Queensland.
Moving back to NZ (2011) I continued to teach my love of yoga in specialising a pregnancy yoga course called Pregnancy Health Yoga at the beautiful birthing centre in Bethlehem Tauranga.
My family and I  now live in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch.
My understanding of how yoga and mindfulness complement each other is a continual journey.

Having practiced a strong athletic yoga practice for most of my adult years, due to a stronger practice, I experiencing a number of yoga-related injuries, I also found I didn’t want to teach this form of yoga anymore, I realise that I needed to heal in a different way, and to offer the majority of the population of people who haven’t practiced yoga a more slower form of yoga.
I realised my body needed a slow healing yoga practice and I also believe that the majority of the population are looking or need a more accessible yoga practice, not another fast hot physical cardiovascular yoga workout.

I offer people a slower gently form of yoga, with the focus on breath connection, body awareness and the interconnection between mind, body, soul, & spirit, allowing people to practice yoga at their own pace in a safe and transformative environment.
I look forward to sharing your yoga healing journey with you.
Soulfully Amanda

Yoga By Amanda @THE STUDIO boutique-style small group classes & private 1/1 yoga therapy sessions.
NO. 9 Shirley Rd. Mairehau

THE STUDIO Timetable 2019


All equipment provided to make your experience more enjoyable and stress free!

Terms of conditions: 

5 class concession card must be used within 2 months of the date of purchase.

10 class concession card must be used within 4 months of the date of purchase.


Book now connect with Amanda for more information call 021 0830 1662

email [email protected]




After that very first session, I felt better, I slept without discomfort, and best of all I was motivated to continue! I think that your very supportive style and the calm atmosphere you create in that little hall are very Therapeutic!"
- Julie Tauranga 

"What I loved about our morning yoga practice with Amanda, was the gentle reminder to be present, Having someone acknowledge the business of mind, the tick lists, the continual rushing to get these lists completed, perpetually thinking of family, work, deadlines, the pressures we put on ourselves. Having Amanda gently reminding us to put them to one side, and focus purely on the self. 
- Zoe Anderson Hamilton

" I came to yoga with the idea of achieving suppleness but I am still going every week because I leave the class feeling mentally rested, refreshed and focussed. 

-Chanel Te Puna Tauranga

"When I first started going to Yin Yoga classes that Amanda taught I knew instantly that yoga was her passion. Amanda is genuine and practices what she preaches. Coming out of her classes you are rejuvenated with enriched feelings of peace and love. I very much enjoy the teachings that are brought into the classes, that are messages and reminders for us all to help us through many challenging situations in our lives. "
- Danielle, Fuel Nutrition Te Rapa Abundance yoga studio

Amanda thanks for your wonderful teaching over this past weekend. It was wonderful to feel my body remembering what it can do and has given me the impetus to get more time on my mat.
I enjoyed your teaching style and the variety of classes you took over the short time. I feel Great !
-Amanda Smith Yoga Retreat Welcome Bay Tauranga.


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