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Retreats By Amanda

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Retreats to nurture body, mind and spirit. A retreat for every season

Contact NameAmanda Percival
North Island 6011
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Wellness is about balancing the body, mind and spirit. My vision is to create luxury, immersive retreats where you can enjoy the holistic experience of yoga, mindfulness and nutritious food, while connecting with nature. These retreats have been created out of my passion to teach gentle, restorative yoga to people of all ages and experience. I have seen the gentle transformative power of the simple practices in my own life and the lives of my students over the years. These retreats bring all that knowledge and experience together to offer a complete wellness package. In just a few days your body will really feel the difference.

I've chosen stunningly beautiful and peaceful locations that offer various hikes through the surrounding countryside and relaxing soaks in thermal springs. Each retreat is slightly different, but all focus on balancing your mental and physical wellbeing. In a few days you can rest, recharge and learn simple practices to take with you so that you can maintain that sense of wellbeing in your everyday life.

 Hello – I'm Amanda. I'm currently living and teaching in New Zealand. My own journey with yoga began as a teenager when I attended classes with my mother. That introduction quickly ignited a lifelong curiosity about yoga that led to me becoming a teacher. Through the years yoga has helped me through low points, helping to lift my spirits and has opened my heart to a deeper connection with myself and the world around me.

I have learned many styles of yoga along the way. In my twenties I practised a very athletic form of yoga that was the fashion and this stronger form of practice led to some yoga injuries. It was a painful, though useful lesson for me, encouraging me to take another look at my practice and to realise that this path of hot, fast yoga wasn't for me. From then on I began a more gentle style, incorporating yin yoga, mindful breathing and other restorative practices.

I now offer people a slow, gentle form of yoga with an emphasis on body awareness and the interconnection of body, mind and soul. This way, each individual is encouraged to work at their own pace in a safe environment. We all have our own yoga path that we follow and it is always an honour and a privilege to help others find that path to wellness and wholeness.

  • I have a diploma from the International Yoga teachers association (IYTA) 2002 and completed a volunteer role as the course co-ordinator for the Yoga teacher training IYTA NZ (2017/2018).
  • I started up a yoga practice for pregnant women called "Mums to be" in Brisbane (2006) and a pregnancy course called "Pregnancy health yoga" in Bethlehem, Tauranga, New Zealand (2011).
  • Now my yoga path continues with a keen interest in teaching aged people the benefits of yoga, especially restorative, slow yoga. The retreats I am currently creating bring together all my experience and knowledge to offer a deep and lasting experience of yoga its transformative and restorative power.


  • Spring yoga & health retreat
  • Autumn yoga cleanse retreat


"When I first started going to Yin Yoga classes that Amanda taught I knew instantly that yoga was her passion. Amanda is genuine and practices what she preaches. Coming out of her classes you are rejuvenated with enriched feelings of peace and love. I very much enjoy the teachings that are brought into the classes, that are messages and reminders for us all to help us through the many stresses of living.

Amanda thanks for your wonderful teaching over this past weekend. It was wonderful to feel my body remembering what it can do and has given me the impetus to get more time on my mat.
I enjoyed your teaching style and the variety of classes you took over the short time. I feel Great !
-Amanda Smith Yoga Retreat Welcome Bay Tauranga.

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