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Pain Anxiety & Stress Clinic - Riccarton

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How would it feel to be free of Pain, Stress Or Anxiety?
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Contact NameJean Jordan
Address21 Mandeville Street
Mobile021 083 533 06
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"Jean Therapy" involves a combination of natural therapy modalities, provided by Jean Jordan, to help bring your body into balance. Your customised treatment plan can involve lifestyle changes, some supplements, and diet changes, and they can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like.

Conditions I can help you with

Persistent Pain

When pain persists for many months it may need a different approach. Using natural therapies, long-term pain can have its intensity or frequency reduced and even eliminated.

More information

To help your pain try Jean’s gentle fully clothed massage, great for back, shoulder or hip pain – 30 minutes to de-tension your painful muscles and improve your movement.


You may be living with anxiety that may be causing you to struggle through your day.

  • Tense or anxious?
  • Constantly worrying or busy mind?
  • Difficulty concentrating?
  • Brain fog?
  • Panic attacks?

Anxiety is a mind and body disorder, so it needs to be treated in a holistic way. From listening to many people over the years Jean has found anxiety may have common threads like rapid breathing, or endless thoughts going around in you head, heart beating rapidly or being unable to concentrate or focus. However as we are all different, so is your anxiety, how it manifests, the symptoms of anxiety and how anxiety affects you.

Appointments Information

Clinic Days

Tuesdays and Thursdays

9am – 12pm and 3pm – 6pm


9am – 11am and 1pm – 2pm

Cost of Consultations- Payment made on the day of your appointment or before.

Initial Consultation: $130

Forms will be sent out to you at time of booking, please complete and bring to your appointment

Subsequent Consultations: $120

Cost of Short Consultations

All appointments are $60

  • Relaxation treatment
  • Learning relaxation techniques.
  • Fully clothed massage

Read about some of the way we at Pain, Anxiety, Stress Clinic in Riccarton can help solve your health concerns, so you can wake-up feeling good each morning.

Kinesiology – the life changer

Muscle aches and pains may start by being just a nuisance, but if you don’t do something apart from taking pain killers (not good news in the long term), passive treatments where people do things to you, even though you get temporary relief aches and pains can become permanent, persistent and may become a disability.

If you are suffering aches and pains.

However trivial they seem.

Don’t leave those aches and pain to worsen!

  • Finally get rid of back pain
  • Relieve shoulder pain and tension
  • Get your knee feeling flexible and strong
  • Walking easily and without pain
  • Headaches

Beware of changes with age – prevent operations and medications

  • Stop the walk towards hip replacement!
  • Increase range of motion
  • Stop the spread of disability
  • Improve general flexibility and strength

Take the opportunity to talk about what is happening to your life, if you’re losing enjoyment of life, of being with your family. If work is getting difficult or you cannot do the sports you’ve loved and done all your life.

Naturopathy – what you eat and how you live

A naturopath can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and support you through

difficult life stages and periods of stress.

Take notice of symptoms or changes in your health

Do you have any of these issues?

  • Stress and concomitant problems
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Indigestion, bloating, constipation
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Poor digestion
  • Brain fog or poor concentration

Naturopathy can treat a wide range of illnesses and can be complementary to your General Practitioner. Also it’s important for you to fully understand any supplements you are taking, to ensure they are quality and appropriate for you

Massage – a beautiful and relaxing way to improve your health

The holistic nature of massage can benefit your general health and well-being, so your massage therapist can guide you through improving your physical and emotional health with regular massage. So do ask about our pre-pay options as regular appointments can improve your daily life.

Some ways massage can help:

  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Acute muscle and tissue injury and strain
  • Computer posture stress
  • Circulation and detoxification - See lymphatic massage below
  • Improve ability to relax
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Great if you’re feeling run down or suffering mild depression.

The therapeutic value of touch and the stimulation of hundreds of nerve ending on the surface of your body can be one of the most important aspect of massage alongside the relaxation of muscles to aid healing and repair

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Specialised massage that clears the lymphatic system responsible for flushing out metabolic waste from your muscles. Light gentle touch encourages the flow of lymph to move nutrient-filled fluids and waste around your body

Benefits of Lymphatic:

  • Clears fluid retention, especially in summer or during menstruation
  • Lymphedema
  • Improves your immune system
  • Swollen hands or feet
  • Helps relieve bloating and digestive issues
  • Feel relaxed, flexible and clear

Personal Training and Fitness

 Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle

 Exercise has proven to be beneficial for you, whatever age you are and also lowers those health risks caused by lifestyle and work environments you have in your life.

Starting to find fun ways to increase the movement in your life is what are exercise consultant is so good at, so give Charlie a call or email to book an appointment.

 The Benefits of exercise: 

  • Improve movement, flexibility and balance
  • Have more energy – have enough energy to get through the day
  • Get physically stronger and build muscles
  • Stronger cardiovascular system and disease prevention
  • Improved muscle and joint strength
  • Weight loss
  • Increase bone density


Before: shoulder pain

Sandra had been over-enthusiastic at the gym, injuring her shoulder……………..

weeks later her shoulder was more painful, movement such as using her arm and getting dressed was beginning difficult and after visiting her doctor she got a diagnosis of ‘frozen shoulder’ To go with the diagnosis, she was told she needed 12 to 18 months for her shoulder to heal, helped by some physiotherapy.

 One month later:

After kinesiology, Sandra had full use of her shoulder, getting dressed easily, full range of movement recovered, just leaving small pain as some remaining inflammation healed.

 Before and After

He experienced intermittent back pain for many, many years managed by intermittent chiropractic, but after some kinesiology his back pain and the concomitant limp that had developed was gone.

Jean’s Qualification

  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy
  • Registered Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® Consultant
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons)
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Member of ANTAAKA and Edu-K Network

Jean has also completed the following short courses through the Chronic Pain Department at Edinburgh University:

  • Understanding the Pharmacological Management of Pain
  • Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain Management of Pain
  • Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology and its Relevance to Pain Management

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