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Kimberley Bell

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Take control of your health
Achieve health and happiness through a non-diet approach

18 Byron Avenue
North Island
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Hi I’m Kimberley,

Registered Nutritionist, and Non-Diet Health Coach

Listening to my clients’ experiences, hearing about their struggles with their diet, health, and body image motivates me every day to help others.

As a non-diet holistic nutritionist, I help men and women to take back control of their health, get off the diet-rollercoaster, develop a happy relationship with food, and become their own body expert.

Many people come to work with me because they want to be happy.

But their happiness is being impacted by how they feel in their body, their relationship with food or their underlying health issues.

They’re not able to experience life as they want to because they don’t feel like their healthiest self mentally and/or physically. And they know that they’re not always putting themselves and self-care on the priority list.

Being able to choose foods without over-thinking it, being happy with your body and achieving your fitness goals. Making caring for yourself a priority. This is what I want you to achieve long term.

The problem is that you don’t have clarity on what you should be eating or someone to help you understand why you make the food choices you do. You need a clear place to start, and someone to support you through the challenges along the way.

As a non-diet holistic nutritionist, I help people take back control of their health, achieve their fitness goals, get off the diet-rollercoaster, and develop a happy relationship with food and their body.

I’m who you come to when you are done with diets


Weight Concerns

  • How working with me using a non-diet approach will help you achieve success
  • Learn to eat for self-care rather than self-restriction
  • Focus on nourishment rather than restricting your intake
  • Address the psychology behind your eating patterns
  • Develop tools to overcome emotional eating, binging, or restricting
  • Learn how to enjoy food and make meals you want to eat
  • Find balance and flexibility with your eating
  • Enjoy social occasions or a take-away meal without guilt.

Sports Nutrition

Areas I specialise in

Female Specific Sports Nutrition

Learn how to match your nutrition with your female physiology, so you can compete at your best.

Strength and muscle building

Get the result you deserve from your training sessions by optimising your meal timing and macronutrient balance.


Learn how to use fat as a fuel source so you can train more efficiently, and reduce fatigue.

Health Conditions

Areas I specialise in

Womens Health

Whether its menopausal weight gain, hot flashes, PMS, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, I can help you rebalance your hormones and reduce symptoms.


Learn how to balance your blood sugar levels through a carbohydrate appropriate diet. And still enjoy all your favourite food!

Gut Health and Autoimmune Conditions

Get to the root cause of your gut issues. Learn how to manage your intolerances or autoimmune condition using a personalised nutrition approach.

Cholesterol concerns

Get your cholesterol markers to a place you and your doctor are happy with without relying on medication or going on a strict weight loss plan.

Thyroid Health

Improve your energy levels and achieve weight balance by learning how to balance your thyroid hormones through diet and lifestyle changes.


Take yourself from surviving to thriving. Wake up with energy and get through the day without crashing or relying on caffeine.

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Nutrition, Weight Loss

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