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Vesna Sloser Reiki Therapy, Crystal Healing, Bioenergy Therapy, Creating Crystal Grids, Energy Cleaning and Protection the Premises Te Anau Fiordland Email: Mobile: +64 21 231 7543

AddressJohnstone Court
3 Johnstone Court
Te Anau
South Island 9600
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About Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is most often translated as “universal life force energy”. It is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Spirit” or “Universe” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Reiki is a natural, vibrational, hands-on healing practice which utilises the presence of universal life force energy or Ki/Chi, to support the body’s self-healing ability.

Reiki works on all bodily levels, the physical body, the mental body and the body of your spirit. Reiki is natural. It is an input of pure energy, which accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal physical ailments and disease.

Reiki is not a religion and requires no particular belief system. It is a modality that does absolutely no harm and have the energetic principle which aim at stimulating the body’s energy so it will flow smoothly again, removing the blockages, and hence promoting healing.

Reiki Sessions

Professional sessions are offered by certified Reiki Practitioners as a complementary therapy and can be integrated into any health plan to support improved health and wellbeing.  One or a series of sessions may be required.

Sessions involve the client lying down or sitting comfortably while fully clothed. The practitioner places their hands lightly on the body allowing a free flow of universal energy

Reiki sessions are available  from private practices, hospitals, rest homes, hospices and at fairs, gatherings and wellness expos.

Reiki History

All peoples on earth throughout history have known about the invisible force that seems to keep things alive and going. It was understood that some kind of energy was flowing around, though, and within all living things. The Indians called it Prana, the Chinese called it Chi, the Japanese called it Ki, the Hawaiians called it Huna, etc. And this energy was studied rather thoroughly by shamans, medicine men/women, yoga masters and other energy practitioners.

The system of Reiki was founded in Japan in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui and has been passed down from teacher to student since this time. It was introduced to the West in the mid-1900’s by Hawayo Takata who was born in Hawaii of Japanese descent.  Miako Usui founded the Usui System of Reiki and today the Usui System of Reiki is widely used throughout the world as both a self-help tool and to assist others in a multitude of situations.

Reported benefits

Reiki is known to assist in:

  • Reduction of stress and pain
  • Reduced levels of anxiety
  • Improvement of sleep patterns
  • Replenished energy levels
  • Enhanced sense of well-being

About Vesna

I convey Reiki energy using an intuitive method

with deep devotion and sincere gratitude.

My interest in esoteric and natural methods of treatment dates back to my early childhood when anything described as supernatural, I perceived as normal. An example of this would be when my grandmother made an agreement with a snake that had sneaked onto our backyard in a language I didn’t understand. After the snake had left, I completely believed my grandmother when she assured me that the snake would do me no harm and that I am safe to play. When she read from the iris of the eye and predicted illness or predicted future events from cards, I was convinced that these are the things all grandmothers do.

Thanks to her, I was looking forward to life and I devoted myself to everything that surrounded me with immeasurable love.

At the age of fifteen, when my grandmother passed away, I realised that part of the world had disappeared along with her. When I asked a friend if her grandmother could do the card reading for me, she looked at me with an astonished expression as if I had asked something quite peculiar. At that moment, I realised that my grandmother possessed a special gift, which, while perceived as normal by some people, can be difficult to understand and accept by others.

I began to observe and explore the world through different eyes. I propelled on the path of esotericism, a long-lasting journey during which like-minded people started coming towards me. This gave me additional encentive to persevere on this path and continue to educate myself further in the direction of complementary medicine in addition to regular work in the medical profession.

After an exciting and interesting life journey, certain circumstances brought me into an unusual situation. Instead of a fulfilled life full of days that would run short due to an 
the abundance of diverse events and experiences, my life seemed as if the same day was on repeat.

I decided to cross the threshold of monotony because I didn’t want to get stuck in this mode for the rest of my life leaving me no memories I could look back to with a joyous smile.

Suddenly it dawned on me that it was time for a new beginning, but this time with a change of focus towards myself.

This meant returning to the beginning of my childhood, wherein the warm embrace of my grandmother, I first touched the world of esotericism and experienced pure love, belief and trust. Thanks to her, I am now here where it all began, where my soul feels at home.

Also, my son was a key person who marked my life path. Thanks to him, each day I am learning to be a better person. Today, I am very grateful for every moment together and for all the support he gives me.

Professions that have marked my life

  • Dental technician – 30+ years of work I have done with love and dedication. This was followed by my move to the NZ where I’ve completed three qualifications:
  • Diploma in Tourism and Event Management – Immediately upon arrival in NZ. Upon completion, I commenced studies in the field of mental health
  • Diploma in Mental Health and Addiction – I’ve gained valuable years of experience working in a mental health field in a wonderful team in Tauranga that I remember with great joy and gratitude
  • Graduate Diploma in the field of Infection Prevention and Control – Upon completion, I worked in the field of health promotion at the Auckland Hospital. This work was a turning point in my life and an incentive to dedicate myself to natural methods of treatment for which I was educated in whilst working as a Health Professional.

In the field of complementary and natural medicine, I possess the following qualifications:

  • Crystals Therapist - completed training while studying at the Spiritual University in Slovenia in 1995
  • Bioenergy Therapist Slovenia 2013 - Energy Medicine Therapist 
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, Full Member of NZ Reiki Inc.
  • Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy, Oisin Centre LTD Member of CMA Complementary Medical Association) and IICT (Interantional Institute of Complementary Therapist)

Reiki Master Certificate - Registered member of Reiki NZ Inc.; Crystal Healing Certificate 2004; Bioenergy Therapist Certificate 2013; Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy; Recognized by CMA and IICT Professions that have marked my life: Graduate Diploma Infection Prevention and Control / 2017 Diploma in Mental Health and Addiction / 2016; Diploma in Tourism / Event Management / 2015; Diploma Dental technician Medical School and Registration In Yugoslavia

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