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Somatic Rehabilitation

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Sit quietly for a moment and enjoy a state of mindfulness and awareness. Learn how Hakomi Mindfulness can help reveal your deepest unconscious beliefs and help you discover your true self. Make an appointment with Sheree today!

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About Sheree

Somatic Rehabilitation combines many therapeutic modalities, including Maori, Western, and Eastern approaches.

Sheree is a trained counsellor, life coach, somatic therapist, mindfulness practitioner, who understands the social and cultural contexts of mental illness, and how our living and working environments affect our health. 

She brings to her practice studies and experience in natural medicine that complement her professional background. Her passion lies in understanding and implementing effective ways to work with perception, character, and relationships. 

Her belief is that we have a deep quest to understand and to heal and that we are propelling ourselves toward greater awareness and compassion when we learn to accept and improve upon adversity. 

Without mindfulness and the ability to observe one’s own internal experience, Sheree believes there can be no understanding, respect, or acceptance.

Sheree hopes to help you develop and apply mindfulness in your own life, and enhance and support your learning.

You can arrange online, telephone, or in-person sessions at her clinic, which is in a serene part of Lumsden, surrounded by trees and greenery.

All on-site therapeutic services take place within a beautiful park-like setting in an alpine environment in Lumsden, Northern Southland.

 All therapeutic support has at its core, the principles, tools and techniques found in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.  Sheree is also an experienced parent, step-parent and grandparent and has professional experience as a school counsellor and therapist working with chronic pain.

Services Offered

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy

One-on-One Sessions

This method of psychotherapy and depth psychology is rooted in five very important principles: Mindfulness, Non-Violence, Unity, Organicity, and Mind-Body Holism.

It is a synthesis of many modalities, including Eriksonian Hypnosis, Gestalt therapy, Feldenkrais, Bio-Energetics, and Systems theory, among others.  

Integrating mind and body, it can be described as a gentle unfolding of the soul. This approach is much faster and more effective than talking therapy because the unconscious material is addressed much quicker, sometimes in just a few sessions instead of months or years. People see results faster with this approach.

Working with Couples

The goal of these sessions is to help couples identify and work through challenges and difficulties.

Differences between couples are often driven by needs, vulnerability, and self-protection. Knowing how these patterns of relating manifest in the present moment, and observing how they unfold, can provide us with helpful information about ourselves and others.

As part of the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, Sheree uses mindfulness to observe what is occurring in the present moment, both between couples and for each partner individually.

In a gentle but powerful way, this process of self-discovery facilitates awareness about what is going on in the relationship. As a result, both partners can experience greater intimacy.

Mindfulness Classes and Events

As well as being a practitioner of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy since 2003, Sheree also offers mindfulness tuition, mindful walking, and parenting support.

During classes, you will learn mindfulness from a skilled mindful somatic therapist, who will facilitate applying mindfulness to the body-mind, in the present moment, as well as understand the nature of that process. 

Mindfulness is an invaluable skill for living well, especially when difficult times come. It requires a degree of self-discipline, mindful attention and regular practice to achieve maximum benefits.

Contact Sheree today to learn more about her services or to schedule an appointment!

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