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Ascension Dynamics

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Ascension Dynamics is a catalyst for PEACE, Power and Purpose.

Ascension Hypnotherapy is designed to reframe at root level those annoying thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and patterns that block progress in everyday life; and inspire mindful, enlightened, empowered, healthy, joyful and purposeful living.

Contact NamePamela Wilson
AddressWaikanae Beach
North Island 5036
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“Ascension self-Hypnosis” puts you back in command of your life. Ascension Dynamics can show you how to practice simple techniques to empower you in any avenue of your life including your health, study, relationships, performance and career. It’s a given that the majority of us will experience something in life that we want changed, in order to achieve complete happiness with mind, body, emotion and spirit.
What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a completely natural state, which you enter many times every day – you are frequently experiencing hypnosis! Watching TV, playing computer games, daydreaming and driving over familiar roads or long distances are some forms of naturally occurring hypnosis. Increasingly, medical and scientific establishments are researching and acknowledging the connection between mind and body, and recognising hypnotherapy as a valuable health and therapeutic tool.
What does hypnosis feel like? Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind, clients are often surprised that they can hear what is said to them. You may not feel any different to when you are day dreaming or relaxing at home. Usually the overall effect is one of great relaxation – a wonderful break from the stress filled world.
What is hypnotherapy? Simply put, hypnotherapy is appropriate therapy or suggestions, provided to you while you are experiencing a state of hypnosis. These positive suggestions have a very therapeutic effect on the mind and body, for release of problems and self improvement.
Building your self-confidence through hypnotherapy Do you…
  • Lack confidence?
  • Have low self esteem?
  • Have a poor self image?
  • Think negative thoughts?
  • Not enjoy everyday life?
  • Feel awkward in social situations?
If any of these are a regular in your life, it’s important to address these issues, and improve your confidence to give you a much happier outlook on life. Through hypnotherapy sessions, we can provide an alternative to living like this – building your self confidence and changing your negative thoughts to positive ones. Who can benefit from hypnotherapy to build self confidence? Unfortunately, low self esteem and self confidence is an issue for many New Zealanders, in a number of situations in everyday life. Through changing your mindset in a state of hypnosis, hypnotherapy can improve…
  • Self-confidence at home or work
  • Self confidence in men
  • Self confidence in women
  • Self confidence in children
How hypnotherapy works with building self confidence… Self confidence is what you think, believe and value about yourself, and low confidence levels can have a huge impact on your overall view on life. Building self confidence is the first step towards a happier and more fulfilling life – if you have confidence, you will respect yourself and others more. During your hypnotherapy sessions, your hypnotherapist will personalise the session around your specific needs and requirements, working to change your subconscious mind to a more positive, confident one.
Improve your child’s self-esteem and behaviour Through a safe, effective parenting program Give your child a gift that will last a life time! Through this easy to learn parenting program, you’ll be educated on how to build your child’s self esteem, and change their behavioural pattern. This is a completely non-intrusive, simple process which will result in happy children, and therefore a happy family. This process allows your child to develop emotional resilience, protecting them against negative suggestions which may be preventing them from being the best they can be. How does it work? Working alongside the parents, Pamm will instruct you on how to conduct the procedure at night with your sleeping child. It’s important for you as the parent to understand the basic dynamics of conscious and unconscious mind, and the various brain wave levels, before you can conduct the “Foundation” process. The Foundation process is a group of carefully worded statements, lovingly delivered to your child each night shortly after they have fallen asleep. This is designed to establish a deeply held belief in the child, that he or she is both unconditionally loved and lovable and that this world is a happy place. It takes commitment from you as the parent, but is a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Addressing specific issues… Once the Foundation process is mastered and significant feedback is noticed in the child’s behaviour, it is possible to add supportive suggestions to address specific issues, such as:
  • Bed wetting
  • Nail biting
  • Bad dreams and nightmares
  • Eating problems
  • And more…

Sleep hypnosis for insomnia Sleep hypnosis – treat your sleep problems and insomnia naturally Do you…
  • Find yourself laying in bed unable to sleep?
  • Wake up constantly throughout the night?
  • Find it difficult returning to sleep?
  • Have unrefreshing sleeps?
  • Have daytime sleepiness?
Insomnia can last for days, weeks and even years! It can be extremely frustrating, depressing and exhausting, as well as affect other people in your home. You don’t have to put up with a restless night of sleep anymore! Sleep hypnosis provides a natural treatment to insomnia and other sleep problems, allowing you to get a decent nights sleep, every time. What are the causes on sleep problems and insomnia? There are a number of reasons that individuals may suffer from insomnia and sleep problems, each differing from person to person. Some of the most common causes are:
  • Disruptions in your sleeping environment (noise, light, snoring etc)
  • Physical conditions causing pain and discomfort (arthritis, hot flushes, headaches etc)
  • Stress and worry (bereavement, work worries, relationship problems etc)
  • Mental health problems (depression, anxiety etc)
  • Alcohol, caffeine and certain medicines/medications
How hypnotherapy works with sleep problems and insomnia… Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to treat those suffering from sleeping problems or insomnia. Sessions can help individuals to relax, both mentally and physically using relaxation techniques, whilst helping them to understand the causes of these problems. All activity during sleep is fully controlled by the subconscious mind, therefore hypnotherapy can change your sleeping patterns through changing your subconscious mind-set.
Living Smoke Free Are you struggling to quit smoking? Hypnotherapy is the key to breaking the habit! Smoking kills and maims thousands of people throughout New Zealand every year, yet many smokers still find it difficult to stop. Many have tried ‘quit smoking’ methods like patches and pills, however this is not a successful method for everyone. Have you ever tried to quit, but find there are two voices in your head giving you conflicting advice? Your conscious mind knows that it’s an unhealthy decision, it’s dangerous to others and wants you to quit, while the other subconscious mind won’t let it go. For there to be a significant change in your smoking behaviour, there needs to be a change in your subconscious mind level – because hypnosis specialises in the subconscious mind, it is the most effective method to stop smoking. Quit smoking through hypnotherapy, and see the changes in your life…
  • Anxiety and stress levels reduced
  • Internal tension is reduced
  • Confidence, willpower and motivation increased
  • Remove connections between smoking and drinking or stress
  • Healthier mind, body and soul
Your transition from a smoker to a non-smoker will be made as easy and simple for you as possible. Your hypnotherapist will use a personalised quit smoking programme to help you achieve your goals. Proven results! During a recent ‘stop smoking’ study, smokers attended individual hypnotherapy sessions to stop smoking, over three sessions. More than 80% have stopped smoking after the treatment ended, and a 12 month follow up sessions, nearly 50% remained smoke free. Overall, 95% of people were satisfied with their treatment.
Weight Loss Looking for an easy weight loss solution? Your life could be changed forever using the Hypno-Band… Forget spending hours online searching for easy weight loss tips, tricks, plans, recipes and exercises – you can achieve amazing results through the Hypno-Band System. Ascension Dynamics is a licensed Hypno-Band practitioner, who can add value to the process by addressing the underlying causes of weight gain. Imagine having the same results as a surgical Gastric Band fitted, but without the surgery and excessive costs involved with the procedure. A surgical Gastric Band works by reducing the size of the stomach, resulting in smaller portions being eaten to feel full. The surgical method – which isn’t suitable for everyone – allows easy weight loss, but does have a number of draw backs. If you have already had a surgical gastric band, Ascension Dynamics can help you make the emotional adjustments required to get the most out of the surgery. Now, by using the Hypno-Band hypnotherapy system, you can be put into a state of mind where you believe the Gastric Band has been fitted! You’ll begin to eat smaller proportions of food, feel fuller and lose weight! How does the Hypno-Band work? Over six sessions – generally over two weeks – you’ll be taken through the process of having a gastric band fitted – but only in your mind. By using visualisation and suggestions, your mind can be convinced that your stomach has decreased in size, and that you no longer need as much food. By eating less and less, you will begin to lose weight. The process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you reach your goal weight, and stay there! Does it involve surgery? No surgery is involved whatsoever! The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System is a completely non-invasive behaviour changing method using hypnotherapy techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy. Does it hurt? Not at all! On the contrary, the Hypno-Band procedure is extremely pleasurable and relaxing. Are there any side effects? No – there are no side effects whatsoever associated with the procedure. Will I be under my hypnotherapist’s control? Never – no hypnotherapist can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. Am I suitable for the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System? If you are over-weight, and are really committed to losing weight, then you are suitable for the procedure. The only exception is if you have physiological reasons for your weight problem, or if you are taking certain medications. Will it work for me? The key to success is YOU – no weight loss system will work unless you are truly committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle. The Hypno-Band system will provide you with the tools and ability to lose weight and maintain a healthier body.
About Pamm Since as early as Pamm can remember, she has carried an intuitive compassion for humanity. Early in life she noticed the effects other people’s moods had on her and how her moods had an effect on them. She began to be an observer of behaviour. However, it wasn’t until her early 30s that Pamm developed an intense interest in metaphysics and quantum physics. She began researching the effects of energy and thought patterns on the physical, emotional and spiritual being; and progressively, on the environment as a whole. Pamm’s challenging life journey led her on many experiential adventures into her own personal history. She commenced her psychotherapy practice informally by dedicating thousands of voluntary hours at transformational workshops counselling others on a similar path to self-actualisation. Now with over 25 years in practice as a Registered Professional Hypnotherapist, Pamm continues to be passionate in helping her clients develop their own toolkits for enlightenment and wellbeing. Ascension Dynamics encompasses Pamm’s continual research into traditional methods and merges them with state of the art neuroscience for rapid change. With the historic lack in school curricula to grow a child’s spiritual and emotional intelligence; Pamm’s vision is to see parents and children working together to develop a strong foundation of self-love and family values. In practising hypnotherapy – whether it be to quit smoking, build self confidence, reduce stress, remove phobias, lose weight, manifest wealth – Pamm connects to the Infinite Realm to help eliminate energy blocks and raise her clients’ personal energetic vibration to manifest an ideal reality. Pamm works under the premise that YOU are the greatest gift you bring to your family and the world! Keeping yourself aligned with love, gratitude, light and truth ensures that your decisions and choices are made in your own best interest; a powerful way to live your life and enhance the lives of those around you!
Testimonials Professional standard and experience “I have had the priviledge to personally experience Pamm’s healing abilities for setting the mind and spirit free and was so impressed I have employed the help of Pamm’s amazing gift to help my teenage daughter on 2 occasions to release negative thought patterns that were becoming entrenched. Pamm’s intuition and nurturing side was able to assess and implement what strategies were most applicable for both our situations, as she treats everyone as unique. Her professional standard and experience is of a high level but her work is very much felt from the heart, making the environment one of safety and security so that one is able to release and receive to the deepest level.” * Deborah Hartley RN,RM,Massage Therapist
I don’t need to buy a block of chocolate every week and have lost 8 kilos Pamm has helped me with three different things; the first was quitting smoking in 1998 and I have only had one since and didn’t enjoy it. Second of all she has helped me deal with my multiple sclerosis, I haven’t had bad attacks in quite some time and am still walking at 58 years of age. Finally I am extremely happy with Pamm’s help with my healthy eating regime, this has greatly assisted with reducing the effects of my MS symptoms, and also by some miracle I don’t need to buy a block of chocolate every week and have lost 8 kilos in the past few months. I recommend Pamm highly. * Maree Wellington
So warm and welcoming I instantly felt at ease with Pamm, she was so warm and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. She genuinely cares about her clients and after my sessions with her I felt so much more positive about myself. * Julie Kapiti Coast
Amazing knowledge of hypnosis Pamm has a genuine nurturing quality that works well with her amazing knowledge of hypnosis to help free you of long or short term issues. My work with Pamm has improved my life. I’m more relaxed, happier and free of some negative thoughts that were niggling around in my mind. Thanks Pamm * Catherine Kapit Coast
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