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Are you ready for Positive Change in Your Life?

Hypnosis to help - Stop Unhealthy Habits & Addictions, Make Positive Behavioural Change, Balance and Well-Being, Stop-Smoking, Confidence, Release Fears & Phobias, with Stress Management, Anxiety, Weight Management . . . and much, much more!
Find out how Hypnosis may help you, your child or adolescent with this and so much more …

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RedCastle Retreat - for Balance, Well-Being Sessions and Training - Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate!

A little about your Practitioner ... Reiki Master Hypnotist Gaye McBride
Hi, I have worked in the field of Well-Being Therapies for over 20 years now in Australia and New Zealand, Reiki, Psychic Development etc. led me to America and Las Vegas to Stage Hypnosis and Stress Management for corporate in 2007, training with some of the greatest hypnotists from around the world since, I've combined some of their technique with my own to formulate a protocol to help facilitate some wonderful positive change for Freedom, Balance, Empowerment and Well-Being in many of my clients. Recent recipient of an EXCELLENCE AWARD in HYPNOTHERAPY from HYPNOSIS NZ. I am passionate about sharing Hypnosis and Reiki etc. in my clinic at Redcastle Retreat in Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand, with amazing sea and mountain views and a protected peacefulness, I find it perfect and you are invited to join me! (see what they have to say...further down page),

  • Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy,
  • Stress Management Training,
  • Advanced Mind Dynamics,
  • Group Hypnosis (Entertainment)
  • Past life Regression Hypnotherapy,
  • Reiki, Sessions, Training and Initiation,
  • Chakra Balancing, Massage, Meditation,
  • Aroma, Colour and Chrystal Therapy,
  • Intuitive Readings & Psychic Guidance,
Available as a Public Speaker for all of the above.
Hypnotherapy Healing

Help - Stop unhealthy Habits & Addictions, with Positive Behavioural Change, Stop-Smoking, Confidence, with Fears & Phobias, Weight Management . . . and much, much more!


Hypnosis is the use of the trance like state in order to communicate with the conscious and subconscious mind. The role of the Hypnotherapist is to use their skills and make suggestions to help people solve their problems, both and physical and psychological while in the trance state, by allowing the transfer of knowledge between the conscious and the unconscious mind. It is one of the most powerful psychological methods for mental and physical relaxation. Thus, hypnosis is useful for anxiety and stress control, and phobias, getting in touch with our feelings, and in doing so we are able to interact with the unconscious and unlock the mechanism causing the problem and enabling positive change.

Hypnotherapy is when hypnosis is used in conjunction with positive suggestion to effect a modification or change in attitude and/or actions in a willing person. A hypnotherapy session may involve a Hypnotherapist asking the client questions about any problems they may have or what they would like to improve about themselves. Anything from giving up an addiction, helping in weight management to gaining more confidence and self-esteem, there are many benefits to taking part in a hypnotherapy session, at the very least the relaxation alone can be very beneficial to self-healing and well-being, and with guided positive suggestion to combat any negative traits and positive changes can be made. What is particularly pleasant about hypnosis is the fact that it is natural and safe when used by trained professionals.

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Appointments available Weekdays, evening and weekends

Session Costs Vary -

Also available for Stress Management Consultancy
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A typical Session takes up to an hour and a half, (I personally like to fit about what would normally be three-five sessions into the first one) as I like my clients to have the very best possible outcome and achievements in whatever personal goals they may have or need. I recommend client's commit to at least two sessions of hypnosis, although most have achieved their goal in one, and some clients have taken advantage of up to four beneficial hypnosis sessions, it is very individual.

Having studied Hypnotherapy with six very professional and world renowned Hypnotists in their fields from America, Australia and here in New Zealand, I have taken on and use what I consider to be the best of their knowledge and experience and mixed it up with my own knowledge and experience of balance and well-being in life to create quite comprehensive and unique session's.

A session involves very beneficial and deep trance relaxation, (always a positive for the mind and body in self-healing), a gentle guided release/healing and specifically addressing whatever any issues might be. Sessions can be backed up with a tailored audio CD which is also recommended to be listened to for about three weeks following.

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Client's understand that there are no guarantees relating to the outcome(s) of a session, and that they may require more than one hypnosis session, be ready to invest in a session as all sessions are non-refundable.


Hypnosis for Insomnia - 2019 March - Hi Gaye, just to let you know how well I'm sleeping. That's 4 nights now and last night I fell asleep quite quickly and slept right through the night. I'm not feeling anxious about whether I'll get to sleep or not. The phrase, "it's safe to sleep" regularly floats into my mind. And of course my days are brighter because my sleep is better. Thank you so much, I'm very greatful. Mary.

Hypnosis for Weight-Management and Anxiety - 2019 January 31st - Hi Gaye I was going to give you an update this morning lol
I have had amazing sleeps so good I don’t even remember falling asleep (which hasn’t happened in probably most of my life!!!)
Eating front I don’t seem to be craving food I shouldn’t have I’ve completed a cleanse day which I’d be struggling to stick to. Exercise front great! I’ve been walking every day, this morning I got up a 5.10am and drove to morning yoga ( something for myself)
I’m a lot calmer and relaxed about things (has be noticed in my house x) I’m feeling really positive a lot less floating around in my head.
Thank you very much for going the extra miles!!!! With me, the removal of that extra energy has extremely helped!!!!
You have a beautiful soul and I’m grateful for the chance to have met you x x

2018 June 18 - Hi Gaye,
Thought I would give you an update on my progress since my hypnosis session. Well it has certainly helped. As soon as I left you I didn't feel any urge to eat anything sweet. I have lost about 4kg so far and my running is slowly improving as I get stronger. I did have a couple of days I ate some things I would've preferred not to, but then I was back on track with no effort at all, usually that would be the end of it for me. I would normally only go half a day of eating well lol. Yesterday it was my daughters birthday and I had 3 peices of cake (yes 3), but I felt oh so sick afterwards lol, normally I could eat that and other goodies and still eat more later, so the fact that I felt sick was actually a good thing. My eating has changed a lot, I seem to get full quicker and can actually take it or leave it whether I even want to have a meal. I was thinking I might listen to the CD you gave me to keep me on track, I haven't needed to do that yet, but I think I might now. How long does that go for so I can allow quiet time for it.
Thank you so much

Sept - feeling blessed to have worked with a lovely young lass for fear of flying ... this is the feedback 💚 Hi Gaye,
Just letting you know that after Emma being hypnotized for her fear of flying, she did really well on our recent trip. We had 3 flights on the way to Vegas and 2 flights home. Emma coped really well and just distracted herself a bit with her music, usually she would be grabbing me suddenly with any noise or turbulance. So yes we are all happy with the result.Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy she seen you, Thank you so much. Debbie Elliman

Hypnosis for Stress Management - 2016 August - Hi Gaye, Sorry it has taken me a while to email and give you an update since I came to see you for a session! I just wanted to let you know how it went for me. The first few days I noticed a massive defence, I had a job interview and I was able to be really calm and confident through that, I did not cry! which is a huge thing for me!! After that I essentially felt that things went back to 'normal' for me. However over time I started to notice that... I could hardly remember the last time I had cried, it doesn't happen that often now! And in general I seem to be more settled and able to handle things. I just wanted to thank you for your support and help, it was really appreciated and seems to have made a lasting impact! Thanks again, E

Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Labour - 2016 - Hi Gaye! You cannot know how good it was listening to your voice during the end stage of my labour! I think its why I have such a calm & placid baby, she heard you!! We might have to come & have a mother & baby Reiki session (if you even do that) when I'm down next! Thanks, you are one in a million!! ❤️ (And for anyone curious I love working with Mum's n baby's and expectant mums with Reiki and/or Hypnosis for gentle labour 😊💜😊) -

Hypnosis for Weight-Loss - 2016 May - Hypnosis for weight-loss - Hi Gaye, Wow it has been a whole week since I came and saw you and the difference is amazing! I have lost 2.2kg. But that is not the amazing thing. Evrytime I go to eat something I shouldn't I nearly throw up in my mouth it is the most weird feeling. Even if I tell myself not to do the vomit action ( I know call it lol) I still do it. I have way more energy to do things and am not taking on others peoples crap either. So thank you very much for giving me the fun filled week I have had. Thanks Kim
Up date ... Had some more feedback today ... have lost 6.8kg so far and am feeling amazing so thank you so much for giving me this :) ... (and I just want to say Congratulations on you're wonderful achievement Kim so happy n proud of your result 😊 )

Hypnosis for Well-Being - March 2016 - I had a deep seated fear which was impinging on my current life and saw Gaye for a session of Hypnosis. This was my first experience of Hypnosis which was amazing and 'weird' at the same time. I say weird as I was totally out but also aware of Gaye talking! Amazing because I felt absolutely fantastic and totally wired at the end, with not just a weight off my shoulders but a light and clear head. my jaw was light (I hadn't appreciated how tight it was) and I felt happy, positive and all my worries had disappeared. I was more in tune with my energy which was now flowing well and not going against the current.
I would recommend hypnosis to anyone of any age. Gaye explained everything really well so I felt totally safe. She is a lovely person, puts you at your ease and is easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the session and felt great afterwards, Loveday.

Hypnosis for Well-Being - March 2016 - Have been working with quite a few children and teenagers lately which is always an honour n pleasure and here is some feed back ...
Very many thanks for the session with ..... yesterday. She was filled with such joy afterwards - literally jumping up and down, so very happy! We haven't seen that for a long time. She said that she feels so much happier, which was music to our ears. (mum)

Hypnosis for Anxiety - July 2015 - Hi Gaye, Just wanted to let you know how great I have been feeling since our session. I am far less anxious than I have been in a long time, and life just seems better. Have you got any CDs on weight loss for sale? If so I would love to purchase one. Thank you so much for making me feel more NORMAL! S.

Hypnosis for Weight-loss - 2015 June - Hi Gaye, I came and saw you three weeks ago for weight loss. I am thrilled to say I have lost 3.3kg and I would just like to say a big thank you it is going good so far. T

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2015 April 15 - Hi Gaye, Been a while -yes near 2 years 6 months since Marianne and I made the visit to you - yep-- stop the smoking, all good news, both of us have not picked up an other smoke, thank you Gaye, from us both--
Regards Ken & Marianne

Hypnosis for Weight-loss - 2015 January 14 (Loving my Life!) ... a lovely lady rang me today to make another appointment for weight-loss and was keen to share, she came to me in August 2014 in her words .... for a hypnosis session that changed her life! she has lost a stone in weight! Yay and Congratulations Odette!

Hypnosis for Confidence - 21/10/2014 I had not ridden confidently for 3 years but still enjoyed my time around and on my horses, I had issues with talking myself out of the saddle rather than into it and wanted to go back to confident competition, had a hypnosis session with Gaye for general confidence well-being and confidence in horse riding – Hi Gaye just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful ride on my old pony yesterday and am still buzzing about our session, work was so different after too, I was able to chill out much quicker after getting frustrated and walked away from conflict it was Awesome!! Leanne

23/10/2014 Initially I contacted Gaye a few times via email - however the time was just not right for me - when I finally decided to go and see Gaye I really needed to. When I met Gaye in person I just knew this was going to be good for me - her friendly smile just greeted me and it felt already like a huge relief. The setting is perfect for what Gaye does, I was so scared to go through this process however now I am so grateful I did. Immediately after our session I felt a huge sense of relief and I felt relaxed and the tension was gone from my body. It wasn't until a few days later when I was on my way to work that I found myself singing to the music - believe me I have not done this for nearly three years - also over the past week from seeing Gaye I once again was put into some very difficult situations and whilst I did not handle them as I should have I felt myself trying to hold back and approach it differently - my husband thanked me this morning for opening up more to him also this is huge for me.
I believe that when the time is right for you - Gaye will be a wonderful source for you. Many thanks Gaye for your warmth, beautiful smile and what you do.
Kindest Regards Margerie

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 20/06/13 Hi Gaye, I wouldn't of believed it but yes I am still smoke free! That's right, go me! It has been hard at times but gets easier every day. Stressful situations have tested me but the "gosh I need a smoke" thoughts don't last long at all. I am a true believer in hypnosis now because smoking was a thing I looked forward to, relied on and enjoyed, or so I THOUGHT. I don't THINK that way anymore and am proud to say I have been smoke-free now for 96 days! Thank-you so much Gaye.

Hypnosis for Addictions - 20/06/14 Hi gaye I am very pleased to have met you. After my session with you I am no longer addicted to my sleeping pills. Thank you so much, you really helped me get my life under control! Nicky C

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2013 June 3rd - It's been 2 months since seeing Gaye for stop smoking and i'm still amazed at how easy it all was/is! Despite dealing with some highly stressful situations I still haven't been tempted to have a smoke!! Oh I have definatly thought about it - but that's as far as it goes as I can't seem to hold on to the thought long enough to do anything with it! (when I do think about having a smoke it's more habit - I think I should be wanting a smoke now but i don't!). It's great, alomst too easy!! And I feel great! Thanks Gaye :) - T

Hypnosis for Addictions - 2013 January ..... "Just one session with Gaye has transformed my life! I had a very destructive alcohol habit, and I smoked. I left the session feeling fabulous, and am delighted to say I have had neither cigarette or alcohol since, and still feel fabulous. I am deeply grateful to Gaye and would recommend her to anyone" Lynda

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2012 December ... Pretty proud of myself, over 2 months now and no cigarettes. Didnt realise it was so easy. Thanks Gaye. Rosey

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2012 April - I have been smoke free for just over a month now many thanks to you Gaye I found after my sessions with you I have felt very relaxed. I had no cravings or inclination to start smoking again. I’ve also grown my finger nails after biting them for at least 50 years. I was extremely happy with every aspect of the session Keep up the Good Work! Heather

2012 January - Tracey Scurr recommends Stage Hypnotist Gaye Mcbride: “We were thrilled with the work that Gaye did for us!”

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2012 Jan 2nd - Hello Gaye just a quick note to say thank you in helping me give up smoking. It has been 90 days now and all is well very well in fact. Again thank you and may you have a wonderful new year. David Cameron.

Hypnosis for Health and Well-Being - 24.01.2011 - I have recently been undergoing chemotherapy to fight thymus cancer, a rare type of cancer which resulted in the growth of a tumour in my chest which was 27cm long when discovered. I found the effects of the chemotherapy were eased by reiki therapy sessions with Gaye McBride. Our sessions transformed my mental state and I always felt a sense of euphoria during our sessions and a clear headed happiness afterwards. As I was going through a tough time living with cancer, I looked forward to our therapy together as it made me feel great, during and after, and counteracted the vigorous effects of chemotherapy, which not only targets cancer cells, but attacks all rapidly dividing cells in the body. Three weeks after my first chemo session I discovered that the tumour had shrunk by 75%. The doctors could not believe this progress which I believe is due to a combination of the chemo, a healthy diet, Reiki therapy and all the prayers and positive thoughts and energies that were directed towards me. I believe a healthy body is the result of a healthy mind, and my experiences with reiki have made me feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life. The chemo also gave me an intermittent ringing in my ears which drove me insane at times. I also lost my taste and couldn't sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. Hypnosis with Gaye got rid of the ringing noise, brought my taste back, and I stopped using sleeping pills. In fact, the morning after one particular hypnosis session to target my taste, I could taste everything on my plate at breakfast. The butter, pepper, bread, and bacon. It was truly sensational!!! I recently had an operation to remove the tumour and am undergoing Reiki to help ease the pain. When doctors dissected the tumour, they could find no trace of the cancer. It had disappeared completely.

I would recommend Reiki therapy to anyone, especially those who are going through emotional and physical difficulties. However, I do not believe it should be a substitute for chemotherapy, but I guarantee it will ease the effects and could assist in the treatment of many illnesses. Richard M

3/6/2010 Gaye you were wonderful! I walked out feeling lighter and happier! I loved the experience and have no hesitation in coming to see you again. (Bonus) The feeling of wanting to smile all the time! Testimonial: This is something I would recommend to anyone who wants a 'lift', it was a very empowering and Gaye is just wonderful, Rose.

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - 2010.28.08 Very friendly delivery and relaxing session, (Bonus) Calm, relaxed and confident, Any Suggestions? Hypnosis should be available and funded through the Quit-line! Testimonial: Gaye from the moment our session finnished, I knew I was a Non-Smoker. 30 days now, No Cravings, No Urges, No Worries! 40 years and I'm Over It! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU.

6Hypnosis for Weight-loss - 2010 Amazing! I was not sure what to expect but the whole session was totally relaxing I felt safe and secure at all times. (Bonus) The relaxation and Pain control - the physical benefits of deep relaxation. This has been a life changing experience for me . The Sugar cravings are gone! I feel calm and in control of my eating at all times.
Testimonial: Totally amazing experience! fantastic deep relaxation. I went for weight-loss and sugar addiction, It really works! I feel totally in control of both issues. An added benefit was the relief from chronic pain from an injury of many years, the relaxation during the session allowed my body to begin to heal - I have been for a second session for pain relief. I cannot thank Gaye enough for her treatment and care. A truly life changing experience! (lost a kilo in the next week) Irene.

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - ... Excellent, have now stopped smoking for 19 days straight – I am amazed! Have been smoking for 24 years. Didn’t really believe it would work as nothing else has, tried everything, many thanks Gaye I can even smell better.

Testimonial Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - My session with Gaye McBride was powerful and moving a wonderful experience that helped change my life. The session was conducted in a professional and very relaxed manner, it was comforting to know you were in safe hands. The result is powerful and amazing, my thanks. Bronwyn (bonus) How wonderfully relaxed and calm I was even with things that normally would have had me either screaming or a bundle of nerves.

More Testimonials

Gaye is a total Blessing with her understanding, professional and obvious heartfelt knowledge that she extended to me. Phillipa

Hypnosis for Stopping Nail Biting - Although I really don’t think I was hypnotised I have managed to overcome my major issue and haven’t bitten my fingernails since the session 4 weeks ago something worked! Jill

Hypnosis for Fear of Dental Issues - Hi Gaye, Thanks for a great session. After all that the dentist didn't do what we expected. He tried to take an impression of Richard's bottom but decided he should have them all out and then take impressions. After all the stress the poor guys been through. We wish he'd told him that at his last visit. On a good note, Richard said he just relaxed in the chair, anaesthetised himself and it didn't bother him when the dentist tried to fit the bottom plate in and it was going right to the back of the mouth. Richard's as happy as a pig in mud, he was actually singing this morning, aaghh!!
I was so relaxed myself which is unheard of at the dentist but didn't expect to have injections - shock horror - I'd have them anywhere but the mouth. I just said to myself anesthetise and relax and I just flopped and barely felt a thing, I would normally be cringing, gripping on to something for dear life and moaning. It was just brilliant. I was amazed it worked for me. The power of the mind eh! Thanks so much from both of us. I don't think Richard would have gone through it without having the hypnotherapy. It's so good to have him back to his old fun self, happy and joking. Cheers for now Joyce

Hypnosis for Stop-Smoking - I have already recommended Gaye to friends smoking rarely enters my thoughts and if it does it is just a flying thought, I don't crave it. Brilliant Thank-you! Sue

Hypnosis for Well-Being - I met Gaye,on a random encounter, when I had almost given up on life. She was a prayer that was answer as she gave me hope. Gaye has given me healings, angel readings and hypnosis to help me heal and change my sub conscious thoughts. Gaye made my dark, bright again. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, as she is a wealth of knowledge, and light.
Keep fighting the good fight with spirit. Larina Kay.

Hypnosis for Well-Being - Unexpected bonus from session - More clear in my thinking about the matter, after lovely counselling, Reiki & Intuitive Guidance, Gaye is a loving and gentle soul who is very welcoming and puts you at ease immediately. She is genuinely concerned for your well-being and uses all of her skills to get the best results possible. I will be back for more of her loving healing and will be recommending her to all I know, Margaret

Past life Regression Hypnotherapy
The Cannon Technique

The Cannon technique has been developed through almost thirty years working in past-life regression therapy, contacting the subconscious to facilitate healing and closure. This technique is different from normal hypnosis. The past-life regression is only the first step, put all together, this technique can help a subject with their present day problems.

It is a way to obtain instantaneous relief for illness, phobias, allergies, etc. and can help with personal relationship problems. This can be achieved with only one session, the results can be phenomenal. Hypnotherapy is a Safe and Beneficial Experience.

Sessions are particularly useful for helping people in: Behavioural Changes, Attitudes Habits and addictions, Cease Smoking, Weight-loss, Health & Healing, Motivation, Assertiveness and Confidence building, Ego-strengthening, Stress and Relaxation and much, much more!

'Intuitive guidance' - Psychic Readings Contact me with your name, birthdate (optional) and request.

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour and respect all living thing
Show gratitude for your many blessings
Live your life honestly


Reiki restores the natural balance to the body providing deep relaxation and evoking peace and well-being for self-healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki enhances the body’s vitality and healing rate, to greatly improve chances of recovery from serious illness, treating the cause not the symptoms. It can reduce the side effects of any drugs or chemotherapy. The immune systems are stimulated and strengthened.

Emotional and stress problems are dramatically helped and often just melt away! It has been clinically demonstrated to be one of the most advanced natural stress relief and health improvement therapies.

Reiki is also particularly effective in the treatment of plants and animals. In fact animals seem to respond faster than humans.

What is a Reiki Treatment?

During a treatment the hands are placed on particular parts of the body. The hands are kept still, so it’s not the same as massage and is given through clothing.

The standard treatment takes about one hour and is the physiological equivalent of 3-4 hours of sleep. As the person will take only the amount of energy he or she needs, or can cope with at that time, you cannot over do it.

Reiki is a gentle, but powerful “Hands-On” energy therapy which promotes and accelerates the body’s own healing abilities. It has no connection with any Religion and does not involve Hypnosis, Massage or Manipulation.

Reiki restores the natural balance to the body, providing deep relaxation, evoking peace and well-being, for self-healing of the mind, body & spirit. It compliments – but does not substitute – the healing properties of All Modalities including Orthodox Medical Treatment, Natural Therapies and Massage.

To benefit from Reiki you need Only be Open and Willing to Receive the Energy. Everyone can Learn It. The ability to sense energy and use it has enhanced and changed lives. Reiki Balances the Chakras. Session Cost is $70.00

Reiki Training & Initiation, Sessions, Hypnotherapy Healing, Past Life Regression, Chakra Balancing, Massage, Intuitive Guidance, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Crystals & Colour Therapy,

Reiki Training & Initiation Workshops are held regularly and Session Appointments can be made for Weekdays, Evenings and Weekends
Phone for your Appointment Today!

Reiki Workshops

Reiki One is a two-day workshop, focusing primarily on physical and emotional rebalances of energies. Each person’s experience is unique as they learn to channel the life-force energy; promote self-healing on all levels, and rediscover the sacred essence of self and Self Love. Reiki healing is a truly nurturing gift, which re-awakens those natural abilities which have long been dormant. Cost: $380.00
Included: a comprehensive manual, a certificate, a symbol, self-treatment technique and a full Reiki session.

Reiki Two is a one-day workshop, facilitating an increased capacity to hold and channel more energy, thereby raising personal frequencies. Intuitive senses are also enhanced, allowing more understanding of the use of the life-force energy and spiritual guides. The focus is primarily emotional, karmic and mental rebalance, along with distance healing techniques. Cost: $350.00
Included: a manual, a certificate, symbols, and a full Reiki session.

Reiki Three Master/Teacher This level allows for an intensive shift in ‘light’ holding capacity, heightened access to your spiritual intelligence. A Master/Teacher level allows one to share the gift of Reiki through Initiation and training others. Major life changes can occur when one receives this powerful initiation. Cost: $850.00
Reiki Master Training includes Initiation, teaching resources and on-going support.
Appointments available Weekdays, evening and weekends Dunedin, Timaru, Oamaru

Make your Appointment Today!

Session Costs Vary - Reasonable Rates
Also available for Stress Management Consultancy

Therapeutic Massage

Holistic Massage treats the ‘whole’ person gently & safely in a non-invasive manner on all levels of well-being. Physically the nervous system responds to soothing touch in a safe environment and by lowering the heart & breathing rate, reducing blood flow to the heart & lungs (so, more to the brain). In this rested mode, the body can get on with the job of self healing. Circulation is improved, detoxification takes place, skin tone is improved, all leading to a greater state of overall well-being.


Everyone and everything is connected, everything is energy, that is why Reiki, Crystal and Colour Therapy are just some of all therapies that can work for individuals to bring about wellness, and while it is individual, alternate therapies certainly help and don’t harm. The therapies I offer compliment, do not substitute the healing properties of All Modalities including Orthodox Medical Treatment and other natural therapies.
Self-love and self-responsibility are paramount to well-being, as is balance, balance in every thing. Life is for living, and living WELL.

It is very important that people of all ages feel loved, valued, secure, happy and accepted. By living in a positive physical, social and emotional environment, where children and people’s differences are recognised, respected, valued and even celebrated everyone would have better self-esteem, being treated equally enhances good health. Helping people to recognise their worth determines the likelihood of them being healthy, successful, confident and happy in all aspects of their lives.

As a practitioner I encourage self-empowerment, self-responsibility and foster skills and to enable clients to a have a life of health and well being, encompassing their spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social well-being by being responsive to the individual needs.

For good well-being, we benefit by having a healthy, safe, challenging, imaginative and interesting environment, good nutrition and adequate exercise, socially and economically, life satisfaction, spiritual and existential wellness.

The world health oraganisation described health in its character as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. A person who is unwell may have blocked energies, whether emotional, spiritual or mental in the human body can ultimately causes physical disease ('dis-ease' imbalance of energy). I believe healing energy has its own spiritual intelligence, and will go to where it is needed most, on both the physical and non-physical levels to balance the chakras and in turn the person and a balanced person is in a state of well-being ((just ‘be-ing’ in the now – well).

It is important to provide my clients with opportunities to maintain life skills in a supportive and positive environment, to encourage people to work as independently and with as much self-responsibility as possible, while providing the necessary support to ensure that the experience they encounter with me leads to success.
My clients can expect constructive and positive assistance, it is very important to me to build trust and encourage mutual respect in an ongoing learning environment, where everyone feels safe and secure leading to good health and well-being naturally.

Looking after my own well-being has led me to many wonderfully gifted people, great teachers, alternate health practitioners, and some awesome psychics and fellow spiritualists passing on guidance, and making my journey in life much smoother than not.

I embrace and live by the principles of Spiritualism as a way of life, taking little bit of knowledge from everywhere Buddhism, Anglican, Bush, Eastern, Western religions, All Equal. Being a Spiritualist means to embrace all in life black/white, good/bad, and happiness/challenge.

You may bless and thank the Universe and God at anytime, anywhere, in the knowledge that he/she is there to hear your mediation or prayer. With no walls or rules, no constraints, Freedom really, you can astral travel to the clouds and beyond to thank or pray to God him/herself, if you want. Yes for me the freedom in Spirituality is the key. From freedom comes Truth; from truth comes equality, justice, choice, lessons, learning, loving, healing, kindnesses, and a sharing of knowledge all for the greater good of man and the universe.

Of course this is my truth and ‘Truth’ is only your personal perception of anyone or anything at any given time. As a spiritualist I respect everyone’s right to speak their own personal truth, while I may not always embrace everyone’s truth as my own, I listen respectfully without taking offence and hoping to give none. My perception was and is that your glass is half-full or half-empty, mine is always half-full, ‘till it’s full! May your glass always be half-full to full too.

For more information on how some of this philosophy can help you, contact me by clicking on contact details at the top of the page

Love Light and Happiness
Gaye McBride

Life is all about Balance

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A Condensed look at Colour Therapy, Chakras and the meaning of illnesses

Colour therapy has been used for centuries and is considered the oldest healing therapy. Used in ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, India and Greece, it was a common healing method for physical, spiritual and emotional imbalance. Using colour in our surroundings, clothing food or therapeutically, invaluably improves our well-being. So let’s take a little look at the Colour . . .

Pink – nurtures with love, encouraging a positive caring nature allowing forgiveness of others, while hot pink improves self esteem and a youthful feeling.

Red - is very energizing grounding, encouraging strength and confidence. Red enhances a feeling of security & stability giving courage in times of change, also encourages passion, optimism and spontaneity.

Orange – Use for enthusiasm patience and wisdom, harmony and independence, boosting inspiration and creativity. It can improve self confidence, give energy.

Gold – symbolises wealth and love, wisdom. It strengthens and protects, enhancing self confidence and self love

Silver – the colour of peace and cleansing, it heals and transforms, increasing energy and supports in times of change encouraging and stabilizing.

Yellow – the joy of life, warm and light. Enhancing knowledge, boosts learning abilities and intellect, lifts the spirit. Yellow brings s enjoyment and happiness and helps to improve willpower

Green - is the colour of nature, harmony and fertility, enhancing creativity, calming and a nurturing, healing colour of regeneration and balance, it encourages generosity of spirit.

Blue - soothing the colour of serenity, divinity, and blue symbolises peace. Enhances intuition and diplomacy, blue is the colour of teaching and knowledge, it allows reflection,

Purple – a colour of opposites, red and blue, purple is the colour of spirituality, of healing and balance. Encouraging inner security and peace, increasing sensitivity, empathy and a sense of responsibility

Black/Grey - colour of emotions, black is can be about secrecy, mystery and the unexplained. Sometimes considered a negative colour it protects and grounds giving a sense of balance. Black can help to enhance intuition.

White - a colour of all colours, white encourages change of thought and belief, allowing transformation in our lives. A colour of protection and healing, purity and intuition, it brings clarity and cleanses and freshens, body mind and spirit.

Colour Combinations

When colours are combined, support each other, improving their action an complementing the other colour(s) for example: Red and Black - together can help ground, but also increase energy levels, for strength and courage, they impart feelings of security and stability, perfect for new beginnings encouraging balance and depth leading to personal growth. And Pink with Gold – positive, strengthening colour combination, it nurtures, bringing love and improving self esteem. It encourages a caring nature allowing forgiveness of others, improving self esteem and a feeling of wisdom. Surround yourself with pink and gold when meditating to improve focus enhancing self confidence and self love.

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Condensed look at Chakras

Chakra is Sanskrit word, for "wheel of energy". Our body has many chakras or energy portals. The seven major chakras are aligned vertically through the centre of the body, commencing below the feet and finishing above the head. The chakras act as doorways for the receiving and the transmission of Life Force energy and direct it to specific areas within the body's system. They are strongly connected to the emotional body and endocrine system.

The chakras provide a link to our different levels of awareness – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – by receiving universal energy and transmitting it through each level of consciousness. When our chakras are out of alignment, we feel the affects on our emotional and etheric bodies, which in turn reflect imbalance or 'dis-ease' onto the physical body. We can check the chakras with a pendulum to gauge whether they are in need of clearing or bringing up to full potential. The spin of the chakras rotates differently for male and female.


1. Relates to security and the physical world
2. Relates to creativity, relationships, sexuality
3. Relates to will, personal power, self-worth emotions
4. Relates to love, forgiveness and compassion
5. Relates to self expression and communication
6. Relates to intuition, insight and wisdom, psychic abilities
7. Relates to spirituality (connection to higher consciousness

Ground Chkra - Colour Maroon

1st CHAKRA (Base, colour Red) Area: Base of spine, rectum, bones, legs, feet, immune system
Fears: Physical survival, lack of security, finances, victim, powerlessness
Strengths: Our view of the physical world, connection to all things through aspects of choice and belief’s, social beliefs
Imbalance: Lower Back pain, sciatica, depression and varicose veins

2nd CHAKRA (Sacral, colour Orange) Area: Sex organs, large intestine, pelvis, hips, appendix, bladder, lower back
Fears or (out of balance): Loss of control, being dominated by events of situations
Strengths (in balance): Self-protective instinct, creativity, self sufficient
Imbalance: Lower Back pain, Pelvic, urinary, gynaecological sciatica,

3rd CHAKRA(Solar Plexus colour yellow) Area: stomach, kidneys, gall blander, liver, mid spine,
Fears: Rejection, afraid of being ridiculed, failing oneself, lack of confidence
Strengths: Self-esteem, confidence in oneself, personal ambitions, good intuition
Imbalance: Gastric, intestinal, hepatitis, diabetes/pancreas, arthritis, kidney

4th CHAKRA (Heart centre Colour Green) Description: Love, compassion, forgiveness
Area: Heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, hands, breasts
Fears: Loneliness, commitment, emotional weakness, unable to forgive
Strengths: Love forgiveness, compassion, trust, hope, healing emotional injuries
Imbalance: Heart disorders, asthma-allergies, lung disorders, upper back

5th CHAKRA (Throat centre) Self-expression - Colour Blue
Area: Throat, thyroid, neck, mouth, teeth, gums, parathyroid, hypothalamus
Fears: Of being out of control, having no authority with oneself, no choices
Strengths: Faith, self-knowledge, able to make decisions, able to express emotionally and mentally, personal authority
Imbalance: Throat disorders, swollen glands, mouth and gum disorders

6th CHAKRA (3rd Eye, colour Indigo) – Clairvoyance Area: Pituitary, brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, and nose
Fears: unwillingness to look within, discipline
Strengths: Intuitive abilities, reasoning (acting on intuitions), inspiration detachment to outcomes, open to ideas of others
Imbalance: Brain tumour/stroke, neurological, blindness/deafness, full spine and seizers

7th CHAKRA(Crown colour Violet) - Clairaudience
Area: Pineal, top of head, muscular system, skeletal system, skin
Fears: Spiritual abandonment, loos of identity
Strengths: Faith in the Divine, faith in inner guidance and trust, humanitarism, spirituality and devotion, ability to see larger pattern, values, ethics
Imbalance: Energetic disorders, mystical depression, extreme-sensitive to light, sound and other environmental factors, chronic exhaustion (unrelated to physical disorder

Other Chakras Pink, White and Golden White Light


  • Accidents - Expression of anger, frustration, rebellion
  • Anorexia/bulimia - Self-dislike, not good enough
  • Arthritis - Perfectionism, critical of self, need to be in control
  • Asthma - Smother love, feeling stifled, suppressed crying
  • Back - upper / mid /lower - Feeling lack of emotional support, carrying others burdens , Guilt, get off my back Security/financial worries
  • Bed wetting - Fear of parent - usually father
  • Bladder - Anxiety, being 'pissed-off'
  • Blood - Represents joy in the body flowing freely
  • Bones - Structure
  • Breasts - Mothering, nurturing of others and self
  • Burns - Anger
  • Cancer - Deep anger, grief or hurt eating away
  • Cellulite - Holding on to lumps and bumps from past pains
  • Colds - Too much happening, mental confusion family issues
  • Constipation - Holding onto old ideas
  • Diarrhoea - Rejection, letting go too fast
  • Ears - Not liking what you hear
  • Eyes - Not liking what you see in your life
  • Face - Image, what we show the world
  • Fat - Protection. Oversensitive
  • Genitals - Feminine or masculine related issues
  • Headaches - Self criticism, invalidation the self
  • Heart - Centre of love
  • Insomnia - Fear and not trusting the process of life
  • Joints - Ease of direction in life
  • Knees - Fears, inflexibility, pride, ego
  • Legs - Moving forward
  • Lungs - Ability to let in life
  • Menopause - Fear of no longer being wanted, not being good enough
  • Migraine - Anger, feeling driven (masturbation may alleviate)
  • Nail biting - Eating away at the self, spite of a parent, frustration
  • Neck - Flexibility
  • Nerves - Communication
  • Rash - Mild anger, irritation
  • Shoulders - Burdens
  • Sinus - Irritation to someone or thing
  • Spine - Support of life, flexibility
  • Stomach - Digests ideas, fears of the new
  • Teeth - Represent decisions, indecisiveness
  • Throat - Stifled self-expression
  • Tinnitus - Not hearing your inner voice
  • Ulcers - Anger and not feeling good enough
  • Varicose veins - Overburdened, in a position to dislike
  • Wrist - Ease, movement
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  • Certified in Stress Management Consultancy - American Hypnosis Association.
  • Certified Delores Cannon Technique Past Life RegressionPractitiner
  • Certified Stage Hypnosis with Ronning Modern America Hypnosis.
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